Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Cherry, Giddy?

In chemistry Cherry was a little more happy than usual. She even started humming when she was making a mixture. A HAPPY tune, too. Serena would look at her and Cherry would just smile and laugh happily.

'What is wrong with her?' she asked herself.

'I don't know.' You shook her head and looked around. It was always the same voice. The same whisper. The same emotion--nothingness.

"What is up with Cherry, Zane?" Serena eventually asked Zane when she continued to hum.

"I don't know," he whispered back and Jay looked over at Cherry and then to Serena.

"What is up with Ms. Depression?" Jay asked sarcastically.

"That's what I wanted to know." She looked at her and shrugged back at Jay.

"By the way, could you help me with our homework after school? I could walk you home." Jay brought up.

"Um..." There was a nudge in her side and she looked at Zane--or tried to.

"Do you really need permission from him?" Jay asked with a smile after he had put a hand under her chin and turned her head to him gently. She could tell that didn't make Zane too happy.

"Well, it's just that..."

"We were going to work on our project in LA tonight and I was going to walk her home." Zane finished for her.

"Oh. Of course." His smile fell. "Some other time then." Jay looked back over to his other friends.

"I'll help you, Jay!" Cherry cut in.

"Oops. Just asked Trace to help me. Sorry about your luck." Cherry pouted but resumed in her tedious task. Zane looked uneasily at Serena and she knew what he was thinking. She smiled at him and continued to work on the project, aware of five pairs of eyes on her, some more welcoming than others. One pair seemed to glare. One seemed to be worried. One pair even seemed loving. The other pairs seemed to look from the loving eyes to you every other second.

After class Zane caught up with Serena and walked with her to her next class.

"He doesn't like me! We're just friends!" she argued with Zane because he just had to bring up Jay.

"Oh yeah? Friends--guy friends--don't ask to walk home friends that are girls. Did you see how as soon as I said we were doing something he automatically stopped wanting to walk home with you? He doesn't want me there. He wants to walk you home alone. Only the two of you. Meanwhile, Cherry is practically drooling over him! He doesn't want her, he wants you!"

"Whatever. Say what you want, but I won't believe it." Zane kept trying to talk about it but she ignored him for the rest of the day--at least on that subject--until lunch.

"Hey, Serena." Cherry whispered. "You know how the stupid kids at school label us? Well, Jay, Trace, Khris, and I have thought about it...and we're going to do something this school will never forget." Cherry whispered into her ear and her eyes widened. Serena gasped, not believing what she had just said.