Do You Have a Soul to Spare?

Wake Up Call

"Serena... Serena..."


"What?" She woke up and saw that Zane wasn't there.

'Strange...' Serena thought, realizing that it was one in the morning.


She rubbed her eyes and walked to the window. Opening it, she peered out.

"Hey. I really need to talk to you...Its about Cherry." She looked closer to see Jayke standing on the grass. She looked around and hoped that Zane wouldn't be back for awhile. Serena crawled through the window and scaled down the vines growing up the house.

"Yeah? What is it?" she asked, walking closer to Jayke.

"I thought you should know that...She's gone. I don't know where, but she called me and said 'good bye, Jay' and hung up. I don't know if she died or what, but its kinda freaky." She thought for a moment.

"What if she meant good bye to you? She told me you and her were going to blow up the school. Maybe she thought you witted out and is doing it herself--"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I never heard about this! Blowing up the--What? I never...What is wrong with her?" Jayke looked up to the sky and Serena did, too. A rain drop fell in her eye, followed by many more. "Shit! It's raining!" Jayke yelled.

"Come on! You can come inside." Jayke nodded and followed her through the door.

"All right, so is that all?" she asked and he nodded. They both sat in an awkward silence.

"So, how's your project doing? I'm done with mine. I know some stuff about Zane, so I could help you...if you want." Jayke avoided meeting her gaze so she replied aloud.

"Sure, if you're sure you know about him. I don't know where he went..."

"What? He's at his house, isn't he...What?? He sleeps with you?" Jayke stared wide-eyed.

"Um...Well, in my room, but all we do is sleep. Not anything else." She had started blushing and Jayke cleared his throat.

"Okay then. Well, I--he might be out somewhere."

"What? Why so late?" she asked.

"Its nothing. So, his favorite color" He started writing in a notebook. "His full name is Zane Coryon Corbane...He is... and has 6 siblings..."

"Wait. How old is he?" she asked.

"304. Anyway. He moved here last year..."

"304!!" you repeated incredulously. "That's impossible!!"

"Huh? So...he didn't...oh."

"Oh what?" Serena yelled.

"Um... I..."

"Serena? Are you awake? Jayke? What are you doing here?" Zane walked in and stood in the hallway.

"304!?!? 304?!?! How can you be 304??" she yelled to him.

"Three hundred...What?" Zane looked at Jayke. "Jayke! What did you say?"

"I, uh... thought you--"

"God! Why do you always do that?? I'm sorry Serena. He always says that for payback when I accidentally said he was 305."Jayke looked at Zane and Serena looked from one to the other.

"Okay... Why--nevermind. I don't want to know... Where were you? I woke up and you were gone." She didn't try to accuse him, but it came out that way.

"I was hungry. I went to get something to eat," he said calmly. "Why is Jay here??" Zane lost his cool then.

"I came by to tell her something!!" Jayke yelled back.

"Oh yeah?? WHY ARE YOU IN HER HOUSE??" Zane yelled again.

"NOT WHAT YOU THINK I CAME FOR!! IT STARTED RAINING!" Jayke and Zane started yelling at each other and Serena sighed. They looked at her. "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??" they both yelled. She shrugged and smiled sweetly, but ended up laughing. They looked irritated.

"I'm sorry!!" she yelled. "You just fight so much. It's hard to believe your friends." They calmed down to her relief.

"I'll drive you home, Jayke."

"Want some time alone with me?" Jayke asked.

"NO!! You're just not getting anymore time alone with Serena. I'll be back, babe." She looked at him funny and Jayke looked really ticked for some reason. "I love you." Zane kissed her forehead and she blushed so much that it felt like she was burning up. Zane wasn't satisfied with that so he pulled her into a soft embrace and kissed her lips. Jayke cleared his throat and Zane pulled back slowly. He released her hand gently as he walked away. The door closed and she began to wonder.

'Why was Zane acting like that? Like he was trying to show Jayke that I was his. He never calls me baby... Jayke doesn't like me like that. Why can't he get it? God. Zane can be too protective sometimes...'

She waited up in her room until Zane got home. He came in and sat next to her, slowly.

"Serena. Promise me you wont ever leave me. No matter what. I need to tell you something and if you leave I'll just die. Okay?" She nodded and he gulped. "I know why you flinch when I smile." Zane showed Serena his canines and she grimaced. She forced herself to look and gasped. "I'm a vampire."