Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

It's Not Just Hate

"How is that any better? Get it through your head: I love Zane, not you!" she screamed at him, running away from him after the last word had left her lips.

"Don't make this difficult, Serena," Jayke said, watching her run out the back door of the school. She heard his footsteps: slow and unrushed. Out of nowhere, just as she was out of the school, Jayke appeared right in front of her.

"Get away from me!" she screamed at him, turning around and darting off again.

"Oh come now. We don't need to be doing this. It's useless," he told her, but she didn't listen. She took of in the other direction.

"Alex!" she screamed, seeing him looking at her in confusion.

"Hurry up!" he told Serena. His face grew serious as he squinted behind her. "Jayke?" Her breath was cut short and she saw his shadow and gulped. He was right behind her...

"You just had to run," he whispered. He covered her mouth as she screamed. It slowly dawned on Alex what was happening. As soon as it hit him he darted off towards her and Jay. Jayke seemed amused as the two of them disappeared in an instant, right when Alex had reached out for Serena. Their hands had never touched even though they had tried so desperately...

When she finally came to (the teleporting style Jay had used hadn't worked well with her and she had passed out) Serena found herself in a dark bed in a dark room surrounded by dark walls. The only window was concealed by--you guessed it--dark curtains! She shot up and with that whiplash came and she winced as she soothed her neck. She rubbed it tenderly and looked around.

"My Sleeping Beauty has finally awoken?" Serena heard a voice ask rhetorically. She gagged, realizing who that was as he entered the door. "I thought you wouldn't have passed out, but oh well. No real harm done I suppose. All that matters is you're here and I'm here...and there's a matter of business we need to attend to." He walked up to her and sat next to her. "I love you," was all he said before doing the unthinkable and unforgivable...

Rape is a sin, right?