My Illegal Love Story

“WOO-WOO....need a ride?”

I took a huge step onto the footpath from the car door. As I quickly gained my balance and turned to face Billie.
“What the hell are you doing?” I asked him as I tried to figure out his motive of pushing me out of the car.
“I’m trying to figure out why I love you...and why every time I walk away, I seem to come running back.” His eyes turned that dark green as they always did when he became angry or upset...i didn’t know which one he was.
“Walk home Christina.... just think about how you are affecting people’s lives with this baby.”
And before I could say anything more he put the key into the engine and sped off into the distance...he had abandoned me in the Target store car park.
As I slowly walked down the edge of the quiet highway, I stared to think. Questions just kept popping into my head and leaving just as quickly without an answer.
I mean what was I doing? Before I could even contemplate answering that question I heard someone whistle from behind me.
“WOO-WOO....need a ride?”
I heard someone yell behind me. Just as I was about to break out in hysterics, I turned to find my fiancée’s SUV trailing behind me.
“What’s a pretty thing like you, doing alone on a day like thins.” Tre yelled as he quickly swerved onto the footpath beside me.
“What are you doing here?” I asked sweetly as I ran up to the car window to greet him.
“Looking for you...I rang Billie and he said you were on a walk, I didn’t think you would find the highway very calming”
I just giggle sweetly as I ran around to the other side of the car and jumped into the front seat.
“You rang Billie?”
“Yeah, well I rang to see how he was going and he said he had just gotten back from our house.”
I started to get worried. I mean he obviously has just got off the phone to Billie and he was pretty pissed at me last time I saw him.
“He just said that you went to get some fresh air...but I can’t see how you would get that out here.” Tre giggled to me as he put the car into to first gear and started our short trip home.
“You packed yet?” he asked as he quickly stopped at an unexpected red light.
“For the tour...we’re leaving the day after tomorrow.”
I had totally forgotten about the stupid tour. I mean I certainly wasn’t feeling up to touring around the place with Billie and Tré in the same bus...not to mention spontaneous visits from 80 and the boys.
“Maybe it’s not such a good idea that I go.” I quietly mumbled under breath
“WHAT.” Tre screamed as the light turned green.
“C’mon, it’s for like 3 months...i don’t want to be cramped up on a bus full of smoke and alcohol with a baby inside of me.” I blurted to him as we slowly got closer to home.
“But you have to go...i cant be away from you for 3 months, I mean I thought we could have our wedding in Australia or maybe meet up with your folks while we are they...i have plans baby.” I could see his face drop...but I mean a WEDDING.
“A wedding...Tré we have only just be engaged, I mean I haven’t even thought about it. And plus I just got home from Australia...i don’t plan on going back for a while.”
Before he could answer we finally pulled into the front gate of our house.
*Ring Ring*
Tre’s blackberry started to buzz.
“We’ll finish this discussion tonight.” He quickly said as he pressed the answer key on phone.
This was going to be an interesting ‘discussion’.