The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

Tre he's adorable

The next day the doorbell rang and I was greeted by Tre and an adorable little boy held in his arms. He was blonde, blue-eyed and had the cutest little Mohawk I'd ever seen.

"Oh my God Tre who's this gorgeous little guy?" I asked cooing at the little boy.
"This is Fankito, say hey to Erin Frank ma man."
"Hey," the little boy cooed back at me.

Tre came into the house and put his son down. As soon as his feet hit the floor he was off yelling "UNCLE BILLWIE!" At the top of his voice.

I turned to Tre who was smiling at his son in fatherly adoration.
"He is so adorable Tre, want a coffee?" I asked grinning at him.
"Sure. Like his dad isn't he? Gonna turn out a right little heart breaker." Tre followed me into the kitchen grinning.

"Yeah just like his dad..." I rolled my eyes sarcastically at him as I made the coffee. Tre sat down and grinned at me.

"You want kids Erin?" He asked tapping the table.
"I don't know Tre, I'd never really considered it."
I smiled placing the coffee in front of him. Not really appreciating the question that much.

"Thanks." Tre grinned. Billie suddenly entered will Frankito pinned to his back making an aeroplane noise. I chuckled at how cute this scene was.
Frankito suddenly took a dive and waddled over to me.

"Boof!" he yelled for no apparent reason and attempting to climb on my lap.
"He likes you" Billie grinned at me with a sparkle in his eyes that kind of freaked me out. It was true that me and kids weren't normally compatible but Frankito was so cute and adorable I helped him up and he sat on my lap plodding his fat little palms on the table like his father had just previously done.

"God he's defiantly your kid Tre, look at him drumming away." I grinned, combing my fingers through his soft blonde Mohawk.

"I know he's got an eye for the pretty girls too." He grinned at me as Billie helped himself to some coffee and sat down opposite me.
"He also uses his charming good looks like his dad to get into their laps."
I chuckled as Frankito started dancing on my legs.
"Pop ti!" He giggled reaching over to Tre.
"Come here little dude." Tre reached over and grabbed Frankito, hopping the little boy up and down on his knees.

Billie looked at the little boy with a slight look of regret. Then inspiration hit me.
"Hey Billie," I softly whispered, "Let's get Joe and Jacob, we could all go the park."
"That's a great idea Erin." Billie grinned, downing his coffee and rushing to the phone.
"Good thinking Erin." Tre winked at me as Frankito giggled happily.
"Tre I have to admit, I like you lots when you're in dad mode. It's sweet."
Tre smiled at me, his cheeks going slightly pink.
"I like dad mode too, I don't get to do it that often."
He sighed sharply.
"So... " he began, "Let's talk about you and Billie."
I looked up at him from my coffee mug getting nervous.
"Oh come on Erin, he's told me about you and him." Tre's eyes moved to the counter top behind me and I felt myself go red.
"Yeah well..." I grinned.
Tre returned my gesture and placed Frankito on the floor, who began to whiz around in circles.
"All I'm saying Erin is be careful, you've caught him at a weird time."
I felt my face frown in confusion, "Don't get me wrong he loves you to bits I can see that myself, but, well... Adi and... "

"I know Tre thanks." I grinned patting his hand affectionately.
"If it all falls through I'm waiting." He mocked dusting of his shoulders.
I laughed as Billie returned.

"Adi wasn't exactly nice but she said its fine if you and Tre come," he sighed, placing his coffee mug in the sink.
"Let's take some food." Tre grinned scooping up Frankito and heading for the fridge.

"You won't find anything Tre; I needed to go the store today." I huffed.
"Lets go on the way to pick up Joe and Jake." Billie grinned, rubbing his hands together clearly excited about seeing his sons for the first time in days.

The shop around the store was the most stressful thing I've ever done. Billie and Tre decided they would race the carts down the cereal isle while Frankito would pick up apples, candy, ice cream and even crackers to take random bites out of. Then the four year old decided to hide behind the meat section for a whole fifteen minutes giving me Billie and Tre simultaneous heart attacks trying to find him, and then a confused but angry store assistant discovered him and handed him to Tre by the ankles kicking and screaming and smelling slightly of pork.

I thought it best to wait in the car with Tre and Frankito whilst Billie went to the door of Lisa, Adi's sister's house.

