The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

A new Job?

I hated this job, I really did cleaning offices every night after my lectures wasn't how I visualized studying to be honest. I was late again and I knew that Mr. Leaver my boss, would kill me. Putting on my red little apron I waltzed into the office with a vacuum cleaner in tow. Humming away I felt a tap on my shoulder. Spinning around I saw Leaver standing there with his arms folded and brow creased. Ew he was such a sweaty greasy boil.
"Miss Kenyon, you are late."
"I know I'm sorry Mr. Leaver it's just my lecture finished late today and..."
"I've had enough excuses... I want to ask you something."
I looked at him confused, was this turning into a 'what do you expect from a Leaver cleaning company worker?
He perched his fat behind on a nearby desk and coughed into his fist,
"We are short staffed at the moment and I was wondering if you were able to switch jobs for a couple of weeks till we find a new girl to take over."
My stomach fell to my ankles, new job? Eurgh, why ask me? I bet its cleaning men's toilets or something the bastard.
"What is it, if you don't mind me asking?"
"It's a house job, here's the address..." he said handing me a piece of paper, "You need to be there tomorrow at 3."
"Okay." I nodded, mentally fuming. He began to walk away and I turned the vacuum back on, only to be interrupted again...
"Oh! Erin! You missed a bit here."
The tit.

So the next day at 3 I got a cab to the house where I was told to go. Two huge gates stood proudly at the end of the garden, to my right on the brick pillar there was an intercom button. I pressed it and after a few minutes a woman's voice crackled,
"Er... Hello, I'm from Leaver cleaning company to... "
"Oh yes, you must be Hazel's replacement, yes, yes come in."
The intercom buzzed and the gates slowly began to open, I stepped through them quickly and glanced up at this beautiful house that stood in a huge garden. My mouth dropped and I felt a bit sick at the amount of cleaning that I would have to undergo.
I approached the door that was open and I nervously walked into the house.
"Hello?" I called out expecting the front door to slam behind me like some old horror movie, instead I hear screams from upstairs,
I shuffled nervously hating being in the middle of a big domestic fight. I looked up as I saw a woman coming down the stairs clutching a bin bag,
Shit she was leaving her husband right now while I'm here. What do I do? What the hell do I...
"Hey" she smiled at me as if nothing was wrong,
"Hello" I smiled politely back. The woman was very pretty and had dark hair,
"I'm Lisa" she smiled at me as I shook her hand,
"Erin" I said nervously,
"I'm sorry if you had to hear that."
"Oh no, no, don't worry about it, you should hear me and my cousin"
She smiled politely but looked a bit pissed off still from the fight so I shut up quickly.
"I'm going to show you round and tell you where everything is and stuff... "
"Oh okay, thank you." I smiled as I followed her around the house, seeing the living room with a huge TV, the dining room, the game room, the kitchen,
"I'm sorry maybe I should explain about before..." she suddenly stopped at the garden and turned to me.
"I don't live here, my sister does...well did, she just moved out and left, her and her husband, Billie, upstairs, are going through a really rough patch, in fact... " she sighed, "It's so rough I don't think they'll get over this one"
I nodded. Not sure how to react,
"I'm just around to pick up the rest of her stuff, anyway, they have two sons who will be staying here with their dad, Jakob and Joey, they are lovely kids so don't worry about them."
I looked at her and smiled as we went back into the house,
"Billie... he won't be home that much, he works in the music industry... "
"Oh." I smiled.
"Yeah, he's a singer in a band called Green Day."
I nodded and continued to follow her,
"Well, I suppose that you should go and come back and start tomorrow, at say 2 ish?"
"I nodded as she showed me out the front door,
"I'm sorry about this... what a bad way to start." She smiled
"It's okay." I smiled back,
"Oh, by the way, the entry code to the gate is 'tre cool'"
"What?" I asked confused,
"He's a co-worker and friend of the family and Billie's used his name as the code."
"Who?" I asked again stupidly
"You'll find out who he is in good time."
She shut the door and winked as I walked away confused and slightly nervous... what the hell had I gotten into?

