Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

[[This was the first story I ever made, ever! So bear with me on this.]]

Serena's parents died in a bizarre way: a car crash that ended with a bang. They were crashed into by another driver and sent whirling into a nearby gas station. Their car exploded on impact, leaving their little girl all alone. She never cared if they died until they actually did. Normally, she never once let it get to her when people asked, but one boy could get past the walls.


What's so special about him anyway? Just your average boy really. Except he really knows how to be a teenager in the world...
  1. Smitson Heights
    Serena's new school is full of strange and stranger people.
  2. "That Guy" to Zane Corbane
    Serena continues through her first day at Smitson.
  3. Home at Last
    Serena comes home to a surprise waiting kind of creepily for her.
  4. The Same Excuse
    Her friends don't seem to like it when Serena doesn't take the bus.
  5. Cherry, Giddy?
    Cherry is unusuallly happy today.
  6. Emotional and Dramatic
    The day just isn't going well at all for her.
  7. Rain Date
    School is canceled, but why?
  8. Dreams can Kill
    Serena meets the whole family.
  9. Wake Up Call
    Kind of an obvious conclusion.
  10. Averting of the Eyes!
    Oh get a room. Oh, the counselor's office? That'll work.
  11. Mr. Moody
    Zane's kind of emotional today.
  12. Get Off!
    Jay offers new company on the walk home.
  13. Don't Leave Me
    Seven days without you makes one weak!
  14. Monsters
    Cathy comes up again, but not so friendly.
  15. That's Not Normal
    There's a hole in her tongue!!
  16. Boy, You Play Dirty
    Freaking Jay and coming out of nowhere.
  17. It's Not Just Hate
    Jayke isn't getting any brownie points this way.
  18. My Vampiric Jesus
    Who says there's an age limit on hating?
  19. Instant Damnation
    Just add Venom!!
  20. Days to Nights
    In Everlasting Darkness
  21. Forgive Me Father
    For I have sinned.
  22. Morning Trouble
    Zane has fun getting Serena up and to school.
  23. Darling, Don't Make a Scene
    A good friend decides to come back into Serena's life. Use the term friend lightly.
  24. Alternatives
    Serena breaks down and runs off, not wanting to realize what she has to do just to survive.
  25. Serious Time
    Zane is talking about the future, but Serena throws her ideals in there.
  26. What is Going On?
    Jay has a change of heart it seems.
  27. Set up
    A pretty little trap.
  28. Unresolved Issues
    Cherry seems to have some problems with Serena...
  29. Unexpected Alliances
    Zane won't let them hurt her...
  30. Tears and Smiles
    As long as they have each other, they could be in Alaska.