Lisa was the one who came to answer it and hand over Joey and Jacob who embraced their father so tightly I thought they wouldn't let go. I looked up to see a shadow in the front window of the house I found myself frowning at her. Adi, the woman who was hurting Billie so badly, she was looking out onto the street watching her husband. My mouth suddenly dropped as I saw another shadow appear behind her and seemingly kiss her neck. I turned around to see Tre, also mouth hanging open and looking at the window. He turned to me and cleared his throat.

"Don't... don't say anything," he barked as Billie opened the door rushing his sons into the vehicle.
"TRE! FRANKITO!" Joey and Jake yelled as they climbed into the car.
"ERIN!" Jake cried flinging his arms around my neck.
"Hey Jake how are you?" I asked grinning.
"Happy" he squealed settling down in the seat and buckling up.
"Hey Joe, that's a cool shirt" I smiled glancing at the Clash plastered across his chest.

"Thanks Erin" he smiled shyly fastening his own belt. They both looked tired and gave off a feeling of sadness from their green eyes. I felt a wave of sympathy wash over me for the two of them stuck in the middle of this nasty situation.
As Billie also buckled up we headed towards the park. The day was warm and a small refreshing breeze floated through the air, it was perfect picnic weather for a day in the park.

We all happily sat around the huge rug we brought from Billie's house and ate our way through the mountains food. Soon, the boys began to get restless and Joey and Jake made a dive for the swings while Frankito picked up a large stick and began chasing a blue butterfly across the grass. I wondered whether Frankito could ever get more adorable.

Tre heaved himself up, having done the majority of the eating he groaned as he winked at me and followed his adorable little son who trotted towards the merry-go-round.

Billie began to help me pack away all the picnic stuff before Jake's squeal's floated through the air towards us.

Billie glanced at me, his eyes echoing that of a child desperate to play himself.
"Go on you loser." I chuckled as he dropped the rug like a hot cake and raced across the grass to join his sons.

Folding away the rug I sighed and caught my breath on the wooden bench not far from the rocking horses that Tre and Frankito where currently riding. I was a little worried; Tre's horse didn't look built for the 32 year olds body capacity.
My eyes darted to Billie Joe and his sons; they looked like a normal family. Billie had knelt down before Joey and was having a conversation with him. They both looked so happy to be in each other's company.

Billie shouted me over and we all joined in a game of 'tag'. I currently had Frankito in my arms and he was squealing every time Tre, who was 'it' made a dive to try and get us. I looked up to see Billie looking at me and grinning broadly, my eyes darted to the wooden bench not too far away where Joey was slowly walking towards, hands in pockets and head slumped. Billie turned around to see what I was focusing on and he began to walk towards his son. I plopped Frankito down who ran over to his father who was currently playing ninja's with Jake.

I grabbed Billie's arm.
"I'll go if you want," I whispered to him.
He turned to me, "Thanks Erin... It's better if I stay here with Jake."
I smiled at him then began to make my way over to Joey.

"Hey," I exhaled, sitting down next to him on the bench, wondering what on earth I was going to say.
"Hey," Joey grumbled back, his arms folded.
"You okay?" I asked.
"I don't want to talk about it." He snapped leaning back on the bench.
"Okay." I said patiently.
We sat there in silence for a while before he shifted uncomfortably and moved forward.
"Sorry Erin," he whispered, "I shouldn't have snapped."
My heart melted at him, he was just like his father.
"That's okay Joe, its shit for you right now." My hand clapped to my mouth, "Sorry I shouldn't have sworn."
He giggled, "Erin I'm old enough to know about that."
I giggled then at my stupidity.
"I don't want you're parents to think that I'm a bad influence." I sighed also leaning back.
"My dad doesn't care about silly things like that... Grand mom has told me how much of a rebel he was... my mom doesn't care full stop."
I looked at him as his head hung down.
"That's silly Joe, she loves you."
"If she loved me and Jake she'd be with my dad and I wouldn't have to live with Aunt Lisa."
I withheld a giggle, "What's wrong with Aunt Lisa?"
"Everything." He sighed, "She smells like warm milk and she can't cook and I have to share a room with Mr. Snore there" he nodded towards Jake "... and she has this cat that I swear is evil and... "
"I get the point." I chuckled, "Life with Lisa sucks."
"It's shit." He smiled at me with sad eyes.
"I'd rather live with you and my dad."
"What?" I questioned taken aback at his choice of words.
"Well..." he began, lucking very uneasy that he'd said anything.
"I mean... you're my dad's girlfriend right?"
"No Joe," I shook my head.
"No, because my mum has a new boyfriend, who is horrible by the way, and well, you must be my dad's... "
"No Joe," I cut him off, doubt running in my mind, "I'm not your dad's girlfriend, your dad and I just... get on very well."
I felt awful, but I didn't know what to tell the kid, hey Joe me and your dad are fuck buddies?

