Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Days to Nights

Day One

Pain: horrible, excruciating pain.

Death is preferable to any victim of the venomous fangs of an attractive biter.

Suicide crosses the mind so many times, it's hard to take it seriously.+

Day Two

The pain couldn't get worse from day one, right? Wrong.

Pain is at it's peak and the victim even thinks himself to be in flames the burning is so intense. He will scream for water and for someone to douse the flames of his imagination.

Passing out from the pain is very common by this time and it may come as a relief to the biter who is watching over the victim, but the victim is still in pain as he is asleep.

Day Three

The pain is more bearable at this point. It has died down and as the day passes, the pain becomes numbed, or maybe the victim's new form is just immune to the horrible pain.

By the end of the day, the transformation is complete and the victim has lost his humanity. He is a soulless vampire now and he is damned to this way of life forever.

His "Creator", the one who bit him that is, will get him blood: usually some from the biter's own wrist so the victim may taste it and drink until the biter feels it is time for the end of that. The victim learns his fate and how he takes it is entirely up to himself. Either way, the deed is done and there is no way to get back his humanity for it is lost forever, neither given to Death or God.
The newest victim took it quite calmly...