Just When You Think You Know Everything

Chapter 6: A Demonstration's Worth a Thousand Word

Mia’s P.O.V.

“I’m the Hero. What are you?” he stared at me, judging whether I’m trustworthy. I guess I passed.

“I don’t really know... I wanna be a hero, but will only ever be seen as a villain. You wouldn’t understand. People hate me.” I looked so sad...

“Mikey, people only hate you because they don’t know you. Just because you’re a vampire, doesn’t mean you’re bad.”

His eyes got really wide. “How do you know what I am?”

“It part of my gift. Ok, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll tell you my story if you tell me yours. Okay?”


I got up and started to pace.

“I was born this way, my parents knew even before I was born that I wouldn’t be normal. That their baby would be more than human. Superior. And no, I’m not being conceited. I’m a modern day Supergirl. There are actually 6 of us. Each of us look drastically different, but we are Sisters by blood.

There’s Terra, a Native American with the ability to control the earth and its creatures. She has eyes the color of new grass which freaks people out.

Kari is in complete control of the air and everything in it. She’s short but don’t tell her that, with eyes the color of translucent glass. Almost silver.

Aidyn can generate fire and has quite the temper. She has eyes the color of charcoal and ash.

We have our own little tidal wave, Chloe. As you may have guessed, she has control of water and its lovely critters. Her eyes are the color of the ocean, a light turquoise with hints of light blue.

Last but not least, my twin, Isabella. She has the power of light. She can literally create and control light. Light is in everything. Light is essentially life.”

He interrupted me before I could continue. “Is your twin the leader?”

“No. Though she is my second in command. Why would you think she was the leader?”

“Well, her power is the greatest, isn’t it? To be able to create and control any living thing?”

“Yes, that is a powerful thing. She can create and control. She is Light. But my power is greater.”

“How? What is it?”

“I have the power of Darkness. Yea it sounds evil and if I abuse it, it is. Bella is Light, but I am the absence of Light. I can also create Life but unlike her, I can take it away. Extinguish the light, some would say. I’m... powerful to say the least.”

“Wow... We’re alike. We both could be evil but choose not to. But why does this matter?”

I smiled at him. “Have you ever heard of the Chosen?”

“Yea, they’re those super people out in Cali? Why- Ohhhh. That’s you?”

“Yup. I’m Wither. Bella is Radiance. Aidyn is Blaze. Chloe is Influx. Terra is Gaea, and Kari is Zephyr. Awesome names, right?”

He laughed. “Yea! I love yours. So if you’re this mega superhero person, why are you living in Bellville (Without Bella I might add)?”

“Everyone needs a secret identity.”

“True, I guess. I hate to ask, cause I know this must get annoying, but will you show me some of your powers?” He looked so hopeful.

“Well.... I guess, but first you must swear to keep this to yourself.”

“I swear, you know I do.”

I nodded, “Well I guess you want the full demo... Hold on.”

I closed my eyes and slowly raised my hands towards the ceiling. Even though I couldn’t see them, I knew my hands were starting to spark, filling with a purple, lightning like energy. By the time my left hand met my right above my head, the power had grown immensely. “Asya.” I mumbled. After that I didn’t worry about what Mikes thought, I had begun to change. My hair, which is normally two inches past my shoulders, grew down my back and twisted into an elaborate braid, silver ribbons intertwined in it. It’s normally jet black color was now streaked with bright purple. I grew five inches, putting me at an impressive height of 6’4”. My clothes disintegrated and new ones formed. Instead of my usual jeans and tee with Cons, I now wore a short, black skirt with silver chains and pleats on the side and a tight, black corset.

I smiled as my tattoos appeared. They’re not tattoos in the traditional inked sense, more like birthmarks, but still black. I’ve had them since birth, but hide them when I’m not working. They’re beautiful, twisting wings that take up my whole back and a chain of black, withered roses on my left wrist that continues down my hand and formed a ring on my middle finger, almost like a glove. They sink into my skin until l need them. If I want to hide, the marks help me blend into the shadows.

The only thing left in the transformation was my shoes and jewelry. Just as I thought about them, they appeared. My shoes are 3 inch leather stilettos, with straps that wrapped around my foot and halfway up my ankle. My diamond skull and crossbones necklace, a silver chain bracelet with moon charms.

I looked up at Mikey now, wondering what he would say. I mean, it would freak me out if my friend suddenly levitated and transformed into this super being. He looked stunned but not afraid. That’s a good sign.

Finally he smiled. “That was so awesome! I can’t believe my best friend is so...so... hot!”

I gasped and slapped his head. “If I’d known I was gonna be gawked at I wouldn’t have even transformed!”

“Sorry, sorry. I really do wanna see you do something else.” I nodded.

“Ok. So this is just very basic, its one of the first things I learned...”

I stepped backwards so that I was a good six or seven feet away from him and closed my eyes. I knew that when I opened them my normal purple eyes would be black from eyelid to eyelid. I opened my eyes and glanced at Mikey. He was staring at me with rapt attention. I smiled, then blinked. All the lights went out. I blinked again and they turned on.


“Does the power go off as well?”

“If I want it too. Why?”

“That can’t be good for you’re electronics... Do something else?”

“Well my stuff doesn’t run on electricity. I keep it going. So I remember not to turn it off.”
He nodded. “As for the something else, how about this?”

I walked over to him and sat beside him. I put my hand over his heart and felt nothing. No heartbeat. Smiling, I watched as a small bolt of purple light sank into his skin. Then I felt it. He smiled with tears in his eyes.

“How did you? I haven’t had a pulse in over 200 years!” I smiled and gently removed my hand. He frowned as his heart slowly stopped once more.
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