"Oh" he smiled at me like he didn't believe it.

"Well Erin, to be honest if my mum and dad split up, which they probably will..."
"You don't know that Joe," I said, my own words stabbing me in the heart.
"...I'd be very happy if you were my new step mom" he grinned at me.
I sat there in shock as he hugged me, "Thanks Erin."

He chuckled before running off to join the ninja game that was happening not too far away.

I sat there in deep thought, Joe's conversation had really jolted a nerve that had been bugging me silently for a while but I was just too happy to listen to the little voice at the back of my head. What was mine and Billie's relationship? Was it ever going to go anywhere? I suddenly realised how our relationship must look to the outside world beyond this little bubble that me and Billie were currently living in. I was the housekeeper that he seduced, the bit of stuff he busied himself with while he waited for his wife to return to him. I began to hate myself for falling for this man so quickly. He must have had so many women on the side being the rock star that he was; damn there was a gang of teenage girls sitting on a hill slobbering over him and Tre right now.

I felt stupid, stupid that I had been so caught up in him and been so naïve to think he felt the same, so stupid that a conversation with his kid had brought this out of me.

It struck me that I'd never asked him why Adi had cheated in the first place. What had he done for her to stray from their marriage? I mentally snorted at the word 'marriage' what marriage? He was touring for half the years they were together and she was left to raise the kids by herself. I felt sympathy for her for the first time and now that she had a new boyfriend it seemed that she thought the marriage was defiantly over.

"Excuse me dear..." An elderly woman had sat down next to me with a suspicious looking terrier around her heels.
"I must say that you have a very beautiful family..."
"They are not my family" I sighed but she didn't seem to listen.
"Oh look hunny, here comes you're husband, I'll be off now...bye dear." The woman heaved herself up and left taking her old wrinkled face and demonic terrier with her. It hit me that she must have been sat there all this time I had been searching through my mind and I failed to even notice her.

"Who's you're new girlfriend?" Billie smiled plopping down next to me on the bench and looking down the path at the old woman wobbling away.

I sighed, "Who knows?"
I looked up to see the fan club of teenage girls snarling me.
"You've attracted some suitors of your own Billie." I said rather icily at him as he cackled at the kids sitting on the hill.

"Yeah, teenies, they are deadly you know." He grinned, waiting for me to giggle at his pathetic joke. The smile wiped from his face and I could feel him staring at my profile, I turned my head as he asked me.

"What's wrong? No laughter from Erin at my jokes? There must be something up? Has Joe said something?"

He asked moving his gaze to his elder son.
"No Billie, it was kind of a pathetic joke though," I smiled
A small smile erupted on his lips and he nudged me playfully, "Hey shut it...but come on, what's wrong."

"I've been thinking..."
"That's never good..."
"No really," I sighed, "I mean, Joe thought that I was you're girlfriend, he said that, and I was thinking, what we class ourselves as? Fuck Buddies? Am I just the bit on the side while you wait for Adi to come back?"

Billie sighed, leaning against the bench and running his fingers through his hair.
"I... I knew you where going to ask me this. And, I know that because of my job you're probably thinking I'm old hack at relationships... but... " he sighed again smiling slightly. "I'm not, yeah, I've been stupid in the past, and I've had stupid one night stands as much as any other fucker. But, it has just been Adi...until," He talked through my attempted interruption, it seemed like he had been wanting to get this off his chest too. "Until...I walked into the kitchen one morning and a beautiful, sweet and caring witty girl completely knocked me off my feet."
I shook my head, "You complete cheese."

He smiled sweetly at me and blinked his eyelashes. "You know you love don't understand how much of a mess I was until you came into my life." He stopped and took up my hands, "'s been about what? Two months or so...I class you as my girlfriend Erin, that is, if you want to be..."
I smiled at him harshly.
"You're still married..."
"I know it's something I have to sort..."
" technically, I'm you're mistress."

I huge grin erupted on his face and his eyes shone brightly, the tired lines around his face seemed to lift.

"I like that; we should use that definition more in the bedroom," I giggled as he leaned in softly and gave me a sweet kiss. My mind collapsed, the questions I still had floated away, he had intoxicated me again.