The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

Erin is a cleaner who hasn't had a good time with relationships, she hates her job and lives with her mad cousin Adele. Her boss sends her on a new job which she discovers is to be housekeeper for Billie Joe Armstrong. They immediatly get on very well, but Billie is having problems of his own, he and Adrienne are on a break and Erin, begins to find out that all relationships have heartbreak and trials.
  1. A new Job?
    Erin finds out she must start work in a famous household
  2. The Coffee car fiasco
    Erin meets Tre and Mike who take her on a wild car ride.
  3. Adrienne Armstrong
    Erin thinks Billie has killed himself and she meets Adi for the first time
  4. Love in an elevator
    Erin asks Tre back to her apartment
  5. The Mini Cooper
    Billie's life gets a bit more worse
  6. Whats wrong with me being your boyfriend?
    Billie takes Erin to Jasons
  7. Friends know best
    White or red wine? Billie Joe asks Erin to stay
  8. You like it when its wrong
    Erin and Billie do the unthinkable haha
  9. Ollie fever and Pancakes
    Erin meets mrs. A
  10. Corona, Jagermeister and a drunken Tre
    Erin and Adele decide to head to a bar, where they have two unexpected meetings
  11. How to clean a kitchen
    Erin shows Billie how to clean a kitchen countertop
  12. Tre he's adorable
    Erin meets Frankito
  13. Movies and Showers
    Erin jumps to conclusions and Billie takes a shower...with company
  14. Parental sexual connotations
    Adele's love for slash a new problem arises
  15. The Lobster will die
    Billie meets P and G
  16. Brittany and impressing the rent's
    Erin discovers the two faces of Brittany and truth or dare is played
  17. Seagulls
    Tre lets Erin know the facts
  18. Steamboats
    Adele snaps at a very public place
  19. Snowballs and apologies
    Brittany becomes teh bigger man..well woman
  20. hire a crane for Tre
    The trip comes to its end...but does Billie and Erin's relationship?
  21. Iceland and Ollie
    Ollie lets Erin know she knows about her and Billie
  22. The picture of Billie Joe Armstrong
    Erin discovers something...
  23. The Rainbow
    Tre and Erin talk, does she get to Billie in time?