The Memory of Your Face

The Sequel to The Stale Taste of Recycled Air.
Will Billie and Erin get back together?
Erin and Adele land some money and decide to start an alternative club called paint it Black...
Does BJ come walking through those doors?
Does Erin fall gracefully into his arms?
Read and see.
  1. New Beginnings and Rolling Stones
    Meet Erin...again
  2. Fluffy boots and raised voices
    Erin bumps into Billie Joe
  3. Tre, Groupies and Beers
    Tre becomes Matchmaker yet again
  4. Cracked heads and rumours
    Billie and Erin happily ever after sex?
  5. The end of the line
    Billie and Erin go to London but with an unexpected guest
  6. Simple minds
    Billie defines cheese
  7. The eye and the hairdresser
    Billie plans to ask Erin a question
  8. G's parties rule
    An invitattion and the pneumlitmate chapter
  9. Party time
    Do all those loose ends wrap up? Of course they ***in do.
  10. Beer cans
    I cheated heres anothe rpart and Erin has moved in
  11. When things just turn out perfect
    Erin is spreading the good news of a wee little armstrong while we find out what happened to tre and adele