Shine a Light

Lawyers and Wedding Planners

Sitting here in EA Solicitors in LA California was not where I pictured myself today. We had flown over for Marcus’ wedding. I was on edge. Billie’s lawyer’s receptionist had finally pissed off and left me alone in the room. She was telling me about all these messy divorces which had led to the offices being separated ever since a woman tried to cut off her ex-husbands ear. She was a great help obviously. I had been waiting an hour, but that had flown by, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in that other room. God I needed to pee. Really badly. I defo wasn’t going to ask that bloody receptionist either, the tart.
Sighing I got up and walked down the corridor right outside the room. I spotted the WC sign on the door, queue, drat. A woman and a small boy behind her. That’s probably his mum. I sighed and stood behind him. A guy came out the toilet and the woman went in and shut the door.
The little boy turned around to me, obviously that wasn’t his mother.
“Are you getting divorced too?”
I looked down at him, “Sorry?”
“I said are you getting divorced too?”
“Oh no, I’m just waiting for someone”
He nodded and glanced at the floor.
“Are you getting divorced?” I asked him and he giggled. I wasn’t a big fan of children but he was cute.
“No, my mom and dad are. Me and my brother are waiting and its taking ages.”
I smiled at him, “I’m sorry”
He shrugged his shoulders, “I just want to get out of here”
The woman came out of the toilet and walked off leaving me left to wait for this kid. He was cute, black hair, green eyes…wait, why am I so fucking slow? That was one of Billie’s! Shit, what was the younger one called? Jake? Shit that was Jake!
I started trying to keep my calm and not freak, Jesus.
He came plodding out of the toilet, “Bye…”
“Hey, where, where are you going after this?”
“Probably my mom’s, Dad has to go to some wedding, which is great; I haven’t seen him for ages anyway…”
I snapped my mouth shut and watched him walk off down the corridor. I felt so guilty. I’ve had Billie all to myself for almost three weeks and his kids hadn’t seen him for months. Would it be so bad if we brought them to the wedding? I’m trying to think of a quick fix here when I knew that this would take time. I had to do something. Billie had some time off now after the tour and he really needed to spend some time with his kids. Maybe he shouldn’t come to the wedding?

Billie had gone straight to bed. I wasn’t quite sure how to handle him and, figuring he needed some time alone I took up Marcus’ offer to go and check the food and wine for the ceremony in a couple of days.

I was currently clutching a fork and following Marcus and the wedding planner Haley around a table of selected food. Marcus was nodding as I explained to him why Billie Joe shouldn’t come to the wedding.
“I see what you mean V, but well, it’s up to him. I mean I would like him there, it’s become quite a celeb fest.”
“Try this…” He cooed shoving a spoonful of something in my mouth.
“Waot’s fis?” I asked, mouthful of food.
“Falfel…like it?”
“Yeah” I nodded after swallowing, “Nice but when do we get to taste the wine?”
“Your friends quite a sharp one isn’t she?” Haley laughed falsely and I scowled at her from a fork full of quiche.
Marcus rolled his eyes at me before turning to her, “Haley, hunny, where is this pink champagne you promised us? I know I said I wanted camp and you have given me something along the lines of The Village People and I wanted more Pet Shop Boys. You know something not SO obvious.”
I spluttered on my fork as Haley’s face dropped and she scurried off to fetch the drink.
“I’d hate to work for you” I sighed turning to Marcus
“Yeah well she costs enough, she’s been shit all help. She is also an ear-wigger…look Vera, you should talk to him about this. I know he’s a bit messed up now but…”
“I just don’t want him getting all moody or causing a scene.”
“Do you really?” He smirked slicing off a piece of quiche for himself, “Because I heard from a little Tre Bird that he is bringing a friend who you got on very well with”
My mouth dropped in outrage, sheer outrage, “Excuse me, if you are referring to Gerard…”
“Yeah I am, he’s one hot little goth, used to be chubby apparently, would stalk Christina Rici, but now he’s lost the weight I wouldn’t say no.”
“Marcus you are getting married in three days.”
“And you are going out with the hottest guy to walk this side of the earth. If you fool around on him after everything…”
“HOW DARE YOU!” I shot at him, exaggerating everything.
“I swear on this Carrot Cake that I will never, ever cheat on Billie and especially not with Gerard.”
“Balls to that, I’ve seen him on stage, that Gerard one, he looks like he’d be one hell of a good shag,”
“Marcus please stop, you are embarrassing the cute little fairy cakes.” I sighed picking one up.
“Yeah well, make sure you don’t bring Billie for the greater good i.e. his kids and not for the good of your sex…”
“Pink Champagne is coming Marcus!” Haley yelled from behind the kitchen door.
I turned to him and sighed, “Ooo exciting.”
“Wait until it’s your wedding” Marcus smirked, “Just wait.”
“Yeah well according to you I’m already cheating.” I slapped his arm.
“Well you did just swear on Carrot Cake when it is in fact Fruit.”