The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

Whats wrong with me being your boyfriend?

That drunken man was introduced as Jason White and we followed the wiggly line of his swaying into his house. It struck me as very modern and shiny; everything was metallic and looked like it was bought from IKEA. Jason had a bar in his basement and we were led down there and I was introduced to Jason Freese and Brittany. Jason was also drunk and Brittany seemed to eye me up harshly before shaking my hand and pecking me on the cheek quite falsely. Mike poured me a drink being the general nice guy that he is which made me wonder how he was with someone like Brittany. Having received drinks me and Billie hovered next to the bar with the others.
"Where's Tre?" Billie asked supping from his beer.
"Outside having a joint with some of the old roadie crew that Jason invited," Mike smiled.
"Mmmm," Billie's eyes grew wide, "I may just join them in that activity I think."
He winked at me, "You coming Erin?"
"No I think I'll pass," I smiled.
"Okay," he shrugged, "Will you be okay?" I nodded appreciating his concern and watched him leave before turning to Mike, Brittany and Freese.
"So," Brittany began, "How long have you been seeing Billie?"
I choked on my jack and coke at her question, Mike eyed my struggling and nervously explained.
"No Britt, Erin is Billie's new housekeeper, Jason invited her."
"Oh," Brittany gasped, "I'm sorry Erin, really." She clutched my arm apologizing for her assumption but it was obvious she was apologizing for her rudeness.
"Its okay," I smiled mopping up the remnants of Jack Daniels from the dress.
"Is that dress Adeline?" she asked politely fingering the hem which I was rubbing furiously.
"Yeah, I'm a walking advertisement," I sighed, "Short notice invite."
Mike chuckled, "Half my wardrobes Adeline, it's true though eh Jas walking advertisement? Billie loading all his shirts off on us, not that I'm complaining."
Jason, who swayed slightly on the spot nodded and leaned more intensely on the bar.
"Hey Britt, Erin studies European Literature," Mike stated pointing his beer at me.
"Really?" Brittany's eyes lit up in genuine interest,
"That's fascinating."

Shouts could be heard upstairs and music began playing as Mike left me and Brittany to discuss different books we've read drinking more Jack and Coke. Feeling a bit woozy, she leaned closer to me, her words slurring slightly.
"I'm so sorray about before Erin but I really like Adi an wehen I thought you and Bill were... Ya know.. Ya know" she tucked a piece of blonde hair behind her ear and blinked harshly.
"Yeah I know," I nodded wishing this conversation would stop. My prayers were suddenly answered as Billie came bounding down the basement stairs looking sufficiently drunk but very happy. His hair was so ruffled he looked like he'd been playing with a fork and a toaster. His eyes shone around smudged eyeliner as he grabbed my hand and kissed me on the cheek. It took me by surprise as I felt his lips hit my face. I turned to see Brittany eyeing up how we were interacting, her eyebrow lifted.
"ERIN!" He yelled, "Come Dance!" I couldn't reply as he dragged me by the hand upstairs and into the living room where Tre dived on me also kissing my cheek leaving a trail of saliva down to my neck.
"Ew Tre!" I yelled as he giggled grabbing my hand and Billie's. He swung us around in a circle so we looked like three stoned hippies dancing in a field.

"Yo Tre come dance with me bitch!" Some random dude shouted behind us. I clutched my temple trying to steady my balance and ended up crashing into Billie who was giggling furiously. He took my arms before I could protest and led me around the room in a mock ballroom fashion. I didn't know what song was playing; I didn't notice the nudges and giggles that erupted from the amused men around us. All I could focus on was Billie and his green eyes. Those eyes that were looking straight back into mine, which made me feel all gooey and excited at the same time. We danced, I don't know how long we danced but we didn't get in to Billie's house till sunrise.

My phone rang loudly, echoing through the house. I groaned, reaching over and answering it.
"Hey Adele" I sighed rubbing my eyes.
"Where have you been?" she yelled.
"Please stop yelling," I moaned sitting up seeing that I was in Joey's room. I felt slightly relived that I and Billie didn't do anything stupid last night.
"Well? Erin, seriously I was worried sick."
"I'm sorry Adele..." I began getting up slowly and making my way to Billie's room.
"But Billie took me to his friend's house and we had a lot of drinks and we danced and..."
"YOU FUCKED HIM!" she yelled excitedly, forgetting her speech of coming home on time and so on.
"No Adele," I sighed smiling at Billie's sleeping form buried under his huge bed sheets.
"Aw well, you've partied with him that's one step closer," she sighed like she had planned this as a mission.
"So..." she began, "Was it fun?"
"Great" I laughed pouring some water in a glass and putting some aspirin on a plate for him upstairs.
"Billie was wrecked," I laughed as she giggled too.
"Bet you were too," she cackled
"Yeah a bit," I sighed, my brain thudding slightly.
"Anyway, I best go Adele, sorry about not ringing you."
"Nah, forget it, I wouldn't have rang if I was partying with the hottest man on the planet."
I chuckled as we said goodbye and I ventured upstairs leaving the hangover cure next to his bedside. He looked so sweet sleeping silently on the pillow, his eyeliner smudged and his skin shining lightly from the sun outside.
A smile fixated on my face as I made up Joey's bed and began work downstairs trying to not let the throbbing in my head effect me. I had a small chat with Phil outside who thought it was hilarious that I had gone to the guy's little get together. After a few hours Billie was still asleep in bed and I felt grotty from wearing the same dress so I decided to go for a shower and rob an Adeline shirt from the box that was still in the kitchen from yesterday.
The throbbing in my head began to subside as I relaxed in the shower, all my chores done. I stepped out of the shower to be confronted with Billie opening the bathroom door. I screamed and he jumped taking a few seconds to react before stuttering apologies and shutting the door.
I burned with embarrassment; Billie Joe had seen me naked. I quickly got dressed and opened the door.
Billie emerged from his bedroom as red as me but looking a bit less hung-over.
"I'm so sorry Erin," he muttered.
"Its okay," I smiled walking past him on the landing.
"Thanks for the water and stuff," he smiled at me,
"Thanks for taking me out last night Billie, I had fun."
"That's okay Erin, You did me a favor, " he walked into the bathroom grabbing a towel from the rack.
"Want some lunch Billie?" I asked nervously fiddling with my hair.
"That would be great; I'll be down in a minute," he grinned shutting the bathroom door.