Out of Love

This story is a crime drama, kinda like CSI meets criminal minds. Billie Joe is the forensic scientist on the case of an elusive serial killer but there are no leads untill the killer gets a little too close to home. Mike and Tre also feature in this crime drama!

Pre-Write Contest and also this
  1. Love
    A brief introduction to the killer and his first ***
  2. The Discovery
    Billie Joe, Mike and Adrienne all arrive at the crime scene and the story gets under way
  3. Unspoken Love
    Billie Joe attends the autopsy and his love for Adrienne becomes apparent
  4. A Bad Samaritan
    The killer strikes again
  5. England's Finest
    Billie Joe and Mike need help so they bring in Steph, all the way from England
  6. Love At First Sight
    Some background into the killers life and another ***
  7. Close To Home
    The killer has his sights on his next victim, someone close to home
  8. New Starts
    this part is really just to move the story on, adie is happy with her decision and billie joe realises his feelings for her
  9. The Beggining of The End
    adrienne finds herself in a lot of danger and the serial killer's identity comes all the nearer to being discovered!
  10. The End
    like the title says - the end, find out if adie lives or not!!!