The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

Brittany and impressing the rent's

As our floor appeared beyond the sliding doors we raced across the corridor to our room. Billie battled with his pockets trying to find the key as I giggled childishly, unable to keep my hands off him as he panted in a rushing to get us both into the room as soon as possible.

The door burst open and Billie pushed me against the wall of our room furiously kissing me and wrapping my legs around his torso.


The voice wafted through the room and Billie and I froze, looking at each other in mild panic at the voice. I dropped my legs from Billie's body and we both stood up, straightening our appearance out and smoothing down various creases, both visibly annoyed and disappointed that we had to stop.


Walking cautiously around the corner the scene came into view, Mike, Adele and Tre lounging on our bed. Chips and beer lay everywhere and Team America was playing on the TV with Tre singing loudly.
We both sighed,

"BILLIE! ERIN!" Adele yelled hugging us both, clearly plastered out of her mind.

"HEY GUYS!" Tre yelled raising his beer at us.

Billie coughed. "Why are you in our room?" he asked sitting on the edge of the bed flicking a chip form the duvet cover.

"Well, Adele's room is a single and Brittany's gone for a lie down in Mike's room so we came here," Tre stated stuffing a handful of chips into his mouth.

"What's wrong with your room Tre?" I asked sitting next to Adele.

"Bad lighting." He cackled, "DICKS FUCK ASSHOLES," he yelled as Mike chuckled, also clearly drunk and amused at the dancing puppets on the screen.

"How did it go?" he asked Billie a smile on his lips.

"Okay," Billie grinned.

"Shit," I stated kicking off my shoes.

"G went all snobby Adele," I sighed.

"Ouch. And you survived Armstrong? You're strong for a little guy," she cackled.

Billie frowned at her, more amused than angry. "Where has this sudden burst of confidence come form Adele? You were wobbling at my presence a few weeks back."

"Tequila," she shot back grinning.

"Where did you guys go?" I asked.

"Everywhere," Tre snapped, "we went to some bars, then went and said a punk prayer outside CBGBs, 'cause ya' know it's shut now. Then came back here, started watching Team America and ordered some room service."

Billie frowned. "You're paying for this shit," he spat moving an empty beer bottle from the bed and pulling the tie from around his neck.

"Was Britt okay with you three?" I asked annoyed at the crumbs forming around Tre.

"Yeah I think so; she's just a bit tired," Mike sighed scratching his head.

"I think I'll go and check up on her," I grinned, "I'll be back in a minute."

"Okay." Billie smiled at me.

I walked to the door and I heard, "DAMN TRE, FOR FUCKS SAKE I GOTTA SLEEP HERE TONIGHT MIND THE FUCKING BEER!" I chuckled as I let it off the latch and walked three doors down to Mike's room. I knocked carefully and the door swung open slightly. I heard Brittany's voice float through the opening in the door.

"...Yeah Adrienne, they are together now and everything. I know, I know. Well, no, he met her parents tonight; he fucking flew them out here and everything."
I froze at her words; they shot through me like a bullet I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Then I remembered what Brittany had told me in Jason's basement when she thought me and Billie were together, "it's just I really like Adrienne".
I inhaled quietly, desperate to hear more. "Well, I dunno where they are now but Mike, Tre and her friend Adele are in their room. I know, no, her friend is mad but kind of sweet. Yeah. Well I thought that, to be honest, I think that he would have gone for any girl that walked through that door for the cleaning job. Yeah, he just got lucky that she was actually pretty. Yeah, well, I'll talk to you when I get back. Okay, yeah, bye, bye."

I froze then knocked loudly, my aggression being taken out on the door.

"Come in, it's open."

"Hey Britt," I smiled at her falsely mentally wanting to run back to my room, grab my stiletto shoe and jam it into her scalp.

"Hey Erin, did you and Billie have fun?" she asked, sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Yeah thanks, I was just checking that you were okay after spending a night with those three," I chuckled, wanting her to slip and fall out of the open window behind her.

She giggled, "Yeah, I think I'm just gonna go to bed, they have worn me out a bit."

