Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Mr. Moody

"What'd she want?" Zane asked as they walked to Language Arts.

"She...She heard about the thing the other day...And she brought up other stuff, like you."

"What about me?" he asked, swinging their hands up and down.

"She our relationship was. Remember when I fell? Well, there are cuts and bruises and she thinks that... I told her I fell! She refused to listen! I also told her that she had no right to pry into my life! She said she was going to talk to you and your mother... I really did! I tried to tell her you didn't--"

"Shh. It's okay." He put a finger to her lips and she felt a tear fall. "I'll take care of it. Don't worry." He wiped the tears from her face and kissed her cheek before leading her into the classroom.

"What's wrong, Serena?" Jayke asked when they both walked in.

"Nothing, Jayke. She's fine!" Zane cut in and smiled at Serena.

'You don't have to tell him anything.'

She smiled at Zane and he smiled back lightly.

"Okay. You don't have to get all defensive." Jayke said, smirking. "It's not like you have anything to hide. You didn't rape her or any--"

"Shut your fucking mouth! I did not rape her!" Zane growled at Jayke who smiled and shrugged. "Wipe that smile off your face, asshole." Jayke ignored him and talked to his friends. Serena looked at Zane. Why was he so touchy?

"Zane...? What's-"

"Nothing, baby. I'm fine." He smiled gently and touched her face lightly. "I just don't want anyone to hurt you. I love you." He kissed her lightly before the bell rang for class to start. She saw Jayke glancing and looked at him, but he looked to the door, where the teacher was standing.

"Have we all learned a lot about our partner? Now, I'm sorry, but we have to use the book. You're going to write about your partner using the research paper format on page 368." Everyone got out their books and began writing.

"Zane. What's your--?" Zane gave her a piece of paper. She looked at it and it said all of his favorite things and one thing that she knew she wouldn't be allowed to put in that research paper...

'I already know all about you. Don't worry, baby.' She smiled at him and began writing:

"Zane Coryon Corbane lives with his father Jack, mother Nicole, and his brothers and sisters. He is about nine months older than me. His real friend is Jayke Kanami. His favorite color is black and he loves all animals. Zane is the fourth youngest in his family. He is older than one of his brothers and both sisters. He's a really athletic person. He has gotten all great grades his entire life and he is currently running track and cross-country for our school. He is very fast and has many first place trophies to prove it. He is a very interesting person with eyes that look like ocean waves they are so blue. He is a really great guy."

She looked up and saw Zane smiling at her.

"Can't keep on topic can you? Eyes like waves? Great guy? You really must love me." She blushed and laughed softly. "I wasn't trying to embarrass you, baby."

"What are you going to do about it?" She laughed and he did, too.

"Tell you how lucky I am to be with you." With a smile, she turned in the paper.

"I hope I get an A."

"Well, you did seem to bias the fact that I'm the best guy you could ever have... But I'd give you an A ." That made he smirk before she saw Jayke glancing again.

'Maybe he really does like me...No. That's ridiculous!'

"No. It's not." She looked at Zane.

"But...I don't have to worry. You'll be with me forever."

"Yep. So don't go anywhere."