The Stale Taste of Recycled Air

You like it when its wrong

So there I was finding myself in a pair of skinny black jeans and a t-shirt standing outside Billie's house clutching a bottle of white wine and listening to the sound of the cab screech off down the street.

The gates opened and I waved at Phil who was collecting his things to go home. He gave me a smirk that gave the impression that he knew something that I didn't. I stood at the edge of the path as the front door opened and Billie's black silhouette appeared against the light from inside the house. I couldn't see his face but my heart still pumped profusely inside my rib cage, something it tended to do around the presence of this man.

A gust of wind whipped up and blew my hair across my face and neck as I began to walk up to him. His features becoming clearer and clearer as I came closer to the end of the gravelled path, I held the wine in my fingers tightly its slippery surface shooting a cool sensation through my heated body.

"Hey," he smirked. I took in his own tight black jeans and t-shirt. I mentally rolled my eyes; I'll kill Adele for making me wear these we looked like fucking twins.

"Hey," I grinned back handing him the wine.

"Oh nice, I picked white too."
He motioned me in, placing his hand on the small of my back. The skin underneath my shirt prickled as he ushered me into the living room. I waited patiently propped on the sofa as he poured the wine. MTV cribs were playing as Travis Barker showed a jerky camera around his home. He came back handing me a glass of wine and taking a seat next to me.

"Have you eaten?" He asked, sipping from the glass.

"Er...yeah, well I've had a few slices of pizza with Adele. She's a bit upset; her boyfriend left her for a guy he met in the marines."

Billie spat out his drink, "Wh...WHAT?"

"I know," I laughed, "she's a walking soap opera." Billie laughed harder before wiping the remains of white wine from his chin.

"God I thought I had problems," He sighed leaning back into the sofa and frowning at the TV.

"Why are we watching Cribs?" he asked taking another huge gulp of the wine. He seemed nervous for some reason and he tensed up as I leant across him to get the remote.

"Well I heard that the Godfather was on tonight so let's watch that." I grinned finding Sky Movies on the TV.

"Nice," Billie sighed, "Make yourself at home," He mocked as I kicked my shoes off.

"Hey, I'm here more than I am at my house so therefore I could class this as home."

Billie grinned, "Would you want to class this dump as your home."

"Why not?" I mocked, "How many houses have a studio basement and a games room."

"Hell get cribs in here," Billie laughed.

"I will," I joked feeling more comfortable as Billie eased up. It felt like he was treating this as a date rather than just the two of us hanging out. The Godfather had started and Billie's arm swung to the back of the couch. I watched as the Don's daughter danced around in her wedding dress.

"Tre loves this film," Billie sighed, "He wants to be the Don."

"Tre has good taste," I giggled, slightly shifting myself closer to him.

"He has good taste in a lot of things. He picked this wine ya'know" Billie's eyebrow rose at me.

"Hmmm, you're not supposed to tell me that, you meant to make me think that you're an expert at wine" I laughed as he nudged me playfully.

"So Tre came round earlier?" I grinned knowing that Billie must have been nervous about me coming around.

"Yep, he dropped off this demo we've been working on," Billie sighed, putting his empty glass on the floor.

"More wine?" I asked, motioning to get up.

"In a bit" He smiled, "Trying to get me drunk?" He joked.

"You wish." I frowned, nudging him this time.

"I like Al Pacino," I stated as Michael appeared on the screen.

"I like Al Pacino too," Billie stated, "But Goodfellas is my favourite mafia film."

I grinned at him. His arm had snaked its way round to my shoulder as I tucked my feet underneath me. The smell of his scent wafted through my nostrils, it sent shivers down my spine and without thinking I rested my head against his chest. I could feel his slow breathing and fast heartbeat. Completeness overwhelmed me and I felt so comfortable as his hand began lightly stroking my hair. My eyes flickered at the TV and they darted left to the picture of Joey and Jake in Disneyland a few years back. My heart thudded, what was I doing? Billie was married, he loved his wife, he loved his boys, and this was awful this was...

