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The third and final installment in the trilogy that started back in November 2005 with the story Family Reunion. Communion is about love, betrayal, family and tragedy.

The life of Rose -- the younger and subtle cousin to Billie Joe Armstrong -- and her marriage to Tre Cool. Communion explores the final chapters in a relationship between a drummer who's been to prison and his young wife who strives to be perfect just for him. After secrecy and infidelity this story will touch down on whether or not quarrel between the leading lady and a certain bassist is over or just about to make the shit hit the fan...

  1. The Bliss
    The start of the third installement. Rose has her husband back and is starting to feel amidly happy again with her life.
  2. The Gift Shoppers
    When Rose and Tre go out searching for a gift for Mike's birthday, an evil onslaught occurs and Rose is the victim of its cruelty.
  3. The Birthday Bash of Mike Dirnt
    Mike's birthday arrives and he recieves a gift in the form of a secret he must never disclose.
  4. The Anniversary
    Rose and Tre celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary.
  5. The Journal
    Mike is dealing with loneliness issues whilst Rose suspects someone of reading her old personal journal.
  6. The Fight
    Rose and Mike have a downfall.
  7. The Protest
    Billie Joe invites antisocial Rose out to a protest.
  8. The Protest II
    Rose and Billie arrive at the protest and Rose gets a little jangled by the amount of people whom have showed up.
  9. 'The Inside' In My Head
    Tre reminisces on his life in prison and tells Billie how much he cares about his wife.
  10. The Changes
    Tre begins to wonder if he pays enough attention to Rose and questions why everyone acts different from before he went into prison.
  11. The Secret
    Tre confronts his wife about noticing behavioral changes in everyone. Rose tells Tre she feels he's ashamed of her. Mike discovers a way to cure his loneliness.
  12. The Escort
    Billie tries to talk to Adrienne about Mike. Mike takes his loneliness antidote and gets more than he bargained for.
  13. The Birthday Bash of Rose Cool
    Rose celebrates her twenty-sixth birthday as Tre has prepared a special surprise for her. Mike gets a little too stressed for his own good.
  14. The Studio Days
    Rose and Billie reconcile as everyone moves into a hotel in Hollywood for the recording of Green Day's new album.
  15. The Letter
    Rose and Tre drive home to Oakland after time spent in Hollywood. Tre finds a letter in the mail that will determine the fate of the Germanic Roses Tour.
  16. The Berlinicaust Video
    Green Day released 'Berlinicaust' as their first single off of Germanic Roses. While the guys are away doing press, Rose is left home alone with Michelle and only her thoughts.
  17. The News of Death
    All members of Green Day discover a close family member has died.
  18. The Homecoming
    Tre arrives home to his wife whom has been missing him for over a month.
  19. The Bassist's Decision
    Mike makes a major relationship decision,
  20. The Passage Of Time
    Rose has a mental reencounter with someone from her past.
  21. The Eve of Germanic Roses
    The days leading up to the Germanic Roses Tour.
  22. The Vasitity of Vancity
    The first day of the Germanic Roses Tour kicks off in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  23. The Vastity of Vancity, Part II
    The first day of the Germanic Roses Tour kicks off in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  24. The Frankfurt Tragedy
    This is the first of the new updates if you have been waiting for the new chapters for a really long time, this is the chapter after where we left off. Grab a tissue.
  25. The Family
    The events after the death of a beloved drummer.
  26. The Last Will of Frank Edwin Wright III