Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Tears and Smiles

"You're really leaving then?" Zane's mother asked, holding Rose's hand as the little girl tried not to cry.

"You're welcome to leave as well, mother. I don't want to stay here any longer. The people here disgust me to no end," he muttered, tightening his grip on Serena's hand. He couldn't risk losing her.

"But where will you go?" Rose asked, voice cracking.

"I'm not sure right now," he confided, putting a hand on her shoulder. "We'll call you soon, okay? And the whole family can come over."

"You promise?"

Zane smiled with a nod, not able to say no to such a sweet face.

"Tell everyone else I said good-bye. And if you ever see Jayke again, tell him there's a place in hell reserved for him."

"I thought you killed him," Serena whispered in his ear quietly.

"Let's not tell my little sister of that business," he answered. Louder, he added, "We'll be fine, I promise. Rose, perhaps you should go find Mariah. I bet she's looking all over for you."

She nodded and ran to the stairs, tripping up them. His mother watched her leave with a smile, but her face fell.

"You don't have to do this, Zane," she whispered sadly. "She's not so fragile anymore. And Jayke's gone. There's no danger."

"There is always danger in the world: I'm not running from that. I merely wish to start my life with the woman I love. The kids always leave the nest eventually. You've had a few hundred years more than most mothers have."

"I'll miss you," she admitted, looking down.

"You're welcome to come up any time you want. I'll call, I promise. We really need to catch our plane: Serena wants to check out a house in Denver, Colorado." He kissed her cheek quickly. "I love you."

Zane ushered Serena out before he could see his own mother cry.

"So I hear there's nice weather in Colorado," Serena smiled as they sat in their seats.

"There's also good rain in Seattle, Washington. All that matters is that I have you forever."

"I bet I'll have you longer," she challenged.

"You're on," Zane smirked, kissing her cheek.