Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Unexpected Alliances

Cherry whipped around, the knife tightened in her grip. Serena watched as blood dripped slowly from her palm. Cherry didn't seem to notice, that or she didn't care much.

"You were supposed to keep him busy, Jayke!" Cherry screamed, looking for her friend.

"Yeah, I guessed that. You're little friend couldn't keep his anger in check and he slipped up. I would've kept the head to show you, but I burned his corpse!"

Cherry staggered backwards, in shock.

"He's...You killed him, you bastard!" She darted for him, forgetting all about Serena. All she cared about was killing the one responsible for Jay's death. That was all that mattered at that moment.

"Damn right, I did!" Zane admitted, dodging her so easily that she only got more angry. "I'd do it again if I could make him live again."

Cherry didn't speak, she only seemed to grow more mad with insanity with each breath Zane took. In a flash, Zane was behind her, seizing the knife with the black handle. He jumped back, cutting the rope on Serena's wrists.

"Go home," he begged in a whisper."

"I'm not leaving you here," she told him. "I'm not a weak human anymore."

"In this case, it'd be better if you were."

He didn't have time to say anything else, for Cherry came at him, relying on her nails to kill him. He laughed as if the funniest joke had just been told.

"Witch blood is quite divine, you know?" he told her, suddenly behind her, whispering in her ear.

"So is vampire blood--when it's spilled on the floor!" she cursed, clawing his eye. He faltered, swearing under his breath.

"I swear, you're not living another night!"

"That so?" Cherry asked, darting for Serena who didn't have time to react. Cherry pulled out a concealed dagger and held it to her throat. "Come closer, and she dies, I promise."

Zane stopped completely, hopeless for the situation. If she died, so would he. He stood his ground.

"That, and I just want to kill her!"

It was like slow motion in the eyes of Zane as he watched the blood come so close to his love's throat. But something happened: the knife fell to the ground, clinking as it settled on pavement. Cherry had a dull look in her eyes before she lost her balance and fell forward. A young girl was standing behind her, a blue fire in the palm of her hands.

"Cathy?" Serena breathed softly.

"Leave. I may hate you, but you used to be pleasant." They made no move for leaving. "Go, heathens! Lest I change my mind and strangle you now!" she shrieked.

Serena darted to Zane and they were gone in an instant.

"I want to go home," she whispered to him. He nodded.