Because I love you more than my heart can bear...


Gerard could see the pain and hurt well up in the form of tears, nestling in Rosalies eye, waiting for their time to spill over and crash to the floor; symbolising the end of their bitter-sweet relationship.
Even though that Gerard knew that after this moment, he could never, ever, love a nothing person with as much fire - with as much passion - as he loved his darling Rosalie. He would never love in any way again as she had stolen his heart and refused to give it back. Even though his heart was breaking, he still spoke those accursed words. He now realised that his deep love for Rosalie had been rooted deep within his heart, ran through his veins and was the sole thing that kept him living. Without that he was just an empty shell.
And, while being an empty shell, he would never be able to feel anything ever again. He would just be a husk of what he used to be - but if that was the price to save Rosalie - and his band - then it must be done. He had to do it. For her.
'...You're just not the one...'
He spoke as if on auto-pilot, even though he realised that Rosey had stopped listening from the very first words. She had gone into shock, denying everything that Gerard was telling her. But he still continued, as he must appear unloving; he must appear to truly dislike her, for his plan to succeed. It was for her own good. Or, at least, that was what he was telling himself.
'...I don't feel the same way...'
But he did. He did feel the same way, if not more. But, Rosey was better off without him and the messed-up, devious Frank. Without Frank, none of this would have happened. Yes, that's right. Blame Frank. Said a cunning, evil voice deep inside him, It was all his fault. Frank. Fraaank...
Salty tears swam down her anguished face.
'...Maybe we should go our seperate ways...'
Don't leave me. Don't love me. Don't leave me.Don't leave me. Don't love me. Don't leave me. Look into my eyes and see that I'm lying. Look into my eyes and tell me that it's all okay. Please. I must have my happy ever after - and I can't. not without you.
'...It's not you, it's me...'
It's not me. It's Frank. Why can't you see that?
She sank to the floor, looking so sad, so vunerable. How could he do this to her? How could he reduce her to such a fragile state? Stop it! Stop it! Touch her, comfort her, hold her! Do something, just don't hurt her! Stop this pain!!
But he couldn't do anything, as everything has already collapsed and nothing could ressurect that. Nothing. Not even a bullet. Inanyone's head. He thought dryly.
He hesitated, then finished in a whisper:
'...I'm just so, so sorry.'