"Wait a minute? Did you just tell me that you're working for Billie Joe Armstrong?" My cousin Adele screeched down the phone like a banshee,
"I... I guess so." I stammered in shock
"What the fuck do you mean you guess so? His is like a major big deal; this is like OMG right you could walk in on him naked and shit... .is he as hot as the pictures?" She was working late at the restaurant and I decided to ring her and tell her the news,
"Del I dunno, I haven't seen him I only met his sister in law."
"Oh gay, anyway though, you could get with Tre Cool, he's hot and single... actually fook that off just get with Billie married or not... "
I was getting impatient with her now, "Look, really it's just a cleaning job"
"I wish you where on the same planet as everyone else, this is amazing, things like this only happen on made up stories... "
"Hey, calm down, we'll see how it goes... by the way who is Tre Cool..?"
Adele sighed, she couldn't believe this, if only Erin were into popular music of today, she would give her leg to be in her cousin's position.

The next day I arrived at the Armstrong house and let myself in with the code I had been given.
I knocked on the door and looked downwards at the pretty little boy with black hair who had opened it,
"Hello." He said his bright green eyes shining up at me,
"Hey, I'm Erin" I said in my best 'talking to kids 'voice
"I'm Jakob" he squeaked back, "Are you the new Hazel?" he asked rubbing his nose,
"Yes I am Jakob" I giggled back,
"Come and meet my brother." He laughed taking my wrist and dragging me through the house. I carefully shut the door behind me as I followed the adorable little boy to the living room,
"I'm cuter than my brother though" he whispered up at me as he opened the door.
I stifled a laugh as I saw another dark haired boy watching cartoons in his pyjamas.
"That's Joey." He pointed to him,
"Hey Joey I'm Erin." I grinned as the boy turned around, again possessing startling green eyes,
"Hey Erin" he smiled before turning to watch his cartoons.
I grinned as Jakob lead me into the kitchen before going off to join his brother.
I rolled up my sleeves in true homemaker fashion and ditched my black jacket on one of the kitchen stools. I started to fill the dishwasher and began to load the tumble dryer, the clothes were mostly Joey and Jakob's spider man pj's and cute little sponge bob square pants stuff.
I was happily cleaning around when I heard a groan behind me.
I whipped around suddenly to see a man about my height with messed up dark hair, a white clash t-shirt and red boxers rubbed his left eye with his right hand. I gasped and he looked up in shock. I stepped back unsure, because despite the stubble and the 'morning look' I was immediately attracted to him. His green eyes shone and he looked at me with the same preservation. He smiled as I took in his strong tattooed arms, his smile being slightly crooked but the sexiest thing I'd seen in a long time,
"Hey, sorry," he grinned, my heart began to race as he gestured for a handshake,
"I'm Billie Joe," he smiled,
"I'm er, Erin," I whispered back shaking his tough hand and becoming very heated with his touch. He pulled away and smiled scratching his head once again.
"I suppose I should apologise for yesterday, it wasn't exactly a very polite way to join our house."
I swallowed hard trying to concentrate on what he was saying,
"Er, yeah, no, not its fine don't worry about it."
He went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and began to gulp at it. I suddenly realised why Adele was making so much fuss, I seriously doubt I'd ever seen a sexier man in my life, he wasn't conventionally handsome, he was more beautiful in his features, but he had an stance and a cocky attitude about him that made me melt. I suddenly realise I'd been frozen on the spot for about five minutes just looking at him and he hadn't seemed to notice. Or maybe he had and that's why he had a small smirk across his face.
He sat down at one of the stools and watched me put the clean dishes away,
"I also should apologise for me being dressed like this too." He smirked as I spun around with a plate in my hand,
"It's your house." I shrugged, "It's a very nice house to I must say."
"Thanks" he grinned at me, taking another gulp of water.
"So... " he started gesturing me to take a seat opposite him,
I smiled and sat down, hardly concentrating and nearly slipping on the floor,
"I can presume that Lisa filled you in on the circumstances"
"Yeah she did." I nodded as his eyes met mine then fell to the floor,
"I erm...I know this is strange as we've only just met, but er... well... the boys don't know they think she's staying with Lisa for a bit... well Joey is a bit sharp and I think he knows as he's been a bit quiet and... "
He looked up quickly at me and grinned,
"Sorry I'm rambling" he took another gulp of water and blinked hard,
"Its okay, it's hard I know."
He softly smiled at my words,
"Thanks for being so understanding you know"
I melted into my chair, he had just gone form sexy to hot to cute, I had been hit by a truck, and this guy was amazing he was a true rock star.