Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Get Off!

"Okay, I'll see you at home, but I have to take care of something first." Zane said, kissing her quickly.

"What do you have to--"

"I love you," he said before running back into the school.

"Yeah yeah. You could at least tell me what you're doing!!" she yelled before turning to the doors and walking out.

"What's wrong, Serena? Where's Zane?" Jay came up to her and gave her his company in walking. She shrugged.

"He had something to do. He wouldn't tell me what. He said he'd meet me back at home."

"Ah. That's just like him. Well, could I walk you home? I have a math test tomorrow and it's not my best subject."

"Since when did you care about grades?"

"Well, I don't have to--" He started walking away and she instinctively reached out and caught his hand.

"I didn't mean you had to go. Sure. Let's go, Jayke." He smiled and talked to her as she became increasingly aware of how he was still holding her hand, and as if he was afraid to let go.

"So, algebra and all the letters and numbers confuse me a little. I hear that you get A's in that class from Zane, so I thought you could maybe help me."

"Sure. I get A's, but I'm not a math wizard or whatever. I just find it really easy, is all. I'll help you with that if you help me answer a few questions."

"Okay. What?" Jayke asked.

"Well, wait until we get home."

"Deal," Jayke said adding a thank you and a hug. She hesitantly hugged back and when he finally let go he put his arm around her shoulder without a thought and began walking again, talking even more about myths, which reminded her of Zane, and she began to think of how similar they were.

"So, what questions did you want to ask?" Jayke asked as they finally got to her house, still with his arm around her.

"Sit down first," she said, leading him to the couch. He sat down and pulled her with him so that she was sitting in front of him, awkwardly in between his legs, like the first time Zane sat with her on the couch. He wrapped his arms around her and laced their hands. As uneasy as it made her, she fooled yourself into believing that it was Zane she was sitting with.

"Now will you ask?" Jayke asked and Serena could swear he was smelling her hair.

"I just wondered if you knew what Zane was doing..." She felt yourself leaning back on him, but couldn't stop herself no matter how much she tried to think about Zane. For some reason she couldn't think about her love of Zane. It was like Zane was blocked from her thoughts.

"No, but he did tell me about how a prying counselor talked to you and he muttered something under his breath. I'm sorry, but that's all I know, baby."

That was like a smack in the face. Baby?

"Want some time alone with me?" Jayke asked.

"NO!! You're just not getting anymore time alone with Serena. I'll be back, baby."

She finally got why Zane had called her baby. He was showing Jayke that she was his and not Jayke's. Jayke did like her, but she had thought that it was how Jayke acted around all girls that were dating his friends, but he actually liked her. She had thought since she was with Zane he wouldn't act like how he did when he first met her, but he just gave more secretive hints. That or she was oblivious. She suddenly became very uncomfortable and tried to get free from Jay, but he held her hands tighter. She looked at Jayke and whimpered.

"Jayke... I'm--Zane--He would--" She kept squirming, but Jayke whipped her around and held one of her wrists tightly. The other arm wouldn't move for some reason and it just lay limp at her side. She was only a few inches from his face.

"Serena. Quit squirming... I said quit it!" he yelled and she stopped moving--and almost breathing. "I'm sorry, baby." He hugged her, making he shake a little, and when he pulled back, frowning, she still couldn't stop shaking. He smiled again. "Afraid you'll love me more than Zane?"

"What? I--I...wouldn't--No! I--" She didn't know how to respond to that so she just kept stuttering, eventually all she did was make squeaks and even later there was no sound at all. Jayke smiled and she saw how his eyes looked from her eyes to her lips and occasionally a little lower. She crossed her arms to cover her chest and he laughed. She had no control over herself and her arms dropped, hands falling into his as he laced their fingers yet again. She whimpered again and he laughed, unlacing one hand and using it to push her head to his chest and hold it there when she squirmed.

She heard Jayke's voice in her head. It said:

'I love you. I've always loved you, baby. Zane just got to you first. Aren't you a little curious about us? Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to have fucked me instead of Zane? You already kissed me. I know you enjoyed that. Instead of a gentle kiss, a forceful and demanding one. It'd be the same way in bed. You know you want to. You love me and love thinking about us. Just admit it and I'll leave you alone.'

Serena sighed. If it would get him to leave then whatever.

"Okay," she said, lifting her hand that was still laced with his up to wrap her arms around him so he'd unlace her fingers and it worked. "Now leave me alone," she added, snuggling against his chest, hoping to catch him off guard. That didn't work, but he did stop forcing her head to his chest and hugged her,too, holding her even closer.

"What is it you admit?" he asked, definitely smelling her hair.

"What you just forced into my thoughts."

"What was that again?"

"What?? You know!!" She looked up at him, anger growing.

"Tell me or I won't leave you alone" he sort of sang.


"Okay. Go ahead." he said.

"You can only wish that I wanted to fuck you!" Serena yelled, smacking him.

"Don't worry, we can edit that." He hugged her and she sat there, numb. He stroked her hair lovingly. "I'll just show Zane the edited one." Serena looked at him, scared.

"Please! Don't show Zane that! Please!" she pleaded.

"Okay, but on one condition. Later, when Zane goes on the trip he does every year, I'm coming over and you won't have to wonder what it would be like anymore." But she didn't want to know! Still, Zane hadn't told her about a trip...

"Do you want a kiss to make it all better?" He asked, looking her in the eye. She didn't want that, but she felt her head nod without a thought. Jayke smiled as sweetly as she ever saw him smile before and he lay her down on her back. He leaned in and he kissed her. After a few seconds he forced his tongue past her lips and gently lay on her, still kissing her. She kissed back and felt really guilty, but Zane couldn't think she wanted Jay at all and this was the only way to ensure it. That or commit murder tonight.

"Jayke! What the hell is your problem?! Get the fuck off of my girlfriend!!" Zane ran in and punched Jayke onto the floor."I've already killed someone today! You've picked the wrong day to mess with me! I suggest you leave before I kick your ass!" Jayke stood up.

"Alright. I'm going." He turned to her and winked. "Sorry we didn't get to study for that test, but I have a good feeling about that test. After all, I'm pretty good at math." Jayke walked past Zane and out the door, leaving Serena shivering.

He lied. He said he sucked at algebra, but he just said he was good at math! A tear fell off her cheek and Zane ran over. Who had he killed? It was obvious.

"Serena! Baby, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have left you alone! He told you he sucked at math, didn't he? I should've stayed with you." Zane helped her into his lap and she shivered even still in Zane's pleasant embrace.

"You're leaving on a trip. When?" she asked, snuggling into his chest.

"In a week. I'll have someone watch you. You can stay at my house while I'm gone. My oldest brother, Alex, doesn't go. I have to feed or I'll end up biting you. I can't do that. I have to go, but you will be watched, I promise."

"I love you. No matter what, I love you and only you. Okay?" she said.

"I know. And I love you more than anyone, even Jayke. He's just obsessed with you. I love you and always will."

"No matter what?"

"I swear it. Let's go to bed."