My Illegal Love Story

I think the title of my story is quite self-explanatory, however it doesn’t even begin to describe the drama involved...this is basically the story in a nut shell (hehe NUT)
*Christina is 16 but lies about here age so she can have a little fun with a rock star...I mean who wouldn’t? .Anyway, her one night stand turns into a full on relationship filled with drugs, sex, cheating and children. Not only does she lie to Tre, Mike, Billie, 80 and Brittney...but she lies to her whole family as well
Is she really a home wreaking whore...or just a love sick groupie that gets lucky? If you like scandal, tragedy and comedy ...then this story is DEFINITELY for you.
  1. Lust at first site
    A story of very illegal 'love'
  2. Should I stay or should I go?
    This shows that time apart does make the heart fonder.
  3. Presents speak a thousand words!
    Finally,contact is made between christina and tre
  4. Lying is not the most fun a girl can have!
    I have evrything and everyone under control...I think
  5. What people dont know,wont hurt them
    The lie continues...
  6. Roses and Cardboard
    Identity is the hardest thing to prove
  7. "Yeah dad the food is great...Dog biscuits and all
    Yes Master
  8. Mansions,Hookers and burnt sausages
    I feel like a caged pigeon...on display for everyone to see.
  9. 5 Girls in 5 Different Countries
    What would you do,it you found out you were one in five girls?
  10. The affair is discoverd
    Christina Finds out the truth...Some how their love triangel turns into a square.
  11. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...hopefully.
    " I mentally crossed her name of my sorry list in my mind...the only person left was Tre."
  12. “ Christina...Christina
    Add another Hoe to the list.
  13. Never love a player coz he will never love you bac
    "No more lies...i promise."(does that mean Christina as well?)
  14. “This calls for a celebration my underage girl.”
    Is this the end?
  15. Baked Beans Covered With Lies
    Christina tells anothe rlie to hide her identity
  16. Like father,like son
    Frankito is introduced
  17. I do NOT belong in a strip joint.
    Will Billie save me?
  18. I drink pepsi...You snort Coke
    I'm going to leave you hanging...hehe
  19. "I'm fake in my own way...believe me."
    I'm Billie's Secret Weapon
  20. "When I get back...don’t be here"
  21. “So... Billie sold you the drugs?”
  22. "It doesn’t mean I don’t want means not no
  23. 2 Tragedies In 2 hours
  24. My Secret Escape
    What has made Christina want to leave?
  25. Good Bye Cinderella
    Is the fairytale over?
  26. They call people like me pathological liars
    The Trip Home
  27. 25 messages in 10 minutes
    Who were they from?
  28. You want my hand in what?
    I'm not legal yet!
  29. Diamonds Are Forever
    Luxuriously Expensive
  30. No Beer,Fish or Sex
    Condoms Are Over Rated
  31. Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will
  32. Finally Free..I think
    Going Home At Last!
  33. The Infamous Toilet
  34. A Bit Of Reminiscing
    Havent we dont this before?
  35. “You cheating little mole.”
  36. Bribery
  37. "I think this was classified abduction."
  38. Secrets
  39. “WOO-WOO....need a ride?”