"Erin," I heard him whisper.

"Yeah?" I asked, voice shaking at my thoughts as I sat up facing him.

"Erin I... I have to tell you something."

"What?" I asked him, my voice failing to deliver in my throat.

" have this effect on me Erin," He stuttered hands moving to brush the hair that hung around my neck.

"You make me happy, being with you, seeing you makes me feel something I haven't felt in a while I..." he moved closer to me, eyes looking deep at me.
"I know that there is crap going down but you've been there for me and made me feel so much better without realising, like coming here tonight. It means so much and I... "

"Billie... "

"Let me finish..." he smiled, hand reaching up to my neck again.

"I...It's, well it's kind of cheesy, very cheesy actually," he laughed, "but, you, well, I really, really like you and you, you're so nice and... "

He didn't finish. I couldn't let him, I knew what he was trying to say, and I leaned in and kissed him I didn't have the will power to hold back. He froze in shock before smiling against my lips and returning the kiss. I've never had such a sweet and perfect kiss in my whole life. My hands rested around his neck as he clutched my face tenderly. I drifted through thought, images of his face, us together; it felt so right so...

The picture of Joey and Jakob, I pulled away. I couldn't do this to them. Billie looked at me the smile disappearing form his lips.

"Wh...what's wrong?" he asked, his face falling into an expression of horror.
"I can't do this... "

I got up from the couch, my heart was thumping and my skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat, stopping in the hallway next to the door frame I tried to desperately control my breathing, closing my eyes I inhaled deeply, all that was running through my mind was its wrong, control yourself. I opened them again to see him standing in front of me, a sexy smirk plastered on the corner of his mouth. He leaned in and I tensed up, completely paralysed.

His lips collided with mine and I melted at the hard and passionate kiss contrasting with the soft feeling of his lips; his hands felt their way down to my hips holding the bare skin that lay there. My own palms raced up to his neck as my fingers threaded through his black locks, the sound of heavy breathing echoed through the air and my mind became clouded as I was absorbed by the movement of his mouth and tongue against mine, the heat was unbearable. I wanted him bad; I wanted him now, but...

"Wait," I whispered as our mouths parted and his lips moved down to my neck and collarbone.

"Billie," I whispered, agonising lust pounding through my skull, "It's wrong... "
He stopped and looked at me, panting and breathless, his eyes shone astoundingly.

"It doesn't feel wrong..." he breathed back, moving in again, his hand reaching forwards and caressing my cheek.

"Erin..." He whispered his lips so close to my ear they touched the lobe with every syllable, making shivers run through my neck. "We don't have to do this's..."
His words made me cringe, would I throw this moment away?

"Billie," I cut in as he started kissing my jaw line and neck once more, pushing his whole body against mine.

"Mmm... " he asked lifting his head from the crook of my neck and clutching my hands against his.

"But it's so wrong...for so many reasons," I breathed as his nose brushed against mine.

"You like it wrong..." he grinned "You know it makes it so much better."

My lips parted into a smile against his own, a ball of lust and want burning in my stomach, I couldn't stop now and he knew it. Releasing my hands against his grip I pulled his head towards mine and our mouths crashed together once more, I've never felt such a fiery kiss in my entire life sparks flying between the two of us as he reached down and started to undo the belt of my tight black jeans. He broke the kiss in a fury of rush and concentration before skidding the tight fabric down to my ankles and I stepped out of the baggy mess around my heels. The jeans skidded across the floor as we quickly kissed once more, his teeth biting down on my bottom lip causing me to moan in frustration and want as I pursued his actions and fiddled with his jeans until they were also clearly off and across the end of the hall way.

Now we where locked together it was a desperate rush to be joined once more as soon as our bodies parted. Lifting me up he slammed me against the wall in such domination and fury it drove me insane, slinking between my legs, the feeling of his torso against my own made me shake with anticipation. My hands wandered through his hair, desperately deepening our kiss, I needed more of him, to be closer to him, to be a part of him. I had sampled the addictive drug of Billie Joe Armstrong and I wanted more.