The Freedom of a Killer Is Gone

Chapter Eleven

As Stockholm bounded away, Jen turned back to the house, her anger renewed. Ebby was her friend, and family, no one upsets her. The Joker and Vanity, or psychotic whore as the angry Jen had named her, had hurt Ebby and Jen was ready to kill them both. He had practically showed people he cared nothing for her! With a simple action he had tossed her aside and it had absolutely outraged Jen.

Running back to the room she was formerly in she slammed the door open. "Where the fuck is that damn bastard! I swear I'll rip his stupid-ass balls off!"

The Joker stood up, a grin on his face. "Looking for me?" He cackled, not seeing the girls rage.

Within a fraction of a second Jen bowled him over. "You bastard! You fucking bastard! You hurt Ebby! She trusted you! And what did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Jen screamed grabbing his collar and shaking him. "We come back and you two are laying around like you just fucked! Do you have any idea what that did to her? No, of course you don't." Her voice became calm. "You don't care about her do you? Why did you do that!" She screeched pounding her fists into his chest tears for Ebby trailing down her face. "Did you see her? She's strong! Unbelievably strong! But what you did her was more disgusting than anything you've done before! You broke her heart! A heart you helped to create!" Jen hollered slamming her fist into his face. "Now she's probably God knows where with that guy!"

The Joker's eye widened slightly. Pinning Jen beneath him he grimaced. "What are you talking about?!" He yelled shaking her.

Jen stared up at him grinning. "Why should I tell you? You hurt Ebby!" She roared kicking her feet wildly. "Your some rotten bastard who just uses people! She's better off with you leaving her the HELL alone! For Christ's sake she's better off dead than with you!"

"Tell me!" He screamed punching her in the gut.

Letting out grunt Jen growled. "She's gonna meet up with some guy named Dick. He gave her his number so they could meet up later, and I've got no idea where." She taunted letting out a cackle. "Have fun you ball-less douche bag."

The Joker jumped up and ran for the door. As he passed a hallway someone called out:

"Hey where 'ya going?" A feminine voice called.

Turning around, he saw Vanity leaning against the door frame. Striding towards her, he raised his fist and slammed it straight into her chin. She toppled over, and he turned around walking away, unable to see her smile.

Dark clouds were hanging above the Joker as he jumped into the van. The engine revved as he started the van zoomed down the roads. His hands clenched the wheel harshly as his eyes glared at the road.

How dare she go off with some other man! She was his' and no one else's. Her body, her soul, her heart, and everything that made up that woman was his'. The mere thought of another man's hands on Ebby made his anger grow.

[[Ebby's POV]]

I waited for Dick in silence, staring at the rain clouds. My heart was aching painfully and I could feel the beginnings of tears. The overwhelming sadness and depression were practically crushing me. There were so many God damned emotions! It was like a fucking Soap Opera! Betrayal washed over me in waves. Hatred flooded my veins. And pain, so much damned pain.

The thing was I didn't know who I hated more. It was overall directed to several people. The Penguin and his little gang, Vanity Rouge, and for the first time in my life, Joker. I just wanted to forget all of those emotions but it was so hard. Every time I closed my eyes I saw Vanity laying on him and his hand on her. I was enraged by the affection he was showing her. All of this, was unfair. We had a good life, or as good as could get without being in the news for killing. But we loved each other, now I didn't know what to feel towards him.

But, I myself was about to do what he had just done. I wanted him to see it. To feel all the rage and hurt I had felt. Fuck! Who was I kidding? He'd just turn away and tell me not to mess up the plan. That simple thought just drove my emotions deeper.

"Ebby?" A voice asked. I whipped around and Dick was standing in a leather jacket his face concerned. "Are you ok?"

Quickly, I covered up my emotions and gave a small smile. "Yeah, just thinking." I lied crossing my arms across myself.

"Do you want to get something to eat?" He asked kindly.

"Yes," I replied softly, "I'd like that."

[[Third Person POV]]

The Joker stood enraged across from a crowded restaurant. Ebby was inside, inside with another man. She smiled at him in a way she had never smiled at Joker. He wanted more than anything to dig a knife into his pretty face, and more than that, he wanted to tare Ebby away from there. He wanted to punch her, to kick her, and to kiss her.

Even though it was almost humanly impossible, the Joker after all still had some male emotions. He was extremely territorial and longed to have his body pressed against her's. To see her with someone else made Jack Napier become filled with distraught and made the Joker insanely jealous.

It seemed as if he waited for hours as Ebby and the man ate. They talked and laughed. But, the Joker stayed in his place across the street, fuming inside the van. He would wait till she came out, then, he would do something. At the moment he had no idea what it would be, but it would be something that would make Ebby never even think of leaving him. He would make sure of that, Ebby was his' and his' alone.
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Well there's another one! In the next chapter you'll get to see what his "plan" is. Hoped you enjoyed this chapter.

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