Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Don't Leave Me

"Is that why you were so touchy the other day? You're leaving? That's not really--"

"You don't understand! I have to go and Jayke knows how long I'll be gone! WHO KNOWS WHAT HE COULD DO TO YOU?" Zane said, throwing a fit as Serena walked into the kitchen to get breakfast. She raised her arms in the air as if to surrender.

"I'm sorry. But I'm sure your brother can handle it. He seems like a capable person," Serena complimented. Zane smiled.

"I know, but I just hope he's better than that," Zane said and she frowned. He didn't even try to lift her spirits, which wasn't like him. She gave him a reassuring hug and he just stood there, not hugging back. She sighed and let go. She grabbed two bowls and got out the cereal. He got out milk and sat down. She made the bowls and they both ate in silence. Eventually she couldn't take it.

"Zane! Come on! Maybe instead of wallowing in your tears you should focus on now! I'm here and so are you! Cheer up!!" she yelled, grabbing his hand. He looked up, shocked at first, and smiled.

"Alright. You're right. I'm sorry." Serena smiled.

"That's better," she commented, kissing his cheek.

"Come on, let's go." Zane took her hand and led her out the door. For once they were actually on time and the bus didn't have to honk. They both got on and sat in a seat together.

"Hey, Zane. How's it going?" She heard his voice say, as if nothing had happened.

"Fine." Zane said, his hand's grip on hers tightening. Serena looked up and saw Jay looking past Zane and at her. He was smiling slightly, but smiling nonetheless. She shivered and Zane blocked his view. Jay shirked it off and looked back out the window. "Jackass," Zane hissed under his breath. He looked over at Serena and hugged her. "I won't let anything happen to you, I promise." She smiled and hugged back, afraid to let go.

They both got off and walked into the school with Zane and Jayke. Zane made it so he was sitting in the middle and not Serena, of course. They were talking as though nothing happened and as if Zane wasn't mad, but hell, maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was that good of friends with him.

The day passed quickly and nothing eventful happened, other than Jayke staring at her and touching her as mush as possible when Zane wasn't around. And by touching I mean using normal hand gestures that he normally didn't do, but it was an excuse to touch her anyway.

She fell asleep in Zane's arms wishing it'd be like that forever, but the next days flew by and before they knew it, he was leaving on his trip.

"Promise you'll take good care of her," Zane was saying as everyone tried to get him into the car.

"Don't worry about it. I'll carry a rifle if I have to just to keep her safe." Alex was saying.

"Please do. Just make sure she walks home with you, okay? And--"

"Zane, I'll be fine." Serena gave him a hug. She sounded more confident than she actually was. "Just you be careful. Don't leave me a widow!" she joked. He smiled a bit.

"I love you."

"Love you, too, but you need to go. I don't want you to, but you need to because I don't want you feeding on me now! So just be careful and--"

"Oh be quiet." Zane gave her a final kiss before getting into the car. She waved good-bye to him and turned around so he couldn't see her cry.

"Oh come on! He'll be fine. Now who wants some pizza?!"

"Me!" she said, smiling. She'd cope. Besides...she could sleep in Zane's room. Maybe even redo it completely for him.

After eating, Alex was pretty much out of sight. Serena stayed up in Zane's room and watched TV or played a board or video game. Night came quickly considering Zane had left at seven pm and it was now ten. With lack of a better thing to do, she slept in a heap of pillows, pretending it was Zane beside. She already missed him and it had only been one day. How would she survive a week? She lost all track of her thoughts as she drifted into sleep.