Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Emotional and Dramatic

"What? You can't do that! You'd kill everyone!" she yelled at Cherry. She smiled evilly.

"Exactly. Everyone has made fun of you since your parents left. Everyone thanks god that they don't have to be you. Everyone hates you and wishes you'd leave. Well, except us. We understand you. We have been through hell and back, just like you. Everyone hates us. Everyone labels us. I only want them to remember to label me one thing. 'Unforgotten'." Serena stared at Cherry like she was crazy.

'I understand...No!' Serena was battling with herself in her head.

"Jayke said this?" she eventually asked.

'Why does he matter?' she asked herself and then that strange voice echoed the question.

"Yes. Don't let it fool you. He knows everyone hates him. We all know that they all hate us. You know too, but you won't accept it. You're just like him."

"Who is he?"

"Johnny Forester. He used to go to this school. Used to. He is no longer here. They pushed him and pushed him, but he refused to listen to me. I told him they hated him, but he denied it. Know what happened to him? He realized we were right...too late. He committed suicide. They kept on torturing him and he couldn't take it. Couldn't take life. He hung himself in the hallway that leads to the middle school. When everyone came in, they all saw his dead, hanging body, just hanging there. His eyes were open slightly and he had an evil grin. I imagine he was cursing his life and laughing because he outsmarted it. He was happy. He could've been living today, but he didn't listen. They'll do to you what they did to him. They made him a little song, you see. You know that 'Little Bunny Fufu' song? The middle-schoolers changed the words. It goes:

'Little Johnny Forester,
Couldn't take his life.
Hanging in the hallway,
One month dead.'

And every verse they would go up a month. When they got to a year, they replaced it with 'No one cares'."

"I still can't bomb the school! That is a criminal offense!"

"Fine. But it's going to happen either with you or without you. The only difference is one way you'll live, one you'll die. I'll give you until the end of school today. But after that it's too late. You can hang yourself like little Johnny." Cherry got up and left the room.

"Serena, what's wrong?" Jay and Zane asked in unison, glaring at each other.

"Oh. It's nothing." She raised your hand and walked calmly to the restroom, considering she was holding down vomit at the thought of hundreds of dead bodies scattered across the floor. The bell rang and she looked at her reflection.

'Die or be a monster?' Serena shook her head, not able to trust herself enough to say the right answer. She walked out the door, hearing a thwack as if Johnny's hanging body was hitting the walls, the song circling her head.

'But. He. Didn't. Listen...'

'Get out of my head!' she yelled to herself.

'Little Johnny Forester,
Couldn't take his life.
Hanging in the hallway,
No one cares...'

She ran to her locker and tried desperately to open the lock.

"Open. Come on..." She grew irritated and started shaking the lock mercilessly. "Open god damnit! Open!" It finally gave in and Serena desperately grabbed all of her books. She slammed the locker, and tripped over her feet.

The bell rang again...

"Damn it!!" Serena screamed and kicked the locker. She clenched her fists, then fell hopelessly to her knees.

"Why? Why is my life so horrible? Why am I so pathetic and worthless?" She started to cry softly.

"Serena, it's okay." She saw a hand in front of her so she took it.

'Zane...' She jumped up and hugged him. He hesitated--which was a little strange--before he hugged her back.

"You're the most perfect girl I have ever seen. You are so beautiful and you're not worthless or pathetic." He rested his head on hers. Then it hit her. It wasn't Zane, it was--!

She felt pressure on her lips and her eyes spring open to see partially closed, dark eyes. Jay! He had his hand on her mid-back to keep her close and he was kissing her! Jay made the kiss more demanding and, wrapping his arms around her, backed her gently to a wall. She didn't pull back, but didn't kiss him back either. Her eyes just stayed wide open as his eventually closed all the way.

"Jay! Get away from her!" Jay pulled back slowly and looked at Zane sleepily.

"What do you want?" Jay asked calmly.

"What? You sadistic little bastard! Get the fuck away from my girl!"

Jay laughed and remarked, "Jealous and touchy?"

"Jealous? What? We already kissed!" Zane smiled and looked to her softly. "Serena," he said calmly, "Come on." She started walking towards Zane, but Jay grabbed her wrist.

"No. She's staying with me." She looked from Zane to Jay. Zane clenched his fists.

"That's it! I'll kill you!" Zane lunged at Jay and Jay thrust Serena to a wall. The last thing she saw was Jay and Zane punching each other and blood spilling before Then falling into a dark, deep, pain-induced sleep...