Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Boy, You Play Dirty

"What in the world are you talking about? Why would he 'claim me'?" she asked, using air quotes.

"I don't know. He wanted you to be his and his alone maybe. I don't know his logic, okay? I just know he did it and that Zane must've been in some form of pain when you passed out because you're his, so his feelings are your's, too. Make sense?" he asked regarding her blank look.

"I think so actually, but now I'm worried!" she yelled at him, wondering what was happening to Zane as they spoke.

"It's nothing to worry about. He'll be fine. What I want to know is why Jayke didn't bring you here," he told her.

"He went to the bathroom, I believe. I wasn't really focusing all that much. But I'm fine now."

"Maybe I should take you home in case he gets hurt again and you pass out. It'd be best not to do that too much or the humans here might start to wonder."

"I suppose you're right." she said, standing up. "Just let me go get my stuff."

"Okay. I'll meet you by the front of the school." With that he left and she walked to her locker. She pulled out one of the pictures of her and Zane and put it in the book bag. She really missed him, but he'd be back soon. She grabbed all she needed and closed the locker.

"Hello beautiful." greeted you when you saw Jayke standing on the other side of you.

"Hi, Jayke. I'm going home," she told him.

"Call me Jay, please." he begged.

"Okay... Hi, Jay. I'm going home," she repeated with a smile. He smiled back. "Good bye then." She went to walk off, but he reached out and grabbed her wrist. "What?"

"Remember our little deal?" he asked and she shuddered. How could she forget?

"Please! Don't show Zane that! Please!" she pleaded.

"Okay, but on one condition. Later, when Zane goes on the trip he does every year, I'm coming over and you won't have to wonder what it would be like anymore." But she didn't want to know! Still, Zane hadn't told her about a trip...

"Yes," she forced out, trying not to weep. "But Alex is waiting for me and you don't want him to know you got me, right?"

"However true that may be, if I did let you go who's to say you won' rat me out? Who's to say you won't get Alex to tell me to step off?" he asked, not letting go of her. She whimpered.

"I won't! I swear," she told him, not sure whether she was lying or not.

"I'm sorry, but I can't trust you with that, but I can make it better for you: we won't go to your house, we'll go to mine."

That was supposed to be better?