The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

The Coffee car fiasco

"SQUEE OH MY GOD!" Adele cried at me from behind the bar of the restaurant, "really?"
I nodded, having had to sign confidentiality forms at Billie's lawyer's office this afternoon I had officially become a member of the Armstrong team
Adele grinned, "Hey can I meet the guys?" she asked her cheeks flushing as I stirred my coke and jack,
I shook my head, "Sorry del, I haven't even met them yet, just Jakob, Joey and... "
"The god of fuck." Adele giggled pouring a guy a pint,
I giggled, "I thought that was Marilyn Manson?" I asked,
"Oh you know him but you don't know the ledged that is Green Day?" she teased turning from the cash register
"My grandmother knows Marilyn Manson" I sighed stirring my drink.
"I told you you'd like Billie Joe, even straight men do" she sniggered at me leaning on the bar
"He's just... I don't know I don't know whether I like him as I don't know him, but from what I've seen I'm very attracted to him."
Adele cocked her eyebrow,
"Whatever you wanna fuck him. Anyway that will be good for you, you haven't had action in a while."
I frowned, "hey shut up... "
"Ever since you and that retard that was Will split up you haven't had any... "
"Seriously shut it." I snapped and she leaned off the bar, defence hands high in the air.
"Okay, okay, I'm only saying."
I snorted, "Hmm, I better get to bed, I'm on kiddie run duty tomorrow."
Adele snorted this time, "You and kids, I'd like to see that."

The school run wasn't so bad, I got to drive Billie's amazing BMW, despite him only knowing me for a day and the boys where half dead in the back anyway from getting up so early. They got out of the car at the school gates,
"Erin." Jakob asked running back into the car,
"Yeah little dude?"
"Er... will... will you see if Daddy can pick us up?
I clamped my mouth shut at his request
"I'll ask him Jake, he might be a bit busy."
"Oh okay." He said hanging his head,
"Hey come on now dude."
He looked up at me and jumped, his small hands clinging around my neck, "Thank you Erin."
I practically melted from how sweet this little guy was, I was so gob smacked I never said a word as he quickly left me in the car alone.
On arriving back to Billie's I noticed the two other cars in the drive, I got a little scared, I take it this means I'll be meeting the infamous Green Day then.
I parked the car and slowly walked up to the house and let myself in.

I heard ramblings inside the kitchen and I slowly walked in to see two men sitting on the kitchen stools. One was tall and had jeans and a red t-shirt on, the other was smaller and had checked pants on with a black t-shirt. They were talking over some drinks but stopped and turned to look at me when I walked in.
I grew very nervous and smiled politely at them as I approached,
"Hey" I grinned
"Who are you?" the smaller one asked rather impolitely,
The taller one nudged him,
"Tre." He frowned before turning back to me, ah! Tre Cool I mentally giggled at the thought.
"I'm Erin," I answered politely, "The new house keeper."
"Hey, I'm Mike" the taller guy stood up and smiled; he had a warm face, the small wrinkles around his eyes showing a true sort of kindness.
"Hi" I smiled back shaking his hand. Suddenly Tre had risen and pushed Mike out of the way,
"I'm Tre, Tre Cool" he winked at me whilst taking my hand and shaking it furiously,
"Hey." I answered mid shake. Feeling a bit queasy from being shook so violently by my arm.
They sat back down, Tre having a permanent grin fixated below his nose, I was feeling a bit uneasy about this. I began to go about the daily kitchen cleaning routine of doing the washing and stocking and unloading the dishwasher,
"So, what's Billie like to work for?" Tre asked me whilst munching on some toast,
"Well good so far as I've just dropped Joey and Jakob off in his BMW that was pretty exciting."
Tre's mouth dropped, "He let you drive that?"
I nodded, amused at his outrage,
"I've been his friend for 16 years and he won't even let me touch it."
"For good reason" Mike smiled over his coffee mug. I chuckled, I immediately warmed to Mike, he just gave off the 'decent guy' vibe.
Tre slapped the table, "I'm outraged"
I giggled as I started to iron some of the Armstrong men's clothes,
"Have you found that secret room upstairs yet Erin?" Tre asked me, sipping form his coffee with an evil glint in his eye,
"What?" I asked shooting him a confused look,
"Billie Joe's secret room... ever wondered why Hazel left?"
Mike sighed and picked up the paper across the table and began to read,
I didn't answer, but continued to look at Tre growing slightly worried,
"Yeah Hazel found Billie Joe's sex room, ya' see darling, he's a bit of a fetish freak."
I burst out laughing as Mike rolled his eyes at Tre who had leaned right across the table towards me, delighted in shocking me.
"Tre why are you frightening the poor girl?"
A voice erupted from behind me and I shivered slightly as Billie Joe came into view,
Dressed in black tight jeans and a green t-shirt,
"Because... " Tre grinned, "I'm trying to scare her so her hot ass can come work for me instead of you."
I felt myself going slightly pink and smiling into my ironing,
"Tre... " Billie began walking in front of me and the drummer,
"one, your house is the shittest, smelliest piece of crap going, two, you scare all your house keepers away with your weird ass habits... "
"Name one" Tre shot in,
"Okay, how about the fact you asked the last one to wash all your clothes in hot sauce?"
"WHAT?" I shrieked, unable to control my laughter,
Tre shrugged at me as if it were a simple request,
"... And plus... " Billie continued, "I'm not letting Erin go, she's a goodun'" he smiled at me and I felt myself burning up, god he was so hot.
"Anyway," Billie continued, "Lets go and do some work... "
Tre immediately bounded out of the kitchen and downstairs to the basement where Billie's home studio was kept. Mike smiled at me and left with a "see ya later"
Billie turned to me when the others left,
"Thanks for dropping the boys off"
"No, it's fine."
He grinned at me as his fingers picked at the corner of his jeans,
"If you need anything I'll be in the basement"
"Thanks Billie, oh and thanks for letting me drive your car"
"Your welcome" he laughed, hand now reaching up to brush through his hair, "Did you tell Tre?"
"Yeah" I nodded
"We'll never hear the end of that now" He chuckled turning to leave.
I smiled at him and watched him walk out the room; I couldn't help myself, what was wrong with me? I had only known this guy for two days and yet I wanted him so badly.

Later on in the day you could mostly hear the odd crash coming from the basement, despite the sound proof padding Tre's bashing of the drums could still be heard. I had just finished cleaning the umpteen rooms upstairs and was thoroughly exhausted. I walked into the kitchen for a drink and to put the cleaning things back in the cupboard. I heard Billie shouting my name in the corridor and my heart jumped slightly as followed his voice. I saw the three of them waiting at the door, looking slightly tired but happy at their results.
"Where going for some lunch if you wanna come with?" Tre asked me
"Er... yeah okay, let me just get my purse and... "
"Screw that Mike's buying" Tre yelled, I giggled but looked at Mike for consent,
"Yeah, it's fine come on," he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door,
"Are you sure?" I stammered, feeling rather unsure about the whole thing,
"Yeah come on!" He laughed pushing me towards the car.
I felt an arm land on my shoulder and I turned to see Billie's face smiling next to mine,
"Word of warning... " He grinned, "Tre Cool is the most dangerous driver you have ever seen."
I giggled, feeling very comfortable with him being so close to me.
"PILE IN THEN!" Tre yelled from the drivers seat,
"How bad is bad?" I asked Billie as I swept across the backseat next to Mike,
"Think Alan Schumacher on speed." He raised and eyebrow and I buckled up and prayed for my life.

Billie wasn't kidding, I've never known tyres to screech in such a manner as we thundered to the wherever we were eating. I turned to Mike at one point and he had his eyes shut. I went rather numb in the car; all I could hear was Tre laughing hysterically and Billie yelling, "Red Light! Red Light!" like a manic trying desperately to grab the wheel from his friend.
Having stopped outside the coffee shop and narrowly missing a lamppost, we scrambled out the car. My legs felt like jelly at the shock of realising I was still alive,
"Do you have a license?" I asked Tre who was still laughing,
"Yeah" he answered through chuckles,
"Why do we let him drive?" Mike asked dumbfounded as we entered the coffee shop,
"I was wondering the same thing" I sighed as Tre went and sat down at a far table. I sat down next to Mike opposite Billie and Tre. Tre was so hyperactive; he was like a kid he just couldn't sit still as we waited for the waitress.
"Your not driving back" Billie stated to him
"What?" Tre asked, mouth dropping,
"Look how white Erin is. I don't think she could take it," I went red as Billie Joe looked at me with a deep concern, was he worried about me?
"Nah look she's red now, it's all good, its only coz it was her first ride with me. Once you've ridden Tre no one matches him hunny."
I burst out laughing,
"You missed out the 'with' Tre" Mike stated, clearly amused, "Ridden with Tre, not ridden Tre."
Billie let out a brilliant popping laugh that made me chuckle too,
"No Mike, I meant to say that." Tre grinned over his menu, Mike just rolled his eyes and continued think over his order.
Once we had ordered, Tre began emptying the sugar packets that where kept in a small dish in the middle of the table. I looked at Billie, who was watching him intently; Mike seemed passive at the whole thing like it was normal behaviour. Billie Joe looked up at me staring at him and smiled. His green eyes showing amusement at his friend,
"What is he doing?" I asked the singer,
"Snow." Tre snapped like a five year old, "I'm making my own little ski resort."
Billie laughed and looked at me, the friendly lines around his eyes making my heart melt.
"So, Erin." Mike turned to me, intent on making adult conversation,
"Do you study as well as your job?"
"Yeah, I'm studying European literature but we've finished for the year now."
"Wow, do you like it?" He asked, looking genuinely interested,
"Love it" I smiled, "I'm a geek at heart."
Mike grinned and was about to say something when Billie's phone skidded across the table as it rang.
"Sorry, he looked at me and Mike then answered it,
"Hello? Oh hey Adrienne." He looked at the rest of us with a certain look in his eyes, I couldn't make out whether it was fear or relief.
"Excuse me." He whispered shifting Tre and leaving us to go outside.
"Is he okay?" I asked Tre and Mike, who had gone very silent,
"Yeah, we just try not to mention it." Mike sighed flopping his arms on his lap,
"Its just hard on him, they don't trust each other and... "
"You met her yet?" Tre interrupted, I shook my head,
"She can be a bit odd, sometimes she's super happy and then... " He didn't finish, but the sentence explained itself,
"It's a shame, because they did love each other at one point" Mike sighed again.
My heart went out to Billie; he had been doing such a good job of covering his true emotions that I forgot he and his wife had separated.
"So are you guys married?" I asked as our dinks came to the table,
"Why you interested?" Tre smirked as the waitress looked at the sugar ski resort with a twitching mouth.
"I was making conversation" I answered Tre smiling slightly,
"Twice divorced, two kids, Ramona and Frankito." He said flatly sipping his corona,
I nodded, slightly shocked,
"I'm divorced, with a daughter" Mike smiled at me putting his beer down on the table,
"What about you?" Tre asked, "Let me guess, four times divorced, nine kids?"
I started laughing and shook my head. Billie appeared at the table and Tre moved up for him to sit down opposite Mike. He looked so down, his usual light aura seemed to have left him in a five-minute phone call, slouching in his seat he reached across the table for his beer and glugged at it miserably.
"You okay Bill?" Mike asked quietly,
Billie shrugged, "Yeah, she was asking if the new housekeeper had come and stuff and if the boys were okay, she said she may come down later."
"And?" Tre coughed, pressing him further,
"... And, when I asked her if she was staying she said that it wouldn't be a good idea, so yeah."
I sat there awkwardly, having only met these guys an hour or so ago and only knowing Billie for two days I felt out of place.
Billie looked up at me and a small smile crept across his face,
"You okay Erin?" he whispered,
I looked at him, the urge to get up and hold him tightly growing in the pit of my stomach,
"I'm fine Billie, are you?"
He shrugged and looked back down at the sugar ski resort.
Luckily the waitress arrived with our food to resurrect the mood that was lost by a simple phone call.
Mostly the guys told me tales of touring and other various events where they nearly had gotten arrested or even killed.
I've never been made so comfortable by three new people before, it felt like I had known them a lot longer. Billie Joe in particular, had this effect on me that I didn't think anyone would. Could I possibly developing a crush for my new boss?