Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Averting of the Eyes!

"You're a v-vamp-ire?" she asked, slightly backing slightly that she almost fell of the bed...

"You said you wouldn't leave me no matter what!" Zane said, defending himself.

"You said you weren't keeping any secrets from me!" she yelled, arguing right back.

"That's the only secret and I was going to tell you when we got to your house, but I couldn't think straight! You have to understand! I didn't want to lose you! Who in their right mind would date a blood sucking mutant? Who? You're to perfect for me! I knew that and you said yes...I knew I'd have to tell you, but I didn't want to lose you, not when I'd had you all this time!" Zane was blinking quickly as if something was in his eye. "Because...I love you. Love you more than you can imagine." He lost it and looked down, crying so softy that it was barely audible.

'I have loved him this whole time. He was like this this whole time. Who would I be to say Oh, I don't love you because you're not what I thought you were? Who would I...I'd be worse than a monster...'

She made him look up and whispered, "I love you more than I can imagine." He looked perplexed and he tried to put together the words, but couldn't; all he did was make squeaks as he tried to talk. He leaned in and kissed her more passionately than ever before and, laying her down softly...

"I love you, did I tell you that yet?"

" did. But I never get tired of hearing it. Cause I love you, too."

Serena and Zane were walking to school on Monday, holding hands naturally. They had gotten really close since two days ago,

"Serena. You really don't mind that I'm a--" Zane had asked the same question a million times already, as if the answer would change.

"No! I don't mind! Really, I'm a little relieved. I don't think I could ever really date a human guy, even though I'm a human girl. It just feels to awkward." She smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder. "You're the only blood sucking vampire for me!" She looked up at him and he smiled.

"Sure. And you're the only clingy, insignificant, inferior, girly human that--"

"Okay! I get it!" She laughed and he did, too, as they walked into the school. The two of them sat in the auditorium and saw Jayke wasn't lying; Cherry really wasn't there... Serena began to wonder if she had been bluffing and just wanted to get her expelled or something.

On the bright side, Zane acted a little more close at school. He sat in between his girlfriend and Jay, and he had his hand on her leg and was rubbing it lovingly.

"What happened after I left?" Jayke asked as Serena blushed.

"Eh. Nothing much. We just got closer to each other, if you know what I mean." Zane flashed a vampiric smile and she didn't grimace. The thing was, the fact that he was hiding something was what had made her grimace, not the fact of what if actually was.

"So, she knows you're a--"

"Yep. And she still loves me. Maybe you'll find someone to accept you someday...who knows?" Zane smiled even more and turned back to Serena for the remainder of the time everyone was to stay in the auditorium.

"So, Serena, you're okay with it, but what about the fact that I'll live longer than you?" Zane asked, thinking about the future.

"We'll think of something together. I--"

"Serena. Come here." She looked over and saw the guidance counselor calling to her. She looked uneasily at Zane who told her to act like she didn't hear her. Zane started walking Serena to her locker but the lady didn't give up. She eventually walked up to the two of them and pulled Serena away from Zane.

"Serena didn't do anything. What do you want?" Zane yelled and she brushed him off. When he tried to follow she closed the door on his face.

"Now, Serena, I heard about your incident the other day..."

This was going to be a fun conversation...