Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Forgive Me Father

During the whole three day span of torment, Zane had never left Serena's side.When she screamed about fire, he was there. When she thought about suicide constantly, he was there. When she found out the pain would get worse, he was there. And when she slipped into unconsciousness, he was still there when she awoke. He was especially there when the pain was numbed and she found herself in her new form.

Her humanity had packed its bags and was gone through the door! But Zane hadn't gone through that door once and he was now sitting at her side, holding her hand as he trembled more than she ever had. She was the one that had gone through the pain, yet he acted as though he were put through more.

And maybe he had been. Watching his reason and his life writhe in pain hadn't done much for his beauty sleep. But he was still unbelievably gorgeous. And the liquid running through his veins wasn't too shabby either.

"Zane. Is it over?"

"Yes," he choked out.

"I missed school and Jay didn't even come. I'm shocked," she said calmly. He nodded, not as calm as her.

"Good thing, too. Or he'd be even more dead than he already is. I'd spill his blood with my own hands if I ever had the chance."

"I know you would. As fun as gory things are, can we stop talking about death?" she groaned, trying to be funny.

"I told you I shouldn't have tasted a single drop. And now look what I've gone and done. That's what trust in me gets you, obviously." He was kicking himself pretty hard for not having control.

"It's my fault. I force fed you like a baby when you're my big strong man. You can feed yourself," she smirked. Funny that not 24 hours ago she had been in unbelievable pain. She didn't think it would hurt that bad.

"God, I love you."

"What about me? You love God and that's great and all but what about your love over here?" Serena pouted. Zane smiled and lay beside her, holding her as close as their bodies would allow.

"I was afraid I'd lose you. I was afraid I would never see that absurd smile on your face, never see that way your eyes sparkle when you have a witty remark building up in your mind, afraid I'd never hear your sarcasm. I'd miss it way too much. But I was mostly afraid I'd have to see you lying there so still when you were always running around, so full of life. It was a thought I couldn't bear."

"But now we will be together forever," she promised him. "And..." She put on her fake singing voice, "He's in my bloodstream! Tonight he's draining meee!"

"Oh pipe it!" he smiled, kissing her quickly.

"From the sound of that looovely singing voice, I'm guessing Serena is ok?" Over in the door was Nicole. Zane nodded, holding her tightly in his trembling arms.

"Thank god."

"I think I have a wonderful voice!" Serena pouted, laughing. Nicole smiled before excusing herself. Zane had a devilish smirk on his face. "Oh boy. A devil's smile like that should not be upon an archangel's face. What are you up to, Zane Coryon Corbane?"

"You get to see how hard it is to control your bloodthirsty side at school, around all those walking vessels of blood."

"Oh no," she groaned.

"Oh, I'll keep you in line. And don't worry, I do bite."

"How corny!" she blurted out with laughter.