The Freedom of a Killer Is Gone

Chapter Twenty

Ebby sat in the van, silently, a hand resting on her stomach. The previous nights failure had made her jumpy. This was probably the first time in her life, when she was afraid of death. She would die, along with her baby. The mere thought of leaving Joker behind, scared her. Being a pawn in this game frightened her more than anything in the world. She liked to have control over her life, and this was murder to her.

"Here she comes." The Joker said in a hushed tone, waking Ebby from her daydreams.

A short woman with long black hair came out of a very prestigious restaurant along with a tall man in a very sharp suit. They chatted for a moment then the two separated. The Joker started up the van and began to follow the woman.

"Wait," Ebby began in a hushed tone, "pull over and let me out. I'll take it from here." She ordered. The Joker looked at her, about to protest. Ebby slipped her hand under his chin and pecked his lips lovingly. "I'll be fine." She whispered, a weak smile stretching on her lips. With that, she hopped out of the car grabbing a knife and carefully putting it into her pocket.

The woman, Sonya Weaver, hadn't gotten to far ahead. Ebby's luck seemed to kick in because Sonya was just about to head in front of an alley. Alleys, Gotham was filled with those little devils.

Suddenly, an unknown force grabbed Sonya from behind dragging her into an alley. A hand was placed her mouth, the person's long finger nails digging into her cheeks. Tears of fear trickled down her pale face as a cold, metal substance was placed at her neck.

"I'm sorry." A feminine voice apologized.

The knife dug into Sonya's neck, slicing bother her jugular veins. Her small body fell to the ground, her neck bleeding profusely.

Ebby stared down in disgust and wiped the blood from the knife on Sonya's dress and quickly walked away before any blood got on herself. She poked her head out of the alley, then dashed from it and back to the van. The second she shut her door the van zoomed off.

"What did you do?" The Joker asked out of curiosity.

"I cut her neck, by the way she was bleeding, she'll be dead before anyone can find her." Ebby answered putting the knife back in her pocket.

The Joker let out a heavy sigh. This just wasn't how it was suppose to be. Ebby should be laughing, smiling widely so her white teeth would show, and she stare at him with so much love. But she wasn't laughing, she wasn't smiling, and she wasn't even looking at him. He let out another heavy sigh as they began searching for their next victim. Carl Johnson.

This man had gotten in deep with the sharks, or Penguin in this case. He was suppose to return a favor for the Penguin, but didn't. Costing the Penguin a very pretty penny. No one really knows what he was suppose to do, no one really cares too much to ask. Either way, he had to go.

It was late afternoon, and both Ebby and the Joker knew they would have to wait several hours till the drug dealer came out. At one point Ebby had left to go get food and came back a few bags of chips, some candy, and two sodas. They didn't talk much because there was nothing to talk about. The Joker would occasionally run a hand through her hair and peck her softly on the cheek. This small act seemed to soothe Ebby and made her less tense.

After three hours of sitting in the van, under the highway, a figures had snuck under the tunnel either searching for drugs or getting ready to sell them. Ebby immediately spotted Johnson. The two grabbed their guns and got out of the van.

Carl Johnson was an extremely skinny and probably malnourished man. His clothes hung off him likes rags. The man's eyes were sunken in and his teeth were much more yellow than the Joker's. Though, the Joker didn't exactly look like the Joker. All that was left of his make-up were the black splotches on his eyes and even those had begun to fade.

The silence of the tunnel was disturbed as Ebby and the Joker let off their guns. Everyone scattered, but before Carl could escape something pulled his hood back, tugging him to the ground. He laid on the ground gasping for breath. His wide eyes stared up at the two people before him.

"W-What do you want?" He asked shakily.

"We're here to kill you." The Joker said plainly, no life in his voice.

"WHY!?" Carl shrieked scrambling away from them.

Ebby followed him with her gun, showing even if he ran she could still shoot him. "Because your on the Penguin's hit list." She replied coldly.

Fear spread over Carl's body and began to shake. "Please don't do this! Y-You don't have to! I'll do anything I-"


The Joker and Ebby fired several rounds into his body. His body jerked around, Carl's dark eyes rolling back into his head, and his jaw dropping down. Ebby tilted her head and stared down at the body. No satisfaction, at all. She looked over at the Joker, his eyes narrowed as he glared down at the body. His jaw was clenched together as his brow furrowed. Ebby reached her hand over cupped his face and turning it to her. Her thumb gently rubbed his scars.

The Joker's eyes closed slowly, a content sigh escaping his lips. "I'm sorry Ebby." He breathed out.

Ebby's eyes widened, and her breath hitched in her throat. The Joker never apologized for anything, but then again, he wasn't really the Joker anymore. Still, it shocked her. All of her problems, her thoughts, everything, was forgotten as she jumped him. "I love you." She laughed airily. "I love you, I love you, I love you!" She exclaimed between kisses. Her arms wrapped around his neck.

Hoisting her up, the Joker wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her towards the van. With out notice, he slammed her against the side of the van making her gasp. His head dipped down to her neck and gently kissed it up and down. "I'll make it better." He whispered kissing up her jaw. "I promise. I've got a plan."
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