The Freedom of a Killer Is Gone

Chapter Five

Jen and I waited outside the GCN building, waiting for someone to show up. We had been waiting about thirty minutes and Jen was becoming very impatient.

"What the hell are we waiting for?" She groaned slumping forwards.

Sighing I shook my head. "We're waiting for one of guys to come and give us more instructions." I explained crossing my arms.

"If we're going to kill someone why didn't they just tell us so we could go do it?" She muttered.

"Exactly when did you become part of this?" I asked turning towards her. "And besides, this is organized crime. We don't just go off and kill people, unless that's how the plan goes."

Before Jen could shoot back an angry reply, the car that Dent and Firefly came in pulled up next to us. I calmly got out of the van and waited for someone from the other car got out. Firefly popped out from the drivers side.

"Didn't go back on your word, I see." He chuckled. Still, he wore that weird material.

"I've learned to keep my word. Now, what do I do from here?" I asked leaning onto the van.

Firefly bent down into the car then grabbed a sack. He threw it towards me. "Take the tape inside. Don't care how you do it, just don't get caught." With that he hopped back into the car. "Meet us at ten down by the docks." Then he drove off.

I hopped back into the car, then drove a few blocks away from the GNC station.

"What are you doing?" Jen asked confused.

"I don't want them seeing what our get away car looks like." I explained parking along the street. Opening the bag I spilled out it's contents. Two clowns masks, two guns, two pairs of gloves, and one tape. I tossed a mask and gun to Jen. "I'll assume you know how to fire a gun?" She nodded. "Ok, here's the plan. We go in, shoot any security guards that are in the vicinity then put the tape somewhere it'll be found, get it?"

A grin formed on her lips. "Got it."

"Good." I chuckled pulling on one of the masks.

Both of us got out of the car, masked and gloved, and walked to the building. Nodding to Jen, we strode into the building.

"Hey you two-"


The guard fell to the ground several of his friends following suit. All the employees shook with fear as we strode further into the building.

"Hands up!" Jen shouted, all hands flew into the air.

As Jen watched them all carefully, I walked to the secretaries desk and leaned forwards.

"We've got a little present, make sure you put it on tonight." I ordered, grinning beneath the mask. The woman nodded with fear filled eyes and took the tape with shaking hands. "Now! Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you have a wonderful day, and if any of you have notified the police-well it's just too bad because they're not gonna catch us! So remember that and watch the news!"

Turning heel, both Jen and I ran out the doors, back to the van. I could feel the excitement radiating off her and I was the same. The thrill of killing and doing all around bad things made my skin tingle. Once we got in the van Jen ripped off her mask and laughed.

"God that was fun!" She laughed breathlessly.

I shook my head. "Killing has that effect, but listen. You’re my responsibility now. None of those guys are going to care if you drop dead. So, though I'm glad you didn't fall on your face in that building, you've got to promise me to do every single thing I tell you to." I explained.

Conflict rose in Jen's eyes as she ran it over in her head. I knew this would be hard for her to do. She wanted to go out, kill, do insane things only mentioned done by the cruel and evil, and she wanted to be free.

"Fine." She sighed in defeat.

"Good. Now, we'll have to wait for a shit load of time before we go down to the docks. What do you want to do?" I asked driving towards the center of Gotham.

"Tell me what you plan on doing tomorrow with that guy." She said, a grin forming on her lips.

"Your acting like a normal person." I muttered.

"You are too." She countered proudly.

"In the end he'll probably help me out in the end. He might help us out in someway." I defended. Really all of it was just for my own fun. If I went through with this it'd probably get on someone's nerves, preferably the dip shits who dragged me into this.

"So are we talking about manipulation, very sneaky." Jen chuckled.

"I learned from the best." I grumbled.
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