Status: Done, not at all satisfied. I had more planned for these two, but after 2-3 years it's just not coming together anymore. Crappy ending, I'm sorry.


Siri-Comes from victory and beautiful
Thekla-Means Glory of god

That would be me. Siri Thekla Halse. That’s my name. Some people might know me As Sandy Sira. But that’s my past. I refuse to let that be a part of my future. But just to make it a little clear. I’ll explain it to you.

When I was little, my parents always wanted me to make it big. And they made me.. make it big. They pushed me into the entertainment business. I was what you call a kid star. When I was little, my parents got me a record deal. I could sing.. that was all they needed to know. Apparently I was a cute kid too, they said that helped. We moved to America. I’m originally from Sweden. Hence the name.. When we moved there, I still went to school, I learned English pretty fast and made friends with the boy next door. Ryan Dunn. I was 6 at the time. The fame soon started. In no time, I was known all throughout the country, except in the house next door. I was thankful for that, I needed the one normal friend I had. We lived there for two years. Ryan and I became fast friends in that time. He had a phase, where he would only listen to Indy rock. I found that highly amusing, so I started calling him Indy. That stuck. ‘Cause when after two years, we moved.. we kept in contact. My parents moved us to New York to get closer to the record company, and me able to do more shows. Ryan just thought my dad got another job, I let it that way. I did a lot of shows and made an album. But after my peak, I soon started to loose fans. My voice was highly developed and mature for my age, so was my way of thinking. I didn’t fit the profile, so soon after we moved.. I got kicked off the label. My parents were sad at first, but they had made a lot of money off of me. They didn’t mind so much after that. My first album had sold really good, so they had enough for us to live of. We stayed in New York and I just went back to school. I made a promise to myself though.. I’d never sing for anyone again.. it is my passion, I can’t deny that.. But I won’t ever sing in public again.. I just can’t.

As you might understand, I’m not on really good terms with my parents right now. Not so much because of the money, which I never saw a penny of. But more about the fact that they didn’t give me my childhood. I was thrown into adulthood at the age of six. So.. that kind of makes clear that I don’t talk to them anymore, now.. at the age of 26. I still live in America though, Columbus Ohio to be exact. I never was the country type of girl, I’m happy in the city. I’m a Dance instructor to teenage girls and I dance competitions solo. I won quite a few, that got me a nice amount of cash. You’d be surprised how much you make with those things! So, where you’ll find me at the moment, is in the dance school I teach at. The owners let me use the building for my personal practice. The room is big and it has a fully mirrored wall. I hate looking at myself, but it comes in handy when you dance.

To give you a little idea of the looks:


That’d be it..