Untitled Love


No ones pov

- Dad? Joey said and walked in to the livingroom were his dad was sitting
- Yeah buddy what is it? Billie said a little bit irritated.. He was just about to watch the soccergame on TV..

- Can I talk to you? Joey said and looked a bit sceard. Billie saw that and said:
- Joey you don't have to look so sceard. What did you want to talk about? Billie said and turned of the TV.

- Well its about Dylan.. Do you know his dad?
- ... Joey did you hear what me and mom were talking about?? said Billie and looked at his son with worried eyes..

- Yeah.. I'm sorry dad I didn't mean to do that it just happend..
- I understand Joseph.. You're in love with Dylan right?
- Yeah..
- And you just want to know that truth?
- Yeah.. Like.. Why didn't you like tell the police?
- It wasn't that easy.. Zeke dad, well Dylans grandfather, was the plice chief here then.
- Jeez.. Though one..

Billies pov

Well I guess I have to tell him the truth about what happend becasue I don't know if this Dylan is the same as his father..

So we sat there all afternoon talking about what happend and what I feelt and witch people knows and eveything..

Later that day this Dylan guy came over and I guess that Joey and him talked about stuff.. I don't know if they talked about what we just talked about but I guess thats non of my business.. Or yours..

Joeys pov..

Well me and dad sat there that afternoon.. It was pretty cool talking with dad like that but i feel really bad about what really happend... I just hope that Dylan isn't like his father at all..
So I talked to Dylan about it.. I didn't really know how he would react but well this is what happend:

In Joeys room no one pov

- So what did you what to talk to me about Joey?
- Well first of all I want you to know that I really like you Dylan..
- Well Joey I really like you to.... Dylan said and then kissed Joey really carefully becasue he knew about Chuck and everything...
Joey stod up and couldn't speak...

A moment of silence..

- Wow Dylan.... Said a really chooked Joey
- Joey.. I'm sorry if I rus things...
- Well Dylan I don't think I'm ready for that jet..
- Its okay I'll wait..
- But that wasn't what I wanted to talk to you about..
- Okay what did you want to talk about then?
- Well my dad knew your dad Dylan...
- Well isn't that great?
- No Dylan.. Your dad hurt my dad..
Dylan could bearly speak..
- H-hurt?
- Yea.. Your dad raped my dad.....

- Dylan?
- Yeah?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.. Well I knew dad did those things before.. well only to girls.. I never thought he could be gay...