Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Smitson Heights

The alarm went off at exactly 5:45 AM. Serena turned off the stereo and looked in the mirror. Taking a deep sigh, she made her way to the kitchen.

She slowly poured a bowl of cereal while looking over her schedule one last time, determined not to get lost. After washing the dishes and putting her bowl away she changed into her school uniform.

"First day at Smitson Heights. 15th year of utter depression," Serena announced, talking to herself.

She heard a horn honking and looked at the clock. She grabbed her book bag and ran to the corner just before the bus took off. She had no desire to walk today.

The one seat that is empty is where she sat, preferring not to be noticed. She looked out the window and tried desperately to ignore the whispers of the other students.

"Hi. I'm Catherine Cloe London, or Cathy. Who are you? What grade are you in? How old are you? Are you sad and grumpy?"

Serena looked over at her and thought 'Is she insane?' Nonetheless, she pulled of the best smile she could manage and said "Hi Cathy. I'm Serena Lynn Swanson. I am in the 10th grade. I am 15 years old. And I am not sad and grumpy, I'm me."

"Well, you, that is purrrfect!!"

'CRAZY!! SOMEONE HELP!!!' screamed in her head, but this Cathy wouldn't leave.

"Heyyyyy!!! You're Serena Swanson? I heard that your parents died in the most horrible and excruciating way!! Boy that sucks! I also heard that they were in a car crash near the gas station and couldn't have survived because they got blown into itsy-bitsy pieces!! And no one wanted to take care of you so you are allll alone! WOW. it must suck to be you! Oh well. We're in the same grade!! Maybe we could be the bestest friends ever!!"

Serena couldn't believe what she just said. She made it sound even worse; not at all sugar coated. She even was still smiling. Serena had to bite back the urge to scream and try to fend off the nausea.

"Well, see ya later, Serena!" She got up and walked to the back of the bus, leaving Serena frozen out of shock. Eventually she shook it off and looked back out the widow to see a huge building--four stories high.

"Don't worry about her. She's kind of...ok. She is an absolute freak. but I can assure you, we aren't all crazy!"

Looking over, she saw a smiling girl who must have died her hair pink.

"Hi. I'm Cherry, well that's what my friends call me anyway. My real name is Clarence Valor Stubble, but I like Cherry. So you're Serena Swanson? I'm so sorry about--Oh well. Come on! Let's compare schedules! It'll be fun! me and Jayke have the almost the same schedule, so we'll show you around!" Cherry pulled her off the bus, making her almost trip over the stairs. She stopped and waved over to who Serena assumed to be Jayke.

"Jayke! Over here!"

Cherry pulled her over to him and he glanced up at her before glancing to Serena quickly.

"By the way, for the hundredth freaking time, it's Jay. God, you moron. So, who's she?" he asked Cherry.

"Oh. This is Serena Swanson."

"Ah. I see. Well, whatever. Come on. I gotta get to my classes on time today. Mr. James keeps giving me heat about being late. That is, unless I don't have to worry about it..."

"Yep. We're going to help Serena navigate through this school!" Jay smirked and stood up.

"Thanks, babe. Well then, I'm in no rush at all." He nodded towards the buildings entrance. "Better go there first though." Jay added. He walked over to Serena and grabbed her wrist.

"The office," Cherry explained. She nodded and followed them, half because Jay was still holding her and half because she had no one else to help her.

After 'registering' she got to her first class; chemistry. Both Cherry and Jay had that class first too, so she had an easy time getting there. Mr. James was about to yell at Jay when he saw Jayke's excuse. He seemed to glare because he couldn't lecture anyone today, but he does yell at Jay for having seized your hand. Jay smirked and, after seeing the teacher's face when he had kissed you quickly to piss him off, took a seat next to his dark group of friends. One looked up at her and she felt frozen, unable to move.