The Freedom of a Killer Is Gone

Chapter Sixteen

Gordon stared down at Stockholm, utterly surprised. He had expected some sort of rash emotion: anger and disbelief. Definitely not tears. She stayed on her knees, rocking back and forth sobbing. Out of all the babble he began to hear her.

"I don't want to do this! I love him but I can't do this!" She cried holding her stomach protectively.

Pity rushed over Gordon and he kneeled down to her level. "We can set up an abort-"

"NO!" Stockholm screamed, getting up and scrambling. "I want to keep my child, but I will not raise them in this city! I couldn't do that to them! I can't do this!" She sobbed fresh tears running down her face. "I love him so much, but I can't do this now!"

Gordon stood up and looked down at her. "If you tell us where he and all the other criminals are your child will never have to see this kind of world." He said.

Stockholm whipped her head up, glaring. "That maybe but I would never do that. I would never betray him!" She screeched thumping her fist on her knee. "What do you want me to do!? Tell you where he is? He gets caught goes to jail. So. Do. I. What happens to my child? They get sent to some makeshift little shit hole to live in until I get out of jail? I'll be serving life! I won't ever get to see them!" Stockholm screamed getting up.

"At least tell me where my daughter is!" Gordon yelled back clenching his fists.

"No." She whispered, glaring at him.

Gordon turned heel and walked out of the room. Stockholm continued to sit on the ground, holding her stomach gently. Holding her stomach which held the Joker's child.

[[In the van]]

The Joker, Jen, and for some reason Two-Face. Jen was at the wheel, screaming, the Joker was in the passengers seat, also screaming, and Two-Face was in the second row of seats hanging on for dear life.

"WHERE THE HELL IS THE POLICE STATION!?" Jen screamed swerving in the streets.

"HOW SHOULD I KNOW?!" The Joker shouted right back.

"Because you've been here before!" Jen snapped narrowly dodging another car.

"Jesus take a left!" Two-Face screamed leaning between Jen and the Joker.

The Joker glared back at him. "Why are you even here?" He growled at Two-Face.

"I know what it's like to lose someone you love." He answered blandly. "Whoa! Damn it take a right then head straight!" He instructed Jen.

"At least someone's got the balls to tell me where to go." Jen growled yanking at the wheel.

"Well I'm fucking sorry I don't acquaint myself with police stations!" The Joker hollered waving his hands around.

"Will you two shut the fucking hell up! I swear you act like teenagers! So get your heads together so we can save Ebby's ass!"

The Joker whipped his head back. He called her Ebby. "Shut up." He growled. "You don't know her. She. Is. Mine." He snapped, glaring at Two-Face.

Jen let out a snort rolling her eyes. "Yeah, you say that but are you her's? You fucking walk around like she's your property, but you can go around fucking the brains out of girls and it doesn't matter?!" She prompted her voice growing.

"I didn't-" The Joker closed his mouth and turned back in his seat. Under all the façade he hid behind, the Joker was human. An extremely smart human who could manipulate any situation to his advantage. Still, he was human never the less. And one of the things that made him human, was Ebby, Stockholm or whoever she was. He loved her, irrefutably and absolutely loved her. But there were so many things standing in his way. He wasn't obligated to do them, but at the same time he was. In a way he was trapped. He didn't want that for him, he didn't want that for Ebby.

Soon, they pulled up in front of the station. Each of them grabbed at least two guns and a few miscellaneous items. They didn't need to talk as they strode into the police station firing off their guns. Two cops were sprawled on the floor, the rest dropping their guns letting the Joker pass. Jen grabbed the keys from one of the dead cops and tossed it to the Joker.

He walked back towards the cells and looked around desperately around for Ebby. In the last cell, Ebby was sitting on the ground, laying against the wall. She looked so utterly broken, hopeless, but still seemed to have a purpose.

"Ebby…" He whispered.

Immediately, the young girl snapped her head, defensive. Tears formed in her eyes as she sprang up from the ground, pressing herself to the bars. "I thought you wouldn't come." She whispered back.

The Joker couldn't help himself. Reaching threw the bars he yanked Ebby to him pressing his lips tightly against her's. She kissed back fiercely, tears finally falling down from her cheeks.

"J…," Ebby began using her loves name again, "I'm pregnant."

Backing away and going to the lock of the cell, the Joker ripped it open. Rushing to Ebby he picked her up and began spinning her around, smiling. "Ebby, I am always, and forever, yours."
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