Shine a Light

Vera Brown is a writer with a few problems when it comes to reltionships. The only guy who she has ever been close to these past few years is her friend Marcus who has his name in the dictionary to define gay.
She has come over to LA to visit him and by complete chance befriends a very beautiful guy with green eyes who is working in LA for a short while.
However things don't run so smooth and as Vera's relationship with the guy, Mr. Armstrong, increases things don't begin to add up and Vera may very soon realsie why she has stayed away from relationships for so long.
  1. Bent as a Horsehoe
    This is Vera and Marcus and for once they both spot a guy that they fancy
  2. Gardens and ***s
    Vera is let down by her gay but does Mracus really do her a favor?
  3. porn star names and curvatures
    Dining with the Day
  4. The Story of Addie
    Ghostly happenings and what not. Does Billie see Vera again? Obv.
  5. Four men, a girl and a gay.
    Vera and Marcus pay the guys a visit.
  6. Annie Wilks
    Vera finds something unexpected in Billie's room
  7. Nothings ever simple is it?
    Vera tries to pull herself together
  8. The Pros and Cons game
    Marcus whips Vera into shape.
  9. A poster on your wall
    The dinner continues...
  10. Hangovers and Panic attacks
    Vera is in a state of shock
  11. If you go down to the woods today I'm sure you'll
    Vera and Billie's gardening trip. Its a bit short but I have exams this week so I hope I'm forgiven.
  12. Mike's confession
    Duh duh duh its getting proper heated now
  13. The BookTour
    Vera moves on
  14. Waltzing around the bookstore
    making ammends or creating more problems?
  15. Lost in a maze of pink corridors
    Vera is in two minds about this gig...and her and Billie Joe of course.
  16. Strange little Goth Kid from New Jersey
    Vera makes a new friend...
  17. The Deathbed Bride
    We need to talk...
  18. The Gothic attraction
    Vera's mind isn't exactly stable.
  19. Too many numbers
    Vera gets lumped with a drunken Billie Joe
  20. Hold on me
    Billie has some thinking to do...
  21. You don't know him like me
    Vera and Gerard's conversation continues.
  22. Four flowers
    Vera goes home
  23. The Loner
    Vera's crisis is heard overseas - i.e. everyone's favourite gay is back
  24. Save the Whirly- Whirly
    Train rides and phone calls and FINALLY Vera is back to her old self.
  25. Lawyers and Wedding Planners
    This is a little short and it will probably be the pneultimate chapter. I have some new ideas swimming around so enjoy this Marcus classic.
  26. The long and short of it
    Times up to Marcus' wedding.
  27. I wouldn't be myself at all.
    THE END.