Roof-Top Romance

It was a normal day in Huber Heights. It was Elena's birthday and more than anything she wanted to go to a My Chemical Romance concert. All she ever did was talk about them and how much she was drawn to their music. On the morning of her birthday, September 23, her life takes an ironic twist for the better. Not only does she get her cake, but she gets to eat it too! (Even if it does get a little messy on the way.) Read about Elena's ironic birthday present from My Chemical Romance in the book titled 'Roof-top Romance.'

12/5/09 :: Still a work in progress. I'm still typing the story in chapters. This is NOT the full story. Right now I'm in the process of changing the POV from 3rd person to 1st (Elena's Story) Please bare with me. Changes have been made up to Ch. 9.