Under the Surface

Part 6 (Final)

'Pass me that, would you...' Ethan heard an unrecognizable voice say. The words were fuzzy and unclear, like on an old radio.

'Lift him in on three...' he felt weightless, laid on a soft platform.

Paramedics, he thought, recognizing the green uniforms. The inside of an ambulance, white and silver.

He looked around, taking in his surroundings. A dark blur obstructed part of his view. A person, a girl...

'Rose...' he said softly, recognizing her face.

'It's okay.' she replied and slipped her hand into his.

'You know this lad?' one of the paramedics asked and she shook her head.

'I've never met him before, actually, but somehow I recognize him...' her voice faded away into the distance.

‘It was very brave of you, diving into that lake. In that dress as well...’ he heard the paramedic’s voice, also drifting.

Ethan closed his eyes and let lethargy wash over him.

He had got out of the cave. Rose was safe. A weak smile spread over his face.

He was alive.