Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Unresolved Issues

When Serena came to, she was not in a comfortable arrangement at all. She was sitting on a hardwood chair and her wrists were tied together with aged, rough rope. She squirmed, trying to get free. She cried out in frustration as the knot refused to come undone.

"Welcome back, dear Serena," a snobbish voice called as footsteps echoed across cement floors. Cherry walked up to Serena, smiling like mad.

"Where am I?" Serena demanded, sounding more confident than she felt. She certainly didn't feel confident in the least.

"Some warehouse I found. I think it used to be a whorehouse. It's fitting for you, isn't it?"

"I am not a whore, Cherry. I guess I'm just more likable than you," she smirked, her words cutting Cherry's spirits, but not enough to hinder what she was there to do.

"Aren't we so clever?" Cherry sneered, laughing sarcastically. "You are most definitely a whore in my book. Not only did you ruin my chances with Zane, but you even made Jayke chase after you!! What about me, huh? What about the poor loveless Cherry? With you out of the picture, things will calm down. Jay will stop chasing you and if he still doesn't want me, I can get Zane on the rebound. So you see, everything is better without you here to fuck it up!" she spit in her face, smiling.

"You bitch! You've been trying to get me gone for long enough! You even tried to get me expelled, trying to get me to make a bomb threat!" Serena accused. Cherry tapped her nose.

"Bingo! Hey look, you're not a ditz! At least you've got that going, even though you're a slut."

"I hope you burn in hell!"

"Ha, you have more of a chance than me. A damned little soul like you has, well, who am I kidding? You have no soul!" She laughed like a hyena, finding the situation so funny.

"If you plan on killing me, good luck."

"I don't need luck," Cherry promised. "I have magic."

"No such thing." Magic was child's play. Everyone knew that.

"Oh yeah? My aunt so happens to be a witch. And I was always the favorite. I told her my vampire infestation and she got pretty damn riled. She gave me a nice little dagger that is guaranteed to kill any bloodsucking leech around." She pulled out the knife and there was something dripping off the end. "It's harmless to humans, but for you, well, pack your bags for hell."

"Zane will save me, you know."

"Oh no he won't. Him and Jay are out having a nice guys' night out. Remember? Gee, for a boyfriend he sure isn't so good at protecting his love, is he? He should have been able to see how phony Jay was. It was pretty damn obvious. But I hate chitchat. How about we just get this over with? Last words? Say em now."

"I hate you."

"That it?" Cherry asked, running her fingertip along the blade. She smiled. " Good. I don't want to have to look at you for a second longer. Don't worry: it'll hurt plenty. Just for you, Serena."

Serena braced herself as Cherry got closer and closer. She let a single tear drop to the cold cement before praying that Jay wouldn't hurt Zane. She couldn't look out for him anymore, so he would have to take care of himself.

"I love you," she muttered, hoping he could hear her, wherever he was.

"What the hell?!"

An angel in disguise.