The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

Love in an elevator

It was Saturday and I arrived at the Armstrong house to find only Phil the security guard and Joey and Jakob messing around on the X box.
"Hey" I sighed flopping down on the couch next to Phil.
"Morning Erin, you good," Phil grinned rubbing his fat chin.
"Yeah, where's Billie?"
"Gone out with Tre I think." Phil frowned, "Well if you're here I can go back to my paid job," he snorted heading out, I followed him into the hall.
"Yeah I know you no babysitter but he's busy though isn't he?"
"Its like the X box has more contact with his kids then him," he shrugged.
"They need to get out that living room," I agreed.
"We can't take them anywhere though," Phil sighed. I glanced out of the window to see Billie's BMW caked with mud and dirt.
"I think I have an idea to occupy... " I grinned.
Phil went back to his shed as I did my daily chores before venturing into the garage. I dug out some old car washing things then found two huge water guns, grinning I tucked them under my arms and headed back into the house.
"Joe! Jake!" I yelled
"What?" A chorus answered back.
"Wanna come help me for a bit?"
"Nah were good" I heard Joe yell.
"No come on, were going to have some fun..."

After about an hour the boys got tired of running around and screaming so they went back into the house abandoning their water guns, I smiled to myself at how gleaming the car was and made a mental note to buy Jake and Joe some candy later. I looked like shit, my t-shirt had gone slightly see through and I was covered in dirty water smudges across various parts of my skin. My hair had started to dry off in the heat but it still felt gloopy from the mud. I began to wind the hose up and hoped to god that I could get away before Billie came home. Too late. The gates had begun to open and Billie, wearing sunglasses, trotted up the path with Tre in tow, he stopped when he saw his car and turned his head to look for me. I pretended to be thoroughly concerned with rolling the garden hose back up but he shouted my name and I stood up cringing.
"Hey!" I waved picking up the hose barrel with my right hand and stomping over to them.
"Thanks for..." Billie stopped and swallowed when he took in my whole wet and grubby body. I wrapped a piece of hair around my ear and smiled embarrassed at the state of me.
"Er, yeah," I began, "I was washing the car and the boys joined in with their water got a bit torrential." I smiled.
I looked at Tre when Billie didn't respond.
He had taken off his sunglasses and was looking at my smudged legs and midriff.
"Lucky bastards," he breathed.
Billie took of his own sunglasses and shot him a frown, then turned back to me.
"I... I was going to say the car has never looked cleaner, thanks."
"No Problem," I grinned back to him.
" you want to take a shower before you go?" He asked politely. My mind whizzed if your joining me yeah.
"Er, yeah, if you don't mind, I'll just clear this up first."
I said nodding at the water guns and washing stuff behind me.
"No it's fine, you know where the towels and stuff are, right?"
I nodded and smiled. Billie put his sunglasses back on and started to walk back up the drive pulling Tre's sleeve as he went. I watched them as I bundled the car wax into a bucket, secretly smiling at myself for making them both slightly speechless. I giggled when they had reached the front door and I heard Tre say.
"God dam dude if you don't take advantage of the hot cleaner I will."
I wish he would take advantage of the cleaner too, I thought to myself as I put the things in the garden shed and walked back into the house.
I heard them in the living room playing on the X box with Jake and Joe and decided to quickly pop upstairs and shower. Slipping out if my dirty wet clothes I grabbed a towel and hurried underneath the shower head. The warm steamy jets eased my achy muscles from all the cleaning. I sighed and wished that he would just come in and push me against this wall. I imagined how his soft lips would feel against mine and the feeling of my hands working their way through his thick black hair. I shook my head and mentally kicked myself, how could that ever happen? I should stop fantasizing over him, he was my boss who was married, well, 'on a break' but still married. I sighed this time out of frustration and stepped out of the shower feeling extremely clean. I heard loud shouts from downstairs as I walked back into Billie's bedroom. I looked at a picture of him, Jake, Joe and Adrienne on his bedside table. They looked like such a cute family, Adrienne looked so beautiful too.
I was distracted however when I realized that I couldn't put my smelly wet clothes back on, another roar exploded downstairs and I realized I would have to venture down to ask Billie for some clothes.
With just a towel around me I walked carefully down the stairs before turning on the last step and slamming into Tre who had removed his jacket and tie.
A huge smile erupted across his face, "Hey darlin' what ya doin? You should be going up the stairs to the bedroom dressed like that, preferably with me."
I went slightly red and looked at him.
"Please go and get Billie for me Tre."
He grinned again and looked me up and down.
"After a threesome eh? I'm sure we can mange that."
I slapped his arm and he laughed and turned around and walked back to the living room.
He opened the door and leaned around, I stood on the last stair and tapped the banister impatiently, nervous about what he would say.
"...yeah...gagging for it" he grinned and turned back around to me with Billie bringing up his rear.
"I apologize for Tre" he smiled at me, his eyes going wide at me standing on the stairs.
"Hey don't apologize for me, I'm just reading the signs," Tre grinned at me.
"Why where you going up the stairs anyway?" Billie asked teetering his head.
"I was using the loo is that a crime?"
"Why not use the downstairs one?" Billie asked
Tre went slightly pink and smiled.
"Well I was wondering if Erin wanted any company..."
I laughed at this as Billie frowned.
"Again Erin, I apologize," He slapped Tre around the head as the drummer giggled and headed for the toilet along the other end of the corridor.
We both watched him leave.
"Er... Billie," I asked gesturing to my towel-ed body.
"Oh right yes..." he splutted nervously following me up the stairs.
He over took me and walked ahead into his bedroom.
"I'm afraid that Adi took all her stuff when she left so..."
He voice faulted at this sentence and my heart broke for how upset and lost he looked.
"It's okay Billie really, I just need a t-shirt or something I can wear my shorts again."
He grinned, "Okay, are you sure coz you could borrow some of my jeans?"
"I doubt I'd get in them to be honest," I laughed. He handed me an old misfits t-shirt and I thanked him, he stood there for a second watching me.
"Er... Billie can I..."
"Oh sorry yeah" he spluttered again and left the room.
I pulled on my shorts that where now dry and pulled on his t-shirt. It smelt like him and I practically melted into my flip-flops.
I trotted downstairs and into the kitchen to find Billie Joe and Tre chatting leaning against the counter. They stopped and looked at me when I entered the room.
"I'm going to go I think Billie," I smiled nervously pulling the end of his t-shirt as they both looked at me.
"I'll give you a ride back" Tre grinned, "I'm off now too."
"If you're sure" I smiled.
"Yeah it's fine," Tre winked at me, I panicked a bit then, he wasn't expecting anything was he?
"Be good Tre," Billie eyed him, "I would like my housekeeper safe and well on Monday."
"I'll be good, I'll drive slowly."
Tre cackled, Billie shook his head unsure of his friend's trustworthiness.
"Erin, give me your cell so I can ring you to make sure you're home safe" he said abruptly.
"Yeah, make sure she's SAFE" Tre giggled as Billie eyeballed angrily. Having exchanged my number with Billie a small light of hope grew in my chest; would he make use of this in a different fashion?
Having said goodbye and slid into Tre's SUV, we got half way down the street before he turned to me grinning.
"So Erin... " he grinned, "You a Ramones fan?"
"Yeah, why?" I asked a little confused.
"Just wondering," Tre smirked before pressing a button next to the wheel, suddenly music blasted form the speakers all around, the power made my hair fly back and I started giggling as Tre began to sing extremely loudly to Pinhead.
"OKAY!" He yelled over the drums, "WHERE ARE WE GOING?"
"NEXT LEFT!" I yelled holding back laughter as we stopped at some lights to receive snarls from an elderly couple parked next to us.
We both laughed as we saw the woman shake her head clearly un-amused at Tre waving frantically at her.
The lights changed and we skidded off down the road.
"NEXT RIGHT!" I shouted as the song changed to System of a Down's chop suey.
"WHAT THE?" I asked confusion showing on my face.
"OH," I yelled back, my tummy taking a turn at the mention of the singer.
"Tre" I yelled, "TRE!"
We skidded to a halt next to the sidewalk, Tre turning the music down significantly as I jumped out.
"Thanks Tre."
"No problem."
I leaned on the side of the door, " you, I mean, have time to come and meet my cousin, she'd really appreciate it."
Tre grinned evilly getting out of the car, "Is your cousin the pet name for your feminine area?"
"What?" I spluttered, "No my cousin is called Adele."
"Oh," he sighed looking slightly put out.
"Feminine area! Tre you talk like a tampon advert," I exploded into laughter at his choice of words.
"I do my best," he laughed following me to the elevator.
"Is your cousin as hot as you?"
I shook my head, "She loves you guys," I sighed changing the subject uncomfortable with all the compliments he was throwing at me.
Tre began to hum in the elevator as it rose; I tried to figure out what he was singing but then...
"Love in an elevator, living it up as I'm going down... "
"Are you singing Aerosmith and expecting to get laid from that song?" I gasped horrified.
"Worth a try," the drummer cackled as he followed me to my apartment. I opened the door to see Adele watching MTV her back to us as we entered.
"Hey Erin" she yelled not bothering to look, "Can I borrow your black dress for work? I did try to wash mine but I put too much starch in and it went all hard..."
Tre looked at me and burst out laughing at the mention of the words, "it went all hard."
Adele stood up and whipped around at this strange voice.
"What the fuck," she breathed eyes wide then suddenly hit the floor.
I ran over to her with Tre, "I think she's fainted," I sighed as we heaved her up onto the sofa.
"I have that effect on women," Tre smirked. I rolled my eyes and got up to fetch some beers form the fridge.
"I suppose we just wait till she wakes up then," He asked looking at her strangely.
"Yeah" I shrugged, handing him a beer,
"Don't seem too bothered Erin; you know your cousin's only fainted," Tre snarled sarcastically.
"She did the exact same thing when she thought she saw Ville Valo in the coffee shop." Tre giggled supping at the beer as I plopped down on the other end of the couch at Erin's head.
"So was it Ville Valo or?" Tre asked clearly amused.
"No it was a homeless person" I sighed as Tre let out a huge cackling laugh.
I giggled too at the stupidity of my room mate. I picked up the remote and began channel hopping.
"Give me that," Tre spat chugging at his corona; I threw the remote at him and he began to flick over the channels till he came to a scary surgery program about some woman having breast implants and liposuction. I shuddered as the surgeon peeled back the skin from the client's breast.
Adele stirred on the couch and I looked down at her as she raised her head seeing Tre watching the program intently,
"Erin..." she blubbered, "Erin Have I took too much pro plus or is that Tre Cool on our sofa?"
I grinned as she tried to adjust her view.
"No Adele, that's Tre Cool alright."
"Oh Jesus," Adele sighed and sat up.
"I'll be Jesus if you want me to, Darling,'" Tre smirked at her. Adele's eyes lit up and I could see through her brain that she was registering that Tre Cool was still trying to flirt with her despite her passing out at his presence.
"Tre this is Adele, Adele Tre" I smirked at her reaction. "He popped by to say hello."
I giggled as Tre helpfully added,
"I won't say goodbye till tomorrow morning if you want." Adele sat and stared. I half expected her to jump on him and never let go or run out of the room hysterically crying. Adele turned around slowly to look at me her mouth hanging open; I burst out laughing and glanced at Tre who was frowning in confusion.
"Look, er, Erin..." Tre began, putting his empty bottle on the table.
"I'll have to go...Frankito will be waiting..."
I nodded and got up from the couch following Tre to the door.
"Cheers for the beer dear," he sang as I opened the door.
"Its okay thanks for coming up and know," we both looked at her still frozen with a gaping mouth.
Tre chuckled, "Bye Adele," he waved as she still sat there unable to move.
"Oh God", I clutched my forehead as Tre laughed.
"See yaw Erin."
"Bye Tre," I waved at him as he trotted down the hall.
Closing the door and turning to Adele, she clamped her mouth shut and blinked.
"Holy Fuck," she Gasped "Did I...did I..."
"Yeah you did make a tit out of yourself... "
I sighed as Adele came back to life.
"TOO MUCH INFORMATION," I yelled as she ran off into her bedroom a smile plastered across her face.
My mobile rang and I answered the unknown number.
"Hey Erin it's Billie," My heart skipped as he spoke.
"Hey Billie you okay?" I grinned into my knees flicking the TV over to The Bob Dylan biography, No Direction home.
"Yeah, I was wondering if you're home okay and Tre didn't try to kill you or sex you up."
"Sex me up?" I giggled as he laughed too.
"Yeah, he's very...erm...outspoken"
"I noticed," I laughed.
"So err...glad you're okay."
"Thanks for checking up on me."
"No problem," My smile widened at how sweet he was being.
"I''ll be strange you not being in the house tomorrow"
"Well I'm sure you'll leave me plenty of mess to clean up for Monday."
He chuckled down the phone.
"I'm not that messy."
"No, no, you're clothes are never plastered across the whole house."
He chuckled again, "Oh and I bet yours are sooo tidy."
I chuckled at his exaggeration.
"I have an excuse; I clean for a living so I don't do it at home."
"That's true," I heard voices in the background and Billie sigh.
"Sorry Erin, I'll have to go...Jake's attacked the cereal."
I giggled, "It's okay, see ya Monday Billie."
"Bye Erin."
The phone went dead and I grinned to myself at how sweet Billie was I knew I was falling head over heels for him and I couldn't do anything about and maybe I didn't want to.