"I bet," I grinned harshly, "night then Brittany."

"Night Erin," she replied as I left the room.

I still couldn't quite believe what I'd heard; I walked slowly back to the other room. I could hear them singing along to Team America from here. I sighed and leaned against the corridor wall. My mind was clicking away again. There were still things that I needed to ask Billie but I was scared because I didn't want to ruin this, what we had. Pressures to our relationship only seemed to appear on the outside, my parents, Adi and everything else. I was worried; it seemed he treated me like a rock and if I started asking questions...I didn't want to think about how he would react.

I wondered about what Britt said, if I hadn't of been given that job I wouldn't have met him, or would I? Would we have met in a different circumstance? I sighed and came to the conclusion that I should be happy now, forget my mother, forget Brittany, forget Adi and just enjoy my time now.

Pushing open the bedroom door I nearly died at the sight ahead of me.

"What the hell?" I screeched, laughter making every muscle in my body ache.
Billie and Tre were dancing around, pants removed and boxers fully on view.

"They... they are having...a walk off," Adele stuttered rolling a round laughing on the floor, her eyes showing signs of complete ecstatic enjoyment.

"A what?" I asked cautiously moving closer to the bed.

"From Zoolander." Mike nodded at the TV screen where Ben Stiller was pouting, the bassist also in fits of laughter.

"Orange Mocha Frappucino, Erin darlin'," Tre giggled waggling his hips.
I burst out laughing as Billie grabbed my hand and started dancing with me to a song playing on the movie.

"I'm not getting naked," I spluttered.

Billie laughed and spun me around before we both lost our balance and collapsed on the huge bed giggling.

All five of us lay facing each other on the mattress; a bottle of whisky was being passed around the circle. It was four o'clock and we had come to the drunken stage of spilling all our personal information.

"So..." Tre giggled, "you and Billie christened this bed yet?"

"That's not a truth question!" I protested.

"Just answer it Erin you moaner," Adele sighed slapping my leg.

"Ow! Okay, okay." I looked at Billie Joe who was biting his lip, his eyes shining naughtily at me.

"We...yeah we have."

I sighed as Mike slapped his leg in amusement, "Already?"

Billie grinned widely, "What can I say?" he chuckled as I smacked him playfully everyone burst out laughing.

"Okay Adele your turn." I poked her.

"Truth," she snapped handing the whisky bottle to Tre.

"Okay," I began, "who do you fantasise about when you're having sex?"

"I'm not telling you that!" she yelled going red.

"No you got to Adele that's the rules," Mike chuckled.

"Okay, okay," she blushed furiously, they looked down at the duvet cover that was rather sticky with beer and coated in a layer of Doritos. "Well, I once got off to Johnny Depp and you guys stuck in an elevator," she giggled, blushing bright red as we all started laughing.

"Johnny Depp? He's way out of our league," Mike joked passing the whisky bottle to Billie.

"I don't know man I'm a charmer, he'd like me," Tre contemplated looking at the ceiling.

"Yeah right," Billie snapped, "you pull Johnny Depp? Depp is god, he's well out of your league, he's on another planet compared to you Cool," Billie chuckled.

"Next award show I'm trying it on and I'm going to prove to you that I can pull him."

Everyone chuckled. "It's on Tre," Billie laughed.

Tre giggled.

"Your question next!" Adele yelled at the singer who shifted slightly on his legs.

"Okay, okay... truth." He smirked.

"Did you in all honesty, only fly us all out to New York to impress Erin's parents?"
I frowned at Adele for asking the question, but secretly I was rather intrigued myself. Billie looked uneasy and hissed through his teeth.

"In all honesty..." he began as Mike and Tre grinned at him with a look that said, 'digging a hole.' "...I would have flown the whole of England out here to be sitting next to Erin right now."

Mike and Tre burst out laughing as Adele sighed and whispered, "aww sweet," into the crook of her arm.

I nudged Billie harshly, "You are one big cheesy cheese." I grinned as he wrapped his arms around me and laughed.