New life, new school, New Jersey.

Chapter 17

“Female aged 18, stabled but unconscious. She seems to slip in and out of consciousness.” Ian updated the doctors and nurses who were taking over Charlie's treatment. Gerard was following alongside Charlie's wheeled bed. Gerard was only aloud so far before he was stopped by a member of staff.
“Doc is she gonna be okay?” He stressed.
“We are going to do everything we can to help her. She's in good there anyone we can call? You know...Mother? Father?” Asked the young woman stood in front of him.
“There’s her mom... I did try phoning her, but there was no answer at her office.”
“I’m sure we've got a number on file. I'll phone her myself .” She smiled and left Gerard sitting still on a hard blue waiting room seat.
Time drifted past slowly as Gerard waited. Soon Bob, Frank, Mikey and Ray arrived. Curious to see how their friend was doing.
“How is she?” Asked Ray quietly as he sat down next to Gerard.
“I don’t know. They haven’t told me anything!” Gerard threw the magazine in his hands down on the small table beside him.
“I just wish they'd tell me...” Gerard was interrupted.
“Gerard?!” A loud voice came from the end of the corridor. It was followed by the sound of high heeled shoes on the solid floor of the hospital. Gerard peered hard at the figure moving incredibly fast down the corridor. It was Sam, wearing her suit fresh from work.
“Gerard is she okay?” Her face was filled with fear, dread and hop all in one. Gerard imagined the worst case scenarios she was running though her mind. She hoped her young daughter was okay. This was all she needed after convincing her to move here in the first place. Gerard knew she wasn't going to like what she was about to say, but after all she was Charlie’s mother and she needed to know the truth about her only child.
“They haven’t, or rather won’t tell me anything.” He told her in a rather sour tone.
Sam looked at the young boy once more. She hoped her face didn’t give too much of her fears.
“What happened?” Sam asked quietly, wanting but not wanting to know the severity of her Charlie's injures.
“I don't know the full details. Charlie wasn't talking much in the ambulance.”
“The news said that a milk truck was coming the other way but couldn't stop and crashed in to the side of her van.” Bob added quietly.
So many unwilling thoughts entered Sam’s mind. She had to see her daughter, she needed peace of mind. Sam turned from Gerard and almost ran down the long corridor. Quickly she looked at each room hoping to find her flesh and blood. Pushing through the heavy metal double door, Sam finally found her child. She never thought something like this would ever happen.
“My...!” Sam took a step towards the bed. Charlie laid strapped to a numerous amount of small square machines that blinked, beeped and flashed as every available opportunity. Sam noticed the small tubes and wires attached and stuck in Charlie's arms and chest. There was blood pouring through a badly attached material wound dressing on her arm and leg. Small cuts covered her face. Making it red and raw in change of it's natural softness and beauty.
“Miss you shouldn’t be in here.”A nurse said, dressed in a green scrub from head to tow.
“She’s my daughter...”Sam trailed off her sentence.
“Come with me Miss....” The nurse was interrupted by alarms singing from two or three different machines. Charlie vital signs started to deteriorate. The Nurse left Miss. Simpson to treat the young patient.
The boys turned at the sound of the wailing machines. Gerard stood up and began to run towards the noise. His heart began to beat ferociously in his chest. He had to see what was going on inside that room. He couldn't understand why he hadn't pushed his way in to the room before now. He scaled himself for sitting still like a scared puppy. Gerard had to face his fear of hospitals. Taking a deep breath he took a step forward, into the room, then another and another. Opening the door Gerard was confronted by tubes, nurses and blood. Gerard looked at Sam. She was on the verge of tears.
“What’s wrong? What’s ... What’s happening?” Sam muttered. Gerard’s fear got the most of him. He turned and walked back to his seat.
“What's going on?” Mikey asked worried. Gerard didn't answer. He rubbed his face, trying ever so hard to control his breathing.
Sam was removed from the room by one of the supporting nurses.
“Would you like a cup of coffee Miss. Simpson?” The nurse asked concerned. Sam shook her head. “No I'll be okay thanks.” The nurse smiled and left Sam to wander her mind.
An hour had passed before Sam was allowed back into the room where Charlie was being treated.
“We have managed to stabilise her. But the next twenty four hours are going to be critical.” The doctor announced to Sam as he took off the plastic gloves on his hands.
“Is she going to be okay?” Sam whispered, afraid to wake her sleeping child.
“We have everything under control Miss. Simpson. Charlie is in good hands here. However, we would like to take a few more blood samples and tests, if that's okay with you?.”
“Sure.” Sam knew they would only try their hardest to help.
“I'll leave you to... If she wakes she will be very groggy. Be patient with her.” The doctor smiled as he left the room. Slowly Sam walked over to the ward bed and looked down at her child. Her once blood stained face, had been washed reviling the saw gashes and cuts that patterned her face. Sam thought how angelic she looked lying there, sleeping. Even at her age Sam thought of Charlie still as the little girl who used to run around the garden pretending to be a rock star just like her dad, or even an elf at Christmas, or the hopping mad bunny at Easter. Charlie was a happy child without a care in the world. But things changed when Charles past away. Charlie stopped being herself. She was very quiet and kept everything to herself. It was if a part of her had died along with her father. She tried ever so hard to be involved in her daughters life, but no matter how hard she tried to Charlie would become even more quiet and introverted. It wasn’t in till she seen the look on her face when she looked at Gerard, that Sam realized Charlie was back to her old self again.
Sam took Charlie’s had in hers. She knew things would be difficult from here on.
♠ ♠ ♠
note to my readers:- rumours of my death have been graetly exaggerated