Do You Have a Soul to Spare?


Dreaming again, I could tell. It'd been awhile. There was that same girl again. She didn't look the same at all though: her expression was more sinister... She looked more evil. The sight made me shiver, but the girl seemed to enjoy life like that; but then again, it was the only one she had known for sometime...

'Jay?' she called out in the warmest voice she could muster. It was his fault she was so impure and devilish, I could tell. It was all because of him. The though made my heart sink into the pits of my stomach.

'Yes, love?' he called back, coming to the room she was in. He saw her and smiled, evilly yet to her it was loving. The girl smiled and looked at him from the window ledge she had been sitting on. She looked back to the moon--a particularly frightening sight to behold.

'Look at how beautiful it is. I thought you might want to see.' she told him, pointing at the red moon.

'It's lovely dear. But you are more lovely.' He embraced her and she returned the favor. I could swear that I could see ice forming, or at least a chilly aura radiating off their cold bodies. 'I swear, I will love you to the end.'

'I know' she told him, no modesty at all. It wasn't like her! She shouldn't be talking like that! Why would I be talking like...Oh god...That must be me. I'm a monster. The whole time I was sure it was some girl and some boy, not me and some boy. God, what have I become?

She shot awake breathing heavily and sweating. She looked around the room nervously: Zane's room. Letting out a breath of relief, she smiled, stroking one of the pillows Zane slept his beautiful head on. She lay back down, but only for a second.

"Get up, Serena. We have to go in thirty minutes." Alex said, his head in the doorway for but a second before he was gone and walking down stairs.

She took his advice and got dressed and everything else. Twenty minutes and she was finished. As she walked out she looked back at the bed and to the picture beside it: herself and Zane holding each other and smiling. She smiled like she had that day and walked out, closing the door.

She walked beside Alex, barely speaking a word to him. It took forever without Zane, but she made it to the school. Alex walked off and she walked into the auditorium, not sure where to sit. She noticed the girl who had approached her the first day--Cathy, was it?-- staring her down. She walked up and glared.

"You monster!" she accused, yelling and pointing an accusing finger. She kept pushing and pushing until eventually Serena fell backwards, afraid.

"I'm sorry! What did I do?" she asked, trembling.

"It's what you're going to do! And no matter how well I warn you, you're going to make the same mistake you clueless vile girl!" Catherine yelled, not making any attempt to help her up and Serena not making a move to try to stand.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"Forget it, you ditz." Cathy sighed and, growling at her once more, walked away. It was only then that Serena breathed. What was she going to do that wasn't right? That could be taken different ways...

She felt herself being pulled up and opened her eyes to see Jayke smiling and helping her up. What was she not supposed to do? It bothered her as she walked to class with Jayke.

What was she supposed to do?...