Roof-Top Romance


“What are you doing here?” Elena asked real surprised like.
“Just wanted to see you again before you leave,” he said.
“Well I’m glad you came over. This is a real nice surprise. Gerard is getting ready to dye my hair black. So yeah you’ll get to see it black. And hey Frank, this is Nick, remember?”
“Oh yeah… yeah that’s who I was talking about,” He told her.
Gerard and Frank went into the kitchen.
“I’ll get the color for you okay Gee?
“Alright, thanks.”
She got the two boxes out of the Kmart bag and set them on the table. She ran upstairs to get an old shirt so that the one she was wearing wouldn’t get ruined. She grabbed one of her old AC/DC shirts and threw it on. Then she ran back downstairs.
“All set,” She told Gerard as she walked in the kitchen.
“You aren’t seriously going to wear that are you?” Nick asked her.
“Uhh, yeah I planned on it. Why?”
“Dude it’s AC/DC are you stupid?”
“It’s just a shirt…”
“You’re going to ruin it!”
“So would you rather me wear something else? Do you want this shirt or something?”
“Yeah put something else on and hell yeah I want that shirt. It’s so awesome.”
“Okay. Well hang on a minute Gerard, Nick is being a loser so I have to change my shirt.”
“Oh, okay,” Gerard said.
She went upstairs and put on an old shirt from some random company that was giving them out at a parade she went to with her Dad.
“Here. Wear it and think of me and remember how much of a douche bag you are,” Elena said to Nick as she gave him the shirt.
“Yeah no problem there Sir,” Nick replied.
She ignored him and sat down so Gerard could start on her hair.
“Aren’t you going to open the second bottle too?” She asked him.
“I don’t really need it. Your hair isn’t that long and there’s a lot of color in this one bottle. I probably won’t even use the second one,” He told her.
“Well crap, okay. Nick do you want me to dye your hair black?”
“Not really.”
“Okay fine jerk be that way.”
“No problem there.”
“Just keep it so that we can do your roots later on. With this light of blond hair, it will show up for sure in a month or so.
“Gotcha,” She said back.
“Well this needs to sit on your hair for 25 minutes. Do you have a timer or anything that we can use to know when to rinse it out?
“Yeah hang on a sec, I’ll get one,” Elena said as she was getting up. She went to a set of cabinets just above the stove. Behind all of the spices was a small timer in the shape of an orange. She set it for 20 minutes, knowing that it would take under the normal time because of the amount of time it took to put the color on her hair.
“I set it for only 20 minutes, because it took you kinda long to put the color on. Is that okay?” She asked him.
“It’s fine. It won’t really make that much of a difference if you were to leave it on for 25. But its your hair, its up to you.”
Elena went back over to the timer and added another 5 minutes to it.
“I want the black to really show. So I’ll go ahead and do it for the whole time. It’s no big deal really.”

After Elena’s hair was finished, she went upstairs to wash and dry it. She changed into one of her new outfits that she had just bought at the mall to show off to everyone downstairs. She didn’t really take time to show Frank and Gerard the things she bought. She just basically picked it out, tried it on and left. She didn’t take the time to model it all. She re-did her makeup and straightened her hair as well.
Downstairs she got the attention she wanted. Nick and Gerard both really liked what she was wearing, as well as how her hair turned out. Frank was just completely amazed at the transformation.
“Wow, you look… amazing,” He told her as he stared at her.
“Heh, thanks Frank. Glad you like it.”
“I gotta say, the black hair totally works for you. I really like it,” Gerard told her.
“Thanks so much for doing it. This makes me way happy!”
“So yeah. You look good. Good for you,” Nick told her.
“Oh. Well thanks. So I guess I’m going to go show everyone else my hair. Are they all outside?” Elena asked the guys in the kitchen.
“Yeah Bob just came home a few minutes ago and your mom is outside smoking talking to Bob and Ray. I don’t know where Mikey is. He’s probably sleeping or something,” Frank told her.
“Okay thanks. Well I’m going to go show them real quick and then I’m going to Caitlin’s house. Are you going with me Nick?” Elena asked him.
“I guess so,” He replied in an apathetic voice.

“Hey Mom, check out my hair!” Elena said loudly as she opened the front door.
Her mom slowly turned around and took a good look at her. “Wow,” She said. “Definitely wasn’t expecting that one. Nice hair.”
“Yeah thanks. Gerard did it for me. I’m so happy. I think it looks so awesome,” She told everyone.
“Yeah nice goin’. Now you really look like your part of us. That’s really not something that I wanted you big dork,” Bob told her.
“Hey there loser face back off. I’ll be with you basically this entire summer so you better just be nice to me! So you wanna see what I bought today? I got some really sweet stuff…” She told them.
“Yeah sure, let’s see,” Bob said.
Elena went back inside and ran upstairs to grab the bags of clothes she bought at the mall. She took them outside and showed off the things one by one.
“This is a Green Day shirt that Frank picked out. And this one here is a Hawthorne Heights shirt that I found that I really liked. These pants are absolutely amazing so I got them too…” She just kept going and going.
“Looks like you out-did yourself there today,” Ray told her.
“Kinda. It was a lot of fun though. Gerard and Frank are really fun to shop with.”
“Yeah because they’re both gay!” Ray yelled to her.
“Umm.. no they’re not. Don’t be mean.”
“I was just joking! Gosh… I was trying to be funny.”
“Well that was kinda messed up though.”
“I wasn’t actually calling them gay! I was just using the word as a word… as a name calling kind of thing. Or making fun of homosexuality. I was just using the word as a word. It’s like you calling everyone a loser. I have nothing against gay people. I was just using the word!”
“Okay there Ray you don’t have to get all bent outta shape about it. I just didn’t want you name calling or anything.”
“I just explained to you that I’m not!”
“Okay! Calm down. I know they’re not gay. You know they’re not gay. As long as you aren’t making fun of them, I don’t really care. In fact, you’re gay you big loser!”
“Okay. See there, you get what I’m trying to say.”
“Yes. I use the word too. I just try not to because sometimes people actually get offended.”
“Look we don’t really care. None of us are gay. We all have gay friends. It’s really not a big deal. We know what you mean by it,” Ray told her.
“Well now that that’s all over and done with, wanna go back inside?” Elena asked Nick.
“I don’t care. I thought we were going to Caitlin’s house.”
“We are in a few minutes. I wanna talk to you first though.”
“That’s cool.”
“So yeah we’re going back inside. Have fun being an adult!” Elena called to them as she was walking away.
“Yeah, have fun being a teenager!” Bob yelled back.
“Teens… they scare me,” Ray told them.
“Hah, I’m pretty sure we all feel that way,” Elena’s mom told them.