The Stale Taste of Recycled Air


"Oh my fucking God look at the size of that fucking Seagull," Adele cried pointing to the bird that had just landed on a railing behind us.
I sighed sharply, "Adele, we are standing here with the most amazing view of New York from one of America's most recognised monuments... "
"Yeah, but that is the biggest seagull I have ever seen, seriously," she gasped still staring nervously at it. The wind picked up from the great height at which we where standing. The statue of Liberty was the final destination of NY tours, a tourist organisation that showed visitors around the famous sites of New York on a big bus thing. Billie had booked me, Adele and my parents on it for the day to keep us occupied while he went to do some interviews.

I sighed to myself, wrapping my scarf tighter around my neck, I was grateful for him thinking about us but I would have preferred to trudge around Macy's after G than brave this weather...

"Are you serious Billie?"
"What? I thought you wanted to see New York?"
He smiled at me.
"Yeah, see New York but not with my parents, a hung-over Adele and an over-happy tour guide who is probably on crack."
Billie cackled, "It's only for a few hours, come on I booked it and everything."
He smiled kissing my nose.
"Question..." I grinned at him, combing my fingers through his hair.
"Would you ever go on one of these things in this rancorously crap weather?"
"Hell no," he giggled.
"Then why in all that is Holy would you put me through this?"
He laughed softly before running a finger across my cheek.
"It was Tre's idea."
"You listened to his suggestions? Christ," I chuckled taking a hold of his hand from my face.
"Well, the wine he picked worked wonders when you came and stayed... " he trailed off kissing my neck.
I sighed at the feeling of his lips against my skin.
"Well just be ready for a frozen and severely pissed off girlfriend when I get back."
He chuckled before hooking the hem of my panties with his thumb...

"Hey Erin!" I turned to see Adele following the rest of the group to the exit door. I had been a major arse all day because I knew that Billie had stuck me on this tour as some hilarious joke with Tre. I stopped behind my parents who had made friends with a Greek couple on the tour and after finding out they lived two hours from each other back in Greece they had been inseparable since. A gust of wind shot through me again and I shivered. Damn Billie Joe and his cute face, if only I could resist him, I could have been sitting in the bar with a double Jack Daniels right now.
"Erin," Adele prodded me in the back.
"What?" I snapped rather harshly, "Another fucking pigeon?"
"It was a seagull and no... I was wondering what we are doing tonight before we leave tomorrow?"
"To be honest Adele, I don't care as long as we are in a place that's warm and plentiful in alcohol."
She sighed at the prospect before shivering, "Eurgh, no Tequila though."
I laughed as we escaped through the door and down the steps to warmth.

Arriving into that hotel lobby made me want to jump for joy, if only I had the energy. I headed towards the elevator fully ready to take a long hot bath and sleep.
"Erin!" My shoulders slumped, wishing Adele would restrain herself from pointing out various birds now to piss me off.
"WHAT?" I yelled slightly causing a few people walking past to turn around.
"Isn't that Billie and Brittany talking in the bar?"

My head snapped up. Adele grabbed my arm and we sneaked over to frosted glass wall that separated the bar from the lobby. G and P shook their heads disapprovingly and gestured that they were going up stairs. I strained my neck trying to hear what they were saying. I realised that me listening into people's conversations was getting a habit.
"Erin? Adele?"
We both looked up to see Tre standing over us with a smile on his face. We stood upright and shifted from one foot to another awkwardly.
"Er... hey Tre," I sniffled. "Had a good day?" I asked trying to shift the topic of conversation away from me and Adele stuck to the side of the frosted glass.
"Yeah, it was quite funny. Have you?" he giggled taking in our wet clothes and sniffing noses.
I gave him a look that screamed, 'Do I look like I did'
Tre chuckled.
"So, am I going to get an explanation why you two where stuck to the wall?"

I cringed like a kid being caught with my hand in the cookie jar, "I... I... " Tre's eyes floated across the glass wall, he looked back at me his grin slowly fading from his face.
"Ah," he smacked his lips together and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Britt, aka Adi's little spy," he sighed scratching his chin.
"What?" Adele asked utterly confused.
"Why did you think I was trying to listen to their conversation Adele?" I asked rather frustrated with her doziness.
"I thought we were gonna surprise them," I sighed as Tre giggled.
"Nice Adele... " he turned to me, "Come on, we need to talk."
He grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the elevator followed by Adele.

He didn't say a word till we reached his room and he collapsed on the bed.
"We don't really that was just a ploy to get you and Adele in my bed."
"Smooth Tre, but really... " I began sitting down and taking off my jacket.
His eyes went wide and he shifted up the bed so Adele could sit down.
"I'm shit at this I don't know where to start... " he sighed.
"Well, okay I'll tell you what I heard last night," I began telling them of Brittany's phone conversation.

Adele and Tre sat with their mouths open in shock.
"Fuckin' bitch," Adele finally gasped after a few seconds of silence.
"Nah," Tre wafted his hand dramatically, "They have always been close, I dunno they just clicked when they met. My advice Erin is to stay out of it all, play dumb."
"It's driving me insane Tre it's like does he... " I broke off, did I really want to say my thoughts out loud? For Billie's best friend to hear?

Tre cocked his head at me and grinned like he knew what I was going to say.
He glanced left and looked at the clock.
"Woah! Hey! We got dinner booked for 7 we best get ready here people."
Scrambling up Tre walked us to his door; Adele took his hint and walked away to her room smiling compassionately at me.
"Erin" he spoke softly to me, a small smile appearing on his face.
"Erin darlin' he does love you hunny. We all do, I especially do, you knew it was gonna scramble your brains getting involved with him now. But the question is can you handle the heat?"
I giggled at him being so sweet. "Thanks Tre, you are great."
"I know." He puffed out his chest, "I'm always here for you too." He grinned bringing me in for a hug. I was paralysed with shock at first before I giggled at how sweet he was and gave in.
"Thanks Tre, really."
I smiled looking at his shiny blue eyes.

I turned to see Billie trotting towards us.
"Yo Tre why is my girlfriend leaving your room?"
"Your not enough apparently," he cackled as Billie pretend to be shocked.
"Is this true Erin?"
I giggled, "I dunno Billie, Tre's got this thing... "
"The Bullwinkle," the drummer cut in holding back the laughter.
Billie grinned and brought his arm around me,
"The Bullwinkle huh? Well Tre come round later on tonight and teach me it, I'm sure Erin AND Adele would appreciate the show."
I laughed hard as me and Billie waved bye to Tre and left for our own room.
"So... " Billie began, shutting the door.
"Enjoy your day?"
"Don't start," I snapped taking off my scarf and sitting on the bed.
"My clothes are ringing wet and I think I have a cold thanks to you."
"I'm gonna take good care of you tonight," he winked taking his shirt off.
"You could have taken care of me this morning by not making me go. Oh, by the way, where are we eating?" I asked untying my converse.
"Did Tre let the dinner thing slip? Goddam I'll kill him."
I giggled and sniffed harshly trying to remove my socks.
"Here, relax." He grinned removing the black cotton from around my feet; I stared at his shirtless torso, getting more excited at the look in his eyes.
"I think we need to remove all these wet clothes," Billie grinned crouching over me on the bed, his hands sliding up my wet jeans to the zip.

I moaned as I felt his warm breathe hover across my face, his lips barely inches away from mine.
He leaned down like he would kiss me, but pulled away quickly from my aching and gasping mouth an evil grin on his lips.
"Oh you tease," I panted grabbing his belt and pulling him down on top of me.