Out of Love

The End

He seemed to be giving her all the time in the world and this unnerved her further. He was still in complete control of the situation. Panic coursed through her veins when she discovered that her gun was not where she kept it. Now he was directly in front of her. He did not touch her but boxed her between himself and the dresser, preventing her from moving. He smiled at her and ran his fingers through her hair. Adrienne felt like crumpling into a heap on the floor, like crying and just letting him do what he was here to do so that it would all be over.

But she didn't. She stared defiantly back at him. She knew if she moved he would grab her again and now that he was standing he would have his full physical strength, which she also knew hers would be no match against. His hands began to move lustfully all over her body and she could feel sick rising in her throat. His hands were cold and ruff as they slid under her top. She tried to push him away but he was simply too powerful. He kept on violating her body as she kicked and screamed and hit, doing anything that might stop him. He ran kisses up the side of her neck and she pulled at his hair. No matter what she did, how she tried to resist he kept on going.

The sound of a car pulling up in her driveway caused him to stop momentarily. Adrienne opened her mouth to scream but he pressed the only weapon that he needed against it. She sunk her teeth into the now sweating hand but still it remained where it was. The sound of the doorbell ringing ricocheted down through her extensive, narrow hallway and provided her with a ray of hope.

There was someone there. Someone who could help her. She bit his hand again, along with kicking and pushing at him. He did what she had counted on. He had to use both his hands to restrain her and this provided her with the opportunity to scream at the top of her lungs. Adrienne prayed that whoever was on the other side of her door could hear her and that any second now they would be inside her home and rescuing her. She continued to struggle in attempt to escape, still screaming with all her might. Her name then sounded from behind the front door and she instantly recognised the voice.

"Adrienne!" the man yelled again. He angled his shoulder and banged against the door a couple of time, allowing him to kick it open.

Adrienne grasped for air as her windpipe constricted. She was no longer aware of anything around her. All she could see were his eyes, cold and empty. His face was devoid of any personality and he seemed to be without a soul. With every second breathing became harder and more painful. She could sense the room spinning and was begging to lose consciousness. All of a sudden the grip around her neck loosed and oxygen flooded to her brain. Her chest was heaving and her breaths were still short and rapid. Barely aware of what was happening she felt an arm round her body gently leading her towards the sofa where not so long ago she and he had sat.

"It's ok, you're safe now," a friendly voice reassured her. "It's all over, he's dead."

Adrienne looked up and the eyes she was now seeing were entirely different from the ones of the man who was now lying in a pool of his own blood on her hallway floor. Billie Joe's eyes were sparkling green and full of warmth. He held Adrienne close and she laid her head on his shoulder and began to sob uncontrollably.


"Luke Cadell, white male, thirty-three years old, two gunshot wounds to the back, no exit wounds. The bullets fragmented inside the spinal cord, the first paralysing him the second fatal. His organs are all within tolerable limits."
The deputy medical examiner finished his report and placed it inside a manila envelope along with scene photographs.

Luke's DNA had been matched to that recovered from Rose Murphy and he has been confirmed as the serial killer.

Billie Joe closed the case evidence box and with a black marker pen he wrote in block capital letters SOLVED.

Placing it back on the shelf he smiled, happy that finally it was all over.