Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Rain Date

I was dreaming again. I see a girl and a black-eyed boy. They're holding hands...and seem so happy.

But, there is a pink-haired girl too. She is so mad that when she looked at the couple, she turned her head and ran. Ran off. The girl ignored her. It happened so much. She just ignored it. Ignored her.

"First Zane, then Jayke? I hate you!" she used to yell. Yell at her. When the couple wasn't together.

"Zane?" she would laugh. "You can have him. He left me." He left her? He left. Left her. Left us. Alone. I remember. Drowning... She remembers too, but doesn't show it. He was her life now. He didn't ever leave her. He called. Every night. Everyday he came over. The other guy just left. Us. Her. Everyone. He didn't care about us. Him. No one. No feelings. No hearts. They were toys to him. I thought...

"Uhnn." Serena stirred a little before opening her eyes. She saw ocean blue eyes, staring at her lovingly.

"Hello, beautiful." Zane pulled her into a warm embrace. "I love you." She smiled, but then looked questionably at him. "What? Too much? Too fast? I can slow down..."

"No! It's just that...Yesterday you got into a fight. What happened?"

"A fight? With who? I certainly don't remember a fight," he replied at a faster rate than normal.

"Yes! You and Jayke! Look at my back! He threw me so hard to the wall that I know it bruised yesterday!" She revealed her back and looked at him.

"I'm sorry. There is no bruise." Zane fixed her shirt and pulled her close again.

"I know it happened. It did. Ask Jayke." She was pleading now because she didn't want to be going crazy.

"We'll call him later. Today is yours and mine."


"School's canceled. Something happened. Now that you're finally up...What do you want to do?" Zane asked, giving her his best smile. She winced involuntarily, but recovered quickly from the sharp, but short, pain.

"We could...go to the library. I have a book due tomorrow," she suggested.

"Okay, then we'll go to the park. Okay?" Zane asked politely. She nodded and he left the room as she got dressed.

After getting ready and getting her books, they both went through the door and began the quarter-mile journey.

"What happened for school to be canceled?" she asked as the two of them walked, holding hands. He wanted people to know she was taken.

"That...It's not important really." He shirked it off like that.

"Exactly. So tell me," Serena persisted.

"No. Why should I?" He actually meant it.

"Why? Everyone will be talking about it. Why not? Why won't you tell me? If you actually loved me and didn't just say that to get something, then you'd tell me." She smiled to herself. The bait worked like a charm.

"What? Of course I would never do that! What kind of person do you think I am? I would never do that! ...Fine... It's not that special, but whatever..." he muttered. "There was a car crash near the school. The car ran into a truck carrying gasoline and it exploded. They're working on repairs...No big deal." he finished. She felt sick to her stomach. A car crash? Gasoline explosion?

"Oh my god!!" she screamed.

"What? Mommy! Daddy! Where are you!"

"I'm sorry, but they can't ever come back."

"What? Shut up! Don't lie! Mommy and Daddy need to come home! They have lots of work to do! They told me! Go! Mommy! Daddy! Help me! Please!"

"I was only a kid! I was only a kid! It's not fair! It's not fair! They're dead! They're dead and can't ever come back! Stop haunting me! What did I ever do to you? Huh? What did I do? Why?" She tore away from Zane and started running to the school after throwing down her books.

'I have to see. I just have to.'

She stopped at the intersection; the light was red.

'Why am I doing this?' Just as a car was coming, she jumped in front and sprinted across, hearing the horn blaring in her ears. Serena froze. The exploded red mustang. The ambulance. The police. The screams.

"I love you..."

"If you loved me you'd let me do what I want! I hate you! Go away! Leave me alone! You've done enough!"

"Baby! I-"

"Shut up! I HATE you!!"

"If you loved me..." she whispered, but couldn't take it and screamed, "YOU'D LEAVE ME ALONE!""

Everyone looked at her and she felt trapped. No way out. No escape. Then she saw it. She looked at her feet and saw it. A hand with a diamond ring on it, fresh magenta nail polish. She screamed as loud as she could. It was happening again.

"Serena? Serena!" She looked and saw someone running.

"No! Stay back! You can't help me! LEAVE ME ALONE!! Don't try to help me! They're dead and can't EVER come back!" She didn't care who it was that was trying to reach her.

Serena felt nausea and staggered a little, but saw her mom and dad, running away.

"Wait! I love you! I have to tell you! I LOVE YOU!" She smiled and ran forward. She turned them around and screamed. Their faces were distorted and decayed. All that was left was a little rotted flesh and skulls.

"I love you, baby." One whispered. She screamed and, falling into a pair of arms, fell into a dark abyss: her life and soon--but not soon enough--her death to come.

"Serena!" The last desperate call she heard.

"It's over. Please let it be over..." she whispered, laying her head down.