Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Darling, Don't Make a Scene

Serena's eyes scanned the room until she caught the gaze of one horrified girl gaping at her: Cathy. Everyone in the entire room was staring at her as she made her way to Zane and Serena.

"What? I--" Serena stuttered hopelessly while Zane stared cautiously at their visitor.

"Do we have a problem?" he asked politely. But it was obviously strained.

"You actually did it," she hissed, ignoring Zane and focusing solely on the girl she had a big problem with: the new vampire.

"What did I do?" Serena asked, voice in a low whisper. Everyone was already staring and she didn't want even more of a scene.

"Monster! I told you! I warned you that you'd make this bad choice! But you didn't listen!" she shrieked. She smelled strange to Serena, and Zane certainly was aware of it as well. He was glaring at her despite how his voice had tried to convince otherwise.

"What are you?" Serena squeaked, gripping Zane's hand tightly. She was so close to killing Cathy just to get a taste. Her blood would no doubt taste divine.

"Serena, don't breathe," Zane commanded.

"Right," she muttered, depriving her lungs of the air they were so used to needing.

"Better than what you are!" she screamed, finally answering the question after a pause. Everyone left for class but the three of them.

"What am I, exactly?"

"Just like you're little lover there! A bloodsucking parasite! Formerly known as a vampire," Cathy sneered.

"Like witches are any better," Zane commented quietly.

"Shut your bloodsucking mouth!" she screamed at him.

"You bitch!" Zane's fist made contact with Cathy's face in a blurringly quick motion and she fell to the ground.

"Go back to where you belong: Hell!"

Serena's heart sank down into her stomach. Was she really a monster?