Because I love you more than my heart can bear...

Rosalie loves the world-reknowned Gerard Way - but how did it get this way? How did it all happen? Why did Mikey desert his own brother and why - Oh god why - does Gerard jump in front of a bullet? All will become clear in this (fictional) story.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own My Chemical Romance (I wish I did, but...), so, um, yeah!

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  1. Seeing him...
    Where Rosalie meets Gerard
  2. Talking to him...
    She talks to him... Title says it all really!
  3. Love
    Aw. They declare their undying love for each other.
  4. Stay together forever...
    Gerard and Rosalie make a vow to never leave each other.
  5. What's wrong with Frank...?
    What are Frank's real feelings???
  6. Together on the open road... If Mother agrees....
    Will her Mother let her go with Gerard?
  7. Frank. And his hatred.
  8. P.A.R.T.Y. T.I.M.E.
    Gerard grants his permission for a part. Joy!
  9. Making the party possible.
  10. Drunkenness is beckoning to Frank.
    Will Frank spill his secret?
  11. Freard? Frank and Gerard?... Freard?
    why has my story turned into a Freard? Oh well.
  12. After.
    After Frank's shocking revelation.
  13. Come back?
    Will Frankie rejoin the band?
  14. So long and goodnight.
    Rosalie is dismissed....
  15. I don't love you.
    Gerard confesses that he no longer loves Rosalie.
  16. Why?
    What Rosalie is feeling.. to sum it up - sadness
  17. Why?
    Gerards point of view.