The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

Parental sexual connotations

"Yes G ,I'm doing fine, no really, yeah yeah so's Adele. I dunno whether I'm gonna come and see you. Because it's hard to get the time off. Well yeah, no, it's just... "

"Who is it?" Adele asked looking over the top of her laptop.

"My mother," I sigh before resuming my conversation.

Adele giggled, Georgina, Erin's mother was always the fuss pot, and she hated it when Erin called her G and her father P. She worried heavily, that her daughter hadn't settled down with a family yet and that she was living miles away in quote, 'gun ridden America.'

"So what did she say?" Adele asked stifling a laugh.

"They are coming over, G and P, staying in a nearby hotel for a few days."

"Oooh, nice," Adele cackled.

"Shut it. It's stupid and I know that they are gonna go on about what happened to Will and all that crap."

Adele didn't look up from her laptop but snorted. "Why are you thinking about Will? Invite Billie over, he is your boyfriend."

I cringed. "I can't do that, I mean one, he would freak especially at G, you know what she's like, two he isn't divorced yet and three... "

"You'd rather have hot sex in the shower again with him."

I slapped her around the head. "This is serious... what are you looking at? You've been on there for hours."

"Slash," Adele calmly stated.

"What?" I asked confused, "The guitar player from Guns and Roses?"

"No. Slash, gay porn stories."

"What? Why? Where? About who?" I was shocked and mildly amused.

"Well, why, because fuckin' Tom from the bar down the road, is a nobhead who said surfers where good in bed?"

I laughed loudly at her sharp tone.

"No Erin, that's fine, you laugh it up, just because you're getting hot beefy sex from your gorgeous rock star boyfriend, but I'm having the last laugh."

"What?" I asked, wiping a tear away from my eye.

"Well, who do you think the slash stories are about?"

"What?!" I yelled again, shoving her legs out of the way and glancing at the screen.

"Coming Clean, the Green Day slash net...Adele! What the hell?" She giggled handing me the laptop.

"Wait till I tell him..." I breathed, my eyes scanning the letters on the screen.

Tré laughed so loud I thought he would burst.

"Oh, Erin they've been around for years!"

I looked at Billie who was also chuckling as he sipped his beer.

"Oh God," Tré wiped a tear from his eye,

"Don't let her go Bill, oh man, she's great."

I had an evil grin on my face after mentioning the Slash stories.

"Tré always reads the smutty ones," Billie giggled lighting a cigarette.

My beer spurted everywhere from inside my mouth; I started laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

"Goddamn," I shook my head in disbelief.

Mike appeared from behind me and sat down opposite Billie. "Those stories are great," He chuckled sipping from his Miller High Life.

"Are they based on truth?" I asked my eyebrow arching.

"Would you want them to be?" Tré asked a sneaky grin crawling onto his lips.

"I don't know you guys find each other attractive?" I asked grinning back, Billie watched me with amusement on his face.

"Do you think it's hot if we do?" I blinked at him, sitting up form the sun lounge I was resting on.

"Is that a yes?" I laughed.

I looked at all three of them, amusement clearly shining in their faces. They weren't laughing. I got a little heated at the pressure they had put me under.

"Stop winding me up!" I snapped and they started cackling loudly.

"Nah, Erin, I always thought Tré was hot though," Billie chuckled, "And I wouldn't say no to Mike either."

"Wow," Was all I could muster as a reply as I laughed, "Wait till I tell Adele."

The three of them burst out laughing with me. It had been a wonderful day of the four of us lounging around in the baking sun, in Billie's backyard. I felt quite privileged as they shared things with me that it seemed only the three of them told very close friends.

"Hey ask Erin if she wants to come to New York," Mike tapped Billie lightly on the arm.

"Oh yeah," the singer sat up ruffling his hair, "We're going to New York for a couple of days next week for a couple of meetings, it would be great if you came."

I felt disappointment flush through me, "I can't... "

"Why?" He asked, also looking deeply disappointed.

"Well, because I should be here doing my job which is cleaning your house and my parents are flying over to see me."

"Okay one, Billie's house is always spotless now and two screw your parents" Tré stated dryly placing his empty beer bottle down.

"She can't screw her parents Tré, I think that's illegal," Mike chuckled.

"Ew, Mike, anyway I can't just blow them off I haven't seen them in ages," I huffed snipping my beer.

"She can't just blow them off..." Mike began.

"Enough with the parental sexual connotations," I snapped as the three of them chuckled.

"Anyway I best get back home; it was nice hanging with you guys," I grinned standing up and heading for the door.

"See you soon okay?" I yelled as Billie followed me to the backdoor.

"Bye Erin!" Mike and Tre chorused as I headed for the front door followed by Billie.

"Bye," I whispered after putting my coat on.

"Bye Erin," he whispered back stroking my cheek softly.

"I'll try and sort this out, I really want you to come to New York," He sighed, his thumb running around to the back of my neck bringing me closer to his face.

"Don't worry about it Billie, have fun with the guys," I smiled bringing my own hand up to his shoulders.

"I can't if you're not there sampling the delights of a Hilton hotel bed with me."
I giggled as his tone became more gravely, "I want to test the sturdiness of those things."

I laughed softly in my throat, "Well, from what I've just heard you always have Tré and Mike to keep you company."

Billie smiled, "Did you get freaked out?"

I smiled evilly at him, "I think it's kind of hot. But despite the sex stories you can thrill me with from your trip, I will miss you."

His smile faded and his eyebrows dropped, "I'll miss you too. I'm gonna try and sort it so you can come."

He kissed me on the lips quickly, "Bye